Tuesday, 22 May 2018

belated buildings for Market Garden.

These buildings from Timecast turned up too late for the game, and I wasn't sure about the size. They have now been painted and I'm still not convinced. They are sold as 18/20mm, I've displayed them with my 20mm figures.

Arnhem cottages, the front door is 15mm high by 5mm, definitely undersize.

Foy house & barn, the house door is 18mm x 11mm so the close to the advertised scale. The small barn doors are 20mm x 7mm so the right height, but too narrow

The overall height/bulk of the Arnhem church is fine, but the main door is only 22mm x 14mm. The back door is 18mm x 8mm.

They are very heavy, and attempting to dry-brush the brickwork is a pain as it is so fine. Because they are not critical to any game, I'll probably copy them and then sell them to a more appreciative home.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Battlegroup Market Garden - day 2

Day 1 ended wit the Allied players marginally ahead by +3 points. For my games with the US airborne I marginally won the recce scenario in the morning, but then marginally lost the flanking attack in the afternoon. It had been quite an intense day and no chance to look properly at what was going on on the other tables, even the adjacent ones.

Day 2 say the US airborne in defence of Veghel so here's a picture after my deployment

Things then went rapidly downhill as I was immediately intensively pounded by artillery an lost my single AT gun, which I was hoping to cover the bridge. From then on it was a hold at all costs and by the end I had just managed it. So I managed a marginal win, while the Allies as a whole did badly with the overall score being -4 in the Germans favour so winning them the campaign. So it was again a bridge too far!

Thanks to my opponents Steve, Graham and Guys who were a pleasure to play against.

If I get any more pictures or links to pictures I will add them if possible

Sediments blog - part 1

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Battlegroup Market Garden weekend - day 1

Friday afternoon was spent setting up the terrain for the game and here it is from South (just beyond Eindhoven) to North (Arnhem)

I was quite involved with my games, so only a few pictures of the games in progress and other bits and pieces that caught my eye.

A bridge too far! a Brummbar destroyed one of my canal bridges, but luckily I had built a wrecked one.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Terrain for market Garden - part 3

Another batch completed and it was actually in use last weekend. It comprised more canals including bends, some road junctions and a pair of canal bridges.

Here's some close ups of the bridges, scratch built from Balsa.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Market Garden - test games

A group from Deeside Defenders got together today to have a run through for next weekends Battlegroup Market Garden weekend. Here's a few pictures of the action

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

On the workbench - May 2018

Another month has flown by and the main focus is on getting ready for the Battlegroup Market Garden weekend that is just over a week away. It's a bit hectic, but I hope to work on.

  • 4 road junctions for Hell's Highway
  • More canal sections, including some bends
  • a pair of canal bridges
  • 6 Timecast Dutch buildings
  • Another Airfix/Dapol windmill
  • WW1 Arab revolt, the foot figures were started then immediately put to one side
  • Rebasing my SYW Prussian commanders, including adding a few extra figures
  • French musketeers, the lovely Ultima Ratio figures
  • Then if time permits get started on some SYW Highlanders.

Monday, 30 April 2018

SYW Prussian Artillery - rebased

Keeping up the good rebasing progress, I've now finished the Artillery

Only the commanders still to do, but I plan to add a few extra new figures to the bases.