Saturday, 3 January 2015

Plans for 2015

During my two weeks off-line (thanks a lot BT Openreach) last month I sorted through my stash trying to identify anything surplus to requirements. As the days drifted on I decided to try and rank what I planned to paint in some sort of order. Out of that came the following plan for 2015, of course if we manage to move house then who knows!

Major Projects (at least 100 figures, month or more in effort)

  • I’ve committed to produce the terrain for one of the tables for this year’s big game, which covers the Allied landings in Sicily 1943. This will mean quite a lot of terrain construction, but at least I can still use the buildings from the SOTCW Achse & Avalanche game from 2009
  • Axis winter forces – German/Italian/Hungarian (from 2014 plan)
  • Finish the Jacobites, by adding French and Lowland units (from 2014 plan)

Minor Projects (in no particular order)

  • Saracen cavalry and a few more archers
  • Crusader cavalry
  • HYW/WOTR English add some cavalry and a few more infantry
  • Cossacks – expand the force mixing in some Wallachians (Lucky Toys Vlad Tepes set) to add some variety
  • Ancient German Warbands
  • Some Assorted Ancient Light Troops to fill in various gaps in my armies
  • Russian Partisans
  • Carried over from 2014 is a British Desert Motor Battalion, plus transport and an Infantry battalion
  • Upgrade my WW1 East African Germans with the new HaT figures

Other activities

  • Refight Ligny from 1815 (everyone else is doing Waterloo)
  • The stash is still far too big; I want to get it down from six storage boxes to five by the time we move. In line with this, I plan to complete as many plastic kits as possible, there are over 40 there at present so completing these should free up one box at least.
  • Continue the attempt No new armies until after we move – will be quite difficult to achieve if plastic figure manufacturers bring out something tempting.

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Spiderweb of History said...

I'm very tempted to do some WW1 Colonial're not helping haha!!!