Friday, 22 May 2015

On the workbench - May/June 2015

Normal service will resume now I'm back from holiday. June is going to be a busy month with both the Operation Husky big game and the Phalanx show. The biggest heap on the workbench is still terrain for the big game, but the end is in sight. other bits still sitting around are

  • A few figures to complete my US forces for the big game a Navy OP team and Rangers manning a captured gun.
  • A pair of US manned bofors guns, Strictly I should be used the US 37mm AA guns for Husky.
  • Heavy weapons for my winter Italians and Hungarians - I still need to buy a few bits, hopefully I'll be able to do that at Phalanx.
  • A Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III, which came free with the Battlegroup grey panzers deal, this will be painted to match my other winter ones.
  • PSC Marder IIIs, two will be the Sdkfz 139 for North Africa and the other a Sdkfz 138 for Russia
  • The Saxon Thegns are still sitting quietly in the corner half painted along with some half started archers

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