Saturday, 4 October 2014

Derby 2014

Another excellent day out at the Derby show, and great company on route with Andy and Phil. The Lance & Longbow game - a Teutonic Knights skirmish game with great winter terrain from Graham.

Nice figures, but the clutter on the table?

SYW, better, but keep the playsheets off the table when not in use

Impressive, and I think the rule book positioning was deliberate

Early WW1 - French v's German

My delight, French & Indian War

At laast some 20mm! - battlegroup Overlord

Cross & Crescent (Saga) - nice, well presented and friendly banter

SOAs battle in a box Nothampton 1460 fought using Chris Engels Matrix game system

The Lance & Longbow game in progress

My booty, not as much as I would have liked

Great day out and a chance to chat to a lot of friends.


Kev said...

Thanks WILL for Posting the various Table set-ups and Battles - a lot of good ideas. I think I live in the wrong Country- You seem to have a plethora of Venues to Visit and participate in.

Counterpane said...

Someone needs to learn to spell "phoenix".