Friday, 22 May 2015

On the workbench - May/June 2015

Normal service will resume now I'm back from holiday. June is going to be a busy month with both the Operation Husky big game and the Phalanx show. The biggest heap on the workbench is still terrain for the big game, but the end is in sight. other bits still sitting around are

  • A few figures to complete my US forces for the big game a Navy OP team and Rangers manning a captured gun.
  • Heavy weapons for my winter Italians and Hungarians - I still need to buy a few bits, hopefully I'll be able to do that at Phalanx.
  • A Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III, which came free with the Battlegroup grey panzers deal, this will be painted to match my other winter ones.
  • PSC Marder IIIs, two will be the Sdkfz 139 for North Africa and the other a Sdkfz 138 for Russia
  • The Saxon Thegns are still sitting quietly in the corner half painted along with some half started archers

Monday, 11 May 2015

Lentini - road & rail WIP

Despite the recent bad weather I managed to get out in the garage and work on more of the terrain for Lentini

First the roads mounted on rubber roofing and painted grey then dry brushed a dusty yellow shade (Wilco Lemon Sorbet) to fit with the rest of the terrain

The railway is no so far advanced the I've used the Hornby track foam glued to hardboard. It'll be painted before replacing the tracks. One piece will be a level crossing.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Lentini - planning the main roads

First, progress on the Ponte Malati

Although I used dirt roads in the earlier pictures (and they are a useful fallback if I run out of time) I decided to work on something more substantial for the N114 road consistent with the village bases.

All cut from "cobbled" wallpaper and will be based on the same left over rubber roofing I used for my other roads.

The finished streams can be clearly seen in this picture

The view from above, I've started work on the marshes around the Lentini river (bottom right)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lentini - Ponte Malati WIP

Now I've completed the river I've started work on the bridge over the Lentini,the "Ponte Malati"

On the north (left) bank there is a cut-out ready for a pill box. To give an idea of scale I've added a PSC Marder III

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lentini - progress on the waterways

A couple of WIP pictures taken just before heading off to Salute

The Lentini river with both sides fringed with reed beds, another village base bottom left

The minor streams with culvert style bridges.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Salute 2015 - the other games

Rather a short report as my time was almost totally taken up by umpiring the Agincourt game.

TFL Afghan Chain of Command game

The opposition - another Agincourt game

Nice idea for a backdrop.

Our neighbouring game - Star Wars

Austro-prussian in 10mm

Ron Ringrose's assault on Fort George (some ideas for my AWI games, when I get back to playing them again)

Roman civil war - Cremona

A different way of doing vineyards

ACW action

Another nice backdrop from a Napoleonic skirmish game

The Old Guard in action at Waterloo!

Very effective snow terrain

An interesting way of depicting a Stuka attack, note the bomb dropping

My (limited) booty. The Battlegroup books were a pick-up from an earlier purchase as the postage would have been horrific, they were a pretty heavy carry as well.

lastly a picture of me in action taken from Lee Hadley's Salute report

Monday, 27 April 2015

Salute - the L&L Agincourt game

Attending Salute 2015 suddenly became possible when my daughter arrived back from six months in Latin America and the dates coincided (success). I sorted transport and a hotel and then on the morning of departure - disaster a puncture! - no way could I shift the overtightened nuts, so the pre-booked train would be missed. An hour later the wheel was changed, but I was about to give up the whole weekend, but luckily found some cheapish tickets were still available on another slow train - hurrah plan back on again.

Saturday was one of those great wargaming days, I didn't stop from arriving at 8:30 till the finish sometime just before 17:00. The Agincourt game with Simon Chick's figures was great and the players all pitched in to keep me, as umpire, on track. We all enjoyed a great game, even if the French won (blame the umpire). As a result I didn't see much of the rest of the show except during short breaks, so please use other blogs, etc to see what else was happening.

The plan was to refight the battle as per the French theoretical deployment, which assumes all the contingents arrive as planned.

The English position

The French deployment

Agincourt itself a lovely piece of modelling

From here on there is an incomplete record as I didn't get the chance to take many pictures

The French vanguard of Crossbowmen with Cavalry on the flanks suffer heavy losses while the Men at Arms on foot struggle forward

The French Men at Arms falter under the rain of arrows

Quite a gap in time, the French Men at Arms had assaulted on their right and defeated the archers before being driven back by the small unit of English cavalry. In the centre Henry V is being driven back despite catching the French at a disadvantage

A close up of the central scrum

then the French left managed to launch an attack and defeat the English archers, the Oriflame surges forward.

At this point it was obvoius that the French had won the day

A scenic shot through the flanking trees

The "final glory" - three awards!