Friday, 7 October 2016

On the workbench - October 2016

Having stormed through my year plan so far, my main task this month is to finish everything off and then start work on reducing the size (volume) of the stash, which really means plastic kits for the fastest results so this will include the Plastic Soldier Kickstarter whenever it arrives. So quite a short list

  • Gothic cavalry and archers
  • Numidian cavalry
  • White scout car for my desert British
  • Lots of hedges
  • Frontier light horse (just because I fancy doing them)
  • Medieval commanders


DaveM said...

"• White scout car for my desert British" Are you using the ESCI kit for this?


Will McNally said...

Dave, it's the Early War Miniatures version

DaveM said...

Can't recall off the top of my head - did the Brits swap out the .50 cal? I look forward to seeing it...!

Cheers, Dave