Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lentini - another progress check

Another sunny day so I took the opportunity to check on my progress and also measure up the various bits still needing to be done. There's nothing like checking it out on the laid out terrain to find any flaws.

Axis end, The Lentini river and Ponte Malati still need to be built, I've just used existing terrain to check. The marsh on the left is still just some chalk marks.

Allied end, lots of hills in sight, hopefully I'll add a few more fields to visually break up the flat expanse,, but not effect movement.

Carlentini and Lentini, while laying out I also marked up and cut the village bases (cobbled wallpaper). These will then be mounted on hardbaord.

Lots of orange groves around Lentini, still undecided about whether to model the railway

Finally a view from above

One of the small streams has been positioned, the others are still chalk marks. Luckily the check revealed that some adjustments were need to the small culvert type bridges crossing them while they were still part assembled.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lentini - hills finished

The hills are now vegetated with scatter material, so they are done unless I think of anything else to add to them. work in progress on Carlentini can be seen bottom left.

And another large batch of walls completed

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Lentini - progress on the hills

The hills have now been coated in kitchen paper and PVA, then with builders sand. They were painted Wilco Coffee emulsion and drybrushed with Wilco Lemon Sorbet (not quite as bright as the City Light that I had been using). Since the rain hadn't washed away the chalk I checked them on the layout.

From the Allied end

From the Axis end

My reworked Carlentini base, this seems to be cursed I I had trouble with the foam crumbling on the new version!

A view from above

next step is adding vegetation to all the hills

Friday, 17 April 2015

Another day - more Sicilian terrain

The terrain building is getting a bit intense as I see the deadline approaching and SWMBO starts talking about holidays!!

Still at least another back of vines have been completed. All built as per my previous post, although is doesn't show in the picture there is variation in the colouring of the clump foliage that gives a dry brush effect.

and my car passed its MOT without any remedial work

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lentini - hills on the production line

After two days of cutting and shaping the hills are now being covered with PVA and kitchen roll. Of course typically I've run out of PVA part way through

The big beast at the back will be Monte Pancali

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Testing Lentini layout

In preparation for the big game I decided it was time I laid out the "table" on my patio to see what needed to be done.

View from the Allied end, starting at the towns of Melilli and Sortini

From the Axis end, Ponte Malati over the Lentini river and then Lentini itself. If I get time I will add the railway line (yellow) but it's not critical for the game.

All the required features were chalked in

I need an awful lot of hills (green chalk)

Not sure that tere is enough room for my hill top version of Carlentini (need a rethink on how to do it)

I then laid out my walls to see how I was doing

Just enough for the roads if I use all my old walls as well - so more definately needed

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sicily - Vineyard

A slight change from the all the walls, originally I planned to use the JTT Vines for my vineyards, but having bought one I found it rather spindly so I decided that I would make the remainder myself.

The darker vines on the left are my own version.

For anyone interested, here is how the were constructed using copper wire and clump foliage. All based on lolly sticks like the walls, etc.