Monday, 8 February 2016

Pictures from Vapnartak 2016

Unfortunately we couldn't run a participation game at the show for some reason, even though there was enough space and spare tables. So a strange feel to my first but still enjoyable wargames show of the year. As always I took some photas of games that interested me

Russian Civil War - last train to Bokhara?

The Alamo

Prestonpans?, though to me it seems to be a variant on their usual static game.

Kaffir wars - fought with Black Powder

Crusades - multiplayer game using Lion Rampant

Latin American wars of independence using 20mm figures (I saw this at Salute)

Romans v's Celts fought with Lion Rampant as the Druid had magical powers, spot the wicker man

A very modest group of purchases

  • Normandy Battlegames has been eagerly awaited and I've already read through it once and it has lots of interesting scenarios, but I'll have to sort out my terrain first as it uses a modular approach.
  • A bag of Strelets and Miniart medievals from the flea market to add a bit of variety to my last units of Airfix Robin Hood Archers
  • and a mortar to round off my Soviet Winter infantry

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

On the Workbench - February 2016

Should be a busy month with my mother moving house, but first I'll be off to Vapnartak in York on Sunday. It's always a good start to the wargaming year. This year the Lance & Longbow won't be putting on a game (we had hoped to repeat the Agincourt game from Salute) , but I'll be manning the society stand. To keep in the mood I've decided to concentrate on medievals this month, concentrating on the Crusades, so lots of Crusader and Saracen cavalry. I'll delay the WW2 winter Romanians until march. The other big event is a replay of the Lentini (Operation Husky 1943) game, where I provided the terrain for last years SOGG big game. This time I'll get to play on it.

Monday, 1 February 2016


Another week away working on clearing our the sheds at my mother's. but I managed to complete these just before leaving. I completed two weak units using the Strelets Soviet partisans

A "summer" battalion

A "spring/autumn" battalion (the figures are nominally winter)

These will replace my existing metal partisans, which I think are Irregular Miniatures, they'll be up for sale at Vapnartak next Sunday.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

German Police battalion - Schuma

The Schutzmannschaft were German Auxiliary Police battalions use for rear area security and worse in Russia. Given I am painting some partisans I need these to provide some opposition. They were organised by nationality and wore a variety of uniforms, after some debate I decided to use a grey shade for all of them.
Figures are the Strelets Police Battalion, they depict a variety of different uniforms and I decided that the grey would create a more consistent appearance except for those still in civilian clothes. Normally there would be a forth company with MMGs, but no figures were in the set so when needed I'll just add some from one of my normal German units.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Winter War Russians

In keeping with the weather, here's another winter unit, this time the Strelets Red Army of Winter War I got for Christmas. The figures have lots of character and are much nicer than the Italeri and Pegasus figures I have in my other two battalion.

I'll be using it to accompany the rest of my Russians and I'll use the Zvezda mini-sets to provide the required MMG and mortar to make up a full RF battalion.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Soviet Assault Engineers

A rather unfriendly unit to properly start the years painting. These are the Orion Soviet Assault Group in amoeba camouflage smocks and body armour. Unfortunately the amoeba pattern hasn't shown up too well in the pictures.

I don't expect to use the whole battalion together, but rather have the companies parcelled out to bolster ordinary infantry battalions

I also got a diecast early war FAMO from my daughter, so I quickly drybrushed it while finishing off the engineeers

Friday, 15 January 2016

A few discoveries

These were found hidden away in the back of a cupboard at my parents house, The smaller figures are old 30mm Staddens , which are now the same as a small 28mm. The 54mms are a mix of Airfix, Historex and Tamiya. All were assembled and painted well over 40 years ago.

Now what do I do with them, I don't know anone interested in 54mm?

Also discovered in the bargain bin at "The Works" was this Christmas building for £1.50, it's quite suitable for 15mm or 20mm. But they only had one and I haven't seen any more.