Thursday, 5 September 2013

My French Army of 1940

As well as painting some extra figures as detailed in an earlier post I also reorganised and rebased the rest of my French forces. So here's what I possess.

The whole army

The pretty armour - H35/H39 and R40s backed up by Char B1s and S35s with a few FT17s thrown in

Transport plus a bit of armour. Certainly need a few more R35s

Some of the infantry, the fourth battalion is incomplete, but I plan to use it as a source of figures for a Reece battalion

Artillery, a couple of 47mm AT guns backed up by trio of 75mm guns and a 75mm mountain gun

Another view of the transport

And the armour

The whole arny again

Further work to do on rebasing the cyclists so I can have a company of these as part of the Reece battalion


Pierre le Poilu said...

Hello - will you be adding any horsed units or transport to your army? The cyclists - are they Airfix WW1 figures?


Pierre le Poilu said...

I meant to start my message with congrats on a good looking collection.


adeptgamer said... ENVIOUS of this army! What a great collection! So well done and so comprehensive. Bravo!

Mike said...

That is a great collection, well done. I can appreciate the work that went into this; my WW II and RCW armies are all 20mm plastic.
Plans for any large 1940 battles?

João Peixoto said...

Great army. Inspiration to keep on my own french 1940.

Sun of York said...

Very impressive. Nice to see some of the Airfix WW1 French put into service. Mine are now so old they shatter if they get touched, which is a pity as they had some good poses and the sculpture was good as well - not too thin or small for the scale.

Uwe said...

I like to see troops for the Blitzkrieg, still a rare thing!

Cameronian said...

That's a sweet collection; so are your others of course (jealous).

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Wish there was a close up of the bicycle recon!

NoPasaran Miniatures said...

good job!