Monday, 9 March 2015

Pictures from WMMS

Good day out at WMMS and plenty of chance to look around as I wasn't committed the helping out on the Lance & Longbow stand and this year there was plenty of inspiring games put on.

Here's the L&L society game, another Teutonic knights skirmish

A neighbouring table with 28mm WW2 desert action

Tony with his charge of the French cavalry at Waterloo

More Napoleonic action

A very nice Renaissance game

With a very tempting Ottoman galley

ECW action, if the boards look familiar it's because they were made for a Gettysburg game, Devils Den is hidden in the wood.

Some quite interesting buildings in the game

Indian Mutiny

WW1 I'm never convinced by the hex based trenches

WW2 Japanese attack on the Phillipines

Mexican-American War

Anglo-Sikh war

6th edition Ancients!!

Battle of Bouvines 1214 with the Society of Ancients. I took on the English/Imperial force and had apparently gained the upper hand when my opponent was dragged off to lunch by his wife!

WW1 action, much nicer trenches

WW2 Chain of Command

Great Northern War, more temptation.

A US 37mm gun on display, but I still can't work out where the bits of photo-etched brass in the S-Model kit go!


Robbie Rodiss said...

Not a duff game in sight, it looked a very good show. I am particularly impressed by the use of 'fun fur' mats, they are very effective.

Conrad Kinch said...

Wow! That Napoleonic game in particular is just a cracker. What rules did they use?

painterman said...

Very nice looking games - shame I couldn't make it.
Thanks for sharing Will.

Scheck said...

A great, wonderful show with marvelous terrains. Thank you for posting it.

lrqan said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing.