Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year and the last of the old year

Finished yesterday just in time for the New Year.

A Zvezda 105mm LeFH and 88mm Flak 36 with various crew figures scavenged as suitable for my winter Germans. Thanks to Hat, PSC, Armourfast and some unknown manufacturer.

A quick fix for a winter parka is to sand down any detail then add a triangle of miliput/greenstuff to represent the folded down hood

I also had a nebelwerfer sitting in my box of bits, since I don't know when, so I added a few PSC Germans as crew. Behind are a couple of 20mm Flak trailers that have been based up and spare old painted figures added

Best wishes to everyone for 2016


Anibal Invictus said...

Nice way to conclude the year
Happy 2016 to you too

Andrew Canham said...

Good work Will. Always nice to get something useful out of the bits box.

Happy New Year!

Cheers, Andy

Paul Foster said...

Lovely work Will.

Monty said...

Absolutely brilliant Will! Happy New Year, too!

Conrad Kinch said...

Did Ykreol make a set of Germans? I think that chap by the 88mm looks familiar.

Martin AJF said...

very nice work Will

Happy New Year

Will McNally said...

Conrad Kinch, the figure loading a round into the 88mm is a plastic soldier company Marder crewman with a larger round added. The unknown greatcoated figure with binoculars was a hard plastic figure from some Japanese 1/72 kit, the arms came from another PSC set. Seated figure from the PSC sdkfz250 kit and behind the gun from Ceasar winter Germans with a 88mm round to replace the rifle