Sunday, 5 July 2015

First pictures from Gauntlet - Ligny

First day of refighting Ligny at Gauntlet.

Gerard (Martin) and Napoleon (Gary) consider their options

View from the mill at Fleurus, Ligny on the right, St Armand then La Haye and Hameaue to the left

Gerard moves against Ligny

Vandamme takes La Haye uncontested while pounding St Armand with his artillery.

Another move and very little progress by the French

Surprise!, Under the noses of Domon's cavalry the Prussians cross the western end of Ligny brook

Vandamme decides to assault St Armand

The twelve pounders, The guard artillery claims their first Prussian unit wiped out.

Fighting over the fields and hedgerows surrounding Ligny, the Prussians are had to shift (or is it Pete's dice?) North of Ligny there is a cavalry standoff across the brook

At last the Prussians are driven back from the hedgerows

St Armand under pressure with Swiss assaulting the eastern end

Two infantry brigades and all the artillery from Pirch I's corps are commited to attack the French left

The Prussians get adventurous on their left as well, one cavalry unit crossed the brook While Gerard's and the Ziethen's arileery apply counter battery fire

A gap in the records, as it got quite busy on the French left with Domon's cavalry division broken and Prussian dragoons rampaging right up to the gun line, luckily some of Milhaud's cuirassiers were advancing to their rescue. Domon's situation was not helped by a unit routing on false rumours of betrayal.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Off to Gauntlet

Yes it's time for the battle of Ligny to be played at our local Gauntlet show held in the Airbus Sports and Social Club at Broughton Chester. If you are anywhere in the vicinity then pop in and have a look at the games and support the traders who are attending (link)

Another last minute piece of work - Napoleon has had his basing upgraded (along with Davout and Murat)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Ligny 1815 - last minute Prussians

During the time I was struggling with my old Prussian dragoons I decided that I needed to buy some more Hat dragoons, just in case. In the event the old figures turned out OK, but by then I had got started on their replacements. The other incentive was that I was short of one Uhlan unit, where I could have used a Russian one.

Now finished the are from left to right 3rd Uhlans (Branderberg), 1st Dragoons (Koningin) and 2nd Dragoons (1st West Prussian)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A few extra Prussian generals

Typically while I sorted out my Prussians for Ligny I decided that my old converted commanders could do with being replaced. This was a no-brainer as I still had some left over Hat Napoleonic Officers. I also worked on some Russians who were also left and converted a couple of the officers by swapping the heads for bicornes.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Quick half year review

Yes, over half the year has passed by already, so I thought I'd better do a quick progress check

Major Projects (at least 100 figures, month or more in effort)

  • I’ve committed to produce the terrain for one of the tables for this year’s big game, which covers the Allied landings in Sicily 1943. This will mean quite a lot of terrain construction, but at least I can still use the buildings from the SOTCW Achse & Avalanche game from 2009
  • Completed, but it was quite a lot of work
  • Axis winter forces – German/Italian/Hungarian (from 2014 plan)
  • Nearly completed, but I keep adding extra bits to the force
  • Finish the Jacobites, by adding French and Lowland units (from 2014 plan)
  • Not yet started

Minor Projects (in no particular order)

  • Saracen cavalry and a few more archers
  • Not yet started
  • Crusader cavalry
  • Not yet started
  • HYW/WOTR English add some cavalry and a few more infantry
  • Not yet started
  • Cossacks – expand the force mixing in some Wallachians (Lucky Toys Vlad Tepes set) to add some variety
  • Not yet started
  • Ancient German Warbands
  • Not yet started
  • Some Assorted Ancient Light Troops to fill in various gaps in my armies
  • Not yet started
  • Russian Partisans
  • Not yet started
  • Carried over from 2014 is a British Desert Motor Battalion, plus transport and an Infantry battalion
  • Completed
  • Upgrade my WW1 East African Germans with the new HaT figures
  • Not yet started

Other activities

  • Refight Ligny from 1815 (everyone else is doing Waterloo)
  • It's happening this weekend
  • The stash is still far too big; I want to get it down from six storage boxes to five by the time we move. In line with this, I plan to complete as many plastic kits as possible, there are over 40 there at present so completing these should free up one box at least.
  • I thought it was reducing, but I filled it up again when Plastic Soldier Company had a sale
  • Continue the attempt No new armies until after we move – will be quite difficult to achieve if plastic figure manufacturers bring out something tempting.
  • So far so good

progress by period
WW2 454
Terrain 369
Napoleonic 248
Colonial 45
Total 1,124

By type
Terrain 369
Rebasing 286
Infantry 266
Vehicle crews 43
Tanks/AFVs 40
Gunners 37
Artillery 18
Vehicles 16
Horses 12
Equipment 10
Cavalry 9
Commanders 8
Other bits 7
Limbers 2
Wagons 1
Total 1,124

Monday, 29 June 2015

Preparing for Ligny 1815 - French Cavalry

It took a while but I've rebased all the remaining French cavalry needed for the game.

Chasseurs a Cheval (Domon's division) I'll be using three of the four units, On the left my old Airfix version and to the right from HaT

My Guard heavy cavalry, all four units will be used. Front left Hinton Hunt Gendarmes d'elite, rear Grenadiers a cheval (a mix of HH and Newline). Right front is Hat's version of the Grenadiers backed up by the Empress Dragoons from Italeri.

Hussars (Soult's division) again only three units will be used. All Airfix with head swaps, etc. On the left the 11th Hussars and on the right the 1st and 2nd Westphalian Hussars

Finally the lancers (Subervie's division) yet again only three units will be used in the game. On the left Esci Vistula Legion lancers and on the right Hat 3rd and 5th Line Lancers.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Preparing for Ligny 1815 - Prussian cavalry rebased

More rebasing ready for the game, this time my Prussian cavalry. Generally it all went well, until I got started on my old Dragoons that are converted Airfix cuirassiers (back right). They were falling of their bases so I gave them new bases. Then one horse split down the middle and guess what, after years of having loads of spares I had no cuirassier horses to replace it! So a replacement had to be found. The whenever I worked on them an odd rider would fall off. This wasn't to bad as they could be refixed, but the collateral damage to the paintwork needed fixing as well. I also spotted a horse starting to split, but a dose of superglue seems to have fixed that. Overall it would have been nearly as quick to have started with new figures.

Subsequently I have bought some more Hat Prussian Dragoons as a long term replacement.