Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Battle of Kukrowitz August 1813

Very enjoyable weekend over in Salford refighting the battle of Kukrowitz using Shako Grand battles rules. The allied players look very relaxed

My command - Bertrand's corps, whose mission was to take the Zuckerberg, while covering the flanking manouvre by Oudinot.

Oudinots corps finding not quite the open flank he expected, Blucher and his Prussians in the way

Serious faces as Steve explains the rules during Ney's attack on the opposite flank

Assaulting the Zuckerberg, not so easy, spot the number of guns

Turning into an uncoordinated attack

But leaving Oudinot clear to make his attack

Ney slowly getting his troops across the river

What a mess, Bertrand is in trouble, while Oudinot is slowly breaking through

THe allied centre is being thinned to meet the attack from each flank

Marmont and Ney pushing forward on the left

Marshal Victor arrives to support Bertrand

Of course this was a disguised scenario set in the aftermath of the Allied defeat at Dresden, it was really the battle of Znaim in 1809 following the Austrian defeat at Wagram.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Yet more DAK panzers

Another batch of matchbox Panzer IIIs completed, I now have enough for the Rapid Fire Alam Halfa scenario.

The only thing now missing is a couple of Marder IIIs and Plastic Soldier Company will be producing them soon.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

US 57mm AT guns

A slight divergence from plan, I needed to finish my US infantry for a game tomorrow, which meant I had to work with the resource to hand to create the guns and teams. So four of the guns are an Airfix hybrid with Plastic Soldier Company barrels and wheels and the crews are from the US heavy weapons set.

For thos who like comparisons, in the foreground and inset, there is from left to right a Plastic Soldier Company 6pdr, one of my conversions, then an original Airfix 6pdr.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


For those interested in the ruins shown in a previus post, here are some more pictures and details.

The basis was a pile of leftover Linka, that was too badly damaged to use for ordinary buildings. I based them in triangular modules so I could reconfigure them as needed in two shapes L and T. The L shapes is just a corner wall made of two pieces of Linka with broken end pieces added, The remains of the first floor was added from card and then a couple more broken Linka pieces was used to extend the wall upwards.

T shapes construction was broadly similar except the Linka was used to create a straight wall and the leg of the T was made from foamcore. Groundcover was filler mixed with gravel and topped off with matchsticks and small Linka pieces. Painting was grey car primer then a sand base shade for the outer walls and and a pale grey for the inside walls, The external walls were drybrushed terracotta to bring out the bricks. Inside the walls had a dirty wash and various other washes and dry brushes were applied to the rubble

All finished off with green doors and window frames plus some paper posters, which also served to hide some damaged pieces

An overhead view showing some possible configurations

Monday, 25 August 2014

DAK sdkfz 250 & 251 crews added

Eventually got around to adding the remaining crews to my half tracks

Thursday, 21 August 2014

US Forces - the next steps

While working on other bits I'm debating how to tackle the remaining parts of my US force for Rapid Fire. Ideally it should be able to provide either of the two US orbats in the Normandy Battlegroups book, 2nd Armoured and 29th Infantry Divisions, plus any of the scenarios in the other scenario books. THis leads me to deciding how to handle my two remaining units, which are already painted to an OK standard, but need rebasing.

The engineer battalion (only figures shown) Generally OK, but the .3 cal MMG are quite poor mouldings, and I do have enough spare plastic soldier versions so I could replace them.

The Reconnaissance Squadron (again only figures shown) I've only got two troops instead of three, so I need to add one and I'm not all that happy with the 60mm mortar conversions, I might do something with the Italeri version.

Finally the AT guns, I need five 57mm AT guns and crews, trouble is, that unlike the British/German/Russians Plastic Soldier don't make any US crew figures. The 6pdr with the Loyd carrier came with the relevant parts to make a US version, but that would leave me with a lots of unused bits (carriers & figures), so I'm trying to work out some compatible solutions. I'm debating converting some US heavy weapons figures and swapping the wheels and gun on some Airfix 6pdrs for the PSC gun and wheels left over from my British version. I'd then have to try converting the half track to a gun tow version used by the Armoured Infantry.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Last batch of US infantry and some extras

Last of the current batch and a slight difference to my other units as I have used Italeri figures, most have backpacks so they suit a "leg" infantry battalion.

The heavy weapons are Plastic Soldier Company as before

Now the extras, a couple of radio jeeps, one for the Artillery battalion HQ and the other an Air-link vehicle, these are Brittania and for some reason one had the correct crew, but an Airborne jeep instead, so this makes them easy to distinguish.jeep. Scattered around are three OP teams.