Thursday, 2 June 2016

Preparing for winter gaming!

After all the sunshine, I'm back thinking about winter, but this is terrain for the SOTCW Gauntlet game. While on holiday I managed (just) to order some trees, which arrived not long after our return.

I also managed to find (after much searching) the couple of ancient sheets that were used for the last winter game,. Rather than use them as is, I found a couple of old cans of car spray (grey primer and a blue from a really old car my wife had) and added a bit of variation to them (and hide some of the discolouration)

I had ordered both deciduous trees and conifers, but I've finished the former first. They are cheap amatures from China just trimed and based up on thick card, then given a texturing mix. I tried the white paint/PVA/bicarbonate of soda formulation in equal proportions for the snow and is seems to work OK, so I'll be using it again for the next batch.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice. I can see the frozen tableau already. Good for any period too.

Stryker said...

Great to see some really nice winter trees!

Richard Phillips said...

Which seller did you get the tree armatures from as I would really like to get some.
Richard P