Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Celts - back in the trays

Finally packed the army back again after its rebasing. With the reduction in base sizes the entire army plus the new figures now fits comfortably in the three trays and is much easier to deploy.

I was puzzled why all the cavalry and Chariots didn't fit in one tray compared to before (below). Then I remembered that I had retrieved more from my dark ages box.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The complete Ancient British/Gallic/German army

A final review of the army before packing them away. It's been a lot of effort, but it's been worth it

Amazingly only two figures and one horse broke during the whole exercise, which is exeptional given some of the figures must be close to original production.

Not all the figures can be fielded together. If I discard the medium/heavy cavalry and the archers it becomes Ancient British, or my keeping the archers it becomes Caledonian.
Alternatively removing most of the slingers and chariots it become Gallic Then by increasing foot as a proportion and dropping the remainling slingers and chariots it becomes Germanic.

I still intend to add more bits to the army so it can be used for Gaaltians and Gothic. I could even extend it to Dacian!

Celtic Javelinmen.

The last of my Celts are completed, hurrah. These are mainly rebased, but there are a few conversion of Airfix slingers, which I have mixed in. Thanks to Garry for the donation.

I had originally intended to create 6 units, but while checking the Hail Caesar Germania scenarios I found that for some I would need an extra couple, so lucky that I discovered this before finishing sorting them and the warbands out.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The rest of the warbands

After completing the specifically German warbands I resorted all my old warband figures to try and give a sufficiently random feel to each of the 9 figure bases. This included the newly painted Caesar Celt Warriors (which are very nice) and they are included in the units in the middle rank of the army.

I did debate touching up/improving the old figures, but I decided to leave them as was, with just some repainting to the raised swords, where the paint had vanished over the years

Only one figure broke in the course of the exercise, which pleased me greatly!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ancient British Panzer Division - Chariots galore

Well that's the term Phil Barker used for Chariot heavy Ancient British armies, so how could I disappoint! The bulk are Airfix Ancient Britons with the wheel replaced with RHA artillery wheels. At the back are two Hat Chariot based commanders that I didn't have to rebase.

For Hail Caesar they will be used in units of three with 120mm frontage like all standard sized units. The couple of chariots in the centre are a couple of my older conversions.

Surprisingly only one horse was broken in the course of rebasing. I reduced the depth by chopping the chariot pole behind the cross bar and then tying it further forward using thin copper wire, thereby reduce to overall depth from 90mm to 70mm, which was consistent with the Hat chariots.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Well I've rebased my slingers and archers for my Ancient British/Gallic army. The exact mix will depend on which army I'm playing as the Ancient Britons almost entirely used slingers

I've mixed up the figures somewhat so each of the original airfix slinger or archer is accompanied by a different figure, either from another set or a conversion.

The result is that I still have a number of figures left over. I think I'll mix the remaining archers with some Revell Saxon archers so I can use them as Ostrogoths or Visigoths. I'll need to find some more suitable donor figures for the remaining archers, but I wonder how often I will need to deploy more than 48 slingers (I'm allowed up to 150 under WRG 6th edition)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Don't go down to the woods today

Certainly not if you are Quintilius Varus, who had an unfortunate accident with three legions in Germany

I've just completed my Germanic warbands, which will be used in combination with my existing Celts to make a full army.

The figures are dominantly Caesar Ancient Germans, with a few other figures mixed in for variety and to make up the numbers, especially in the axe-wielding warband. A lovely set of figures for the period.

The figures are on my new basing with a 60mm frontage and 60mm depth with nominally 9 figures, so a warband comprises two base of 18 figures on the same frontage as a Roman Cohort of 16 figures in two close order ranks 40mm deep.