Sunday, 4 October 2015

Derby show pictures

Great day out at Derby yesterday. Here's some pictures of games that caught my eye.

The Williamite wars in Ireland a what if scenario based upon the possible Jacobite stand at Adree instead of falling back to the Boyne


The Zulus massing

and moving in for the kill

Society of Anacient refight of Yarmuk using flats

Battle of Berlin in 28mm

Mexican Revolution 1917 with a lovely train

Samurai battle

Great Northern War - The Battle of Poltava, 1709

Dark ages scrap.

Lance & Longbow with another refight of Bosworth

Roans in trouble in the Teutoburgerwald

Battle for the Scheldt

The wonderful Marignano

Quatre Bras 1815

Battlegroup Trobruk

Australian Light Horse at Beersheba

As for purchases, just one a "Works" KV1 for £3.50, hurrah and end to my current search.

Finally thank you to all who purchased my surplus "Works" vehicles I raised £17,00 for the Army Benevolent Fund

Friday, 2 October 2015

On the Workbench - October 2115

After a month where family commitments have been dominant it's nice to have a more wargamy month with the Derby Worlds show tomorrow, then a Stalingrad game mid month and finishing off with Fiasco in Leeds. So what are my painting plans?

  • Complete the sdkfz 251s and sdkfz 250s. These are mainly assembled and need painted along with their crews. I'm slightly short of the 250s as I found the two old Esci kits I was going to use as well were badly distorted
  • The final batch os 28mm Saxon spearmen.
  • Repaint some of "The Works" diecasts for winter.
  • Start on the Cossacks/Wallachians.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Soviet heavy metal!

After ten days away again I'm back from dog-sitting for my daughter and I've managed to complete the repainting of a batch of Russian diecasts. These are the cheap models available from "The Works" but the colouring didn't match the rest of my stuff.

I managed to find enough T28s to make a a reasonably sized forces for a game

The T35 is a monster, but the most I'll need for any scenario is a couple

The tiny FAI-M armoured car

Thursday, 17 September 2015

More Jacobites - Manchester and Edinburgh

Completed a couple more units, on the left the Manchester regiment raised during the march south to Derby and on the right John Roy Stewart's battalion or the Edinburgh regiment. No flags have been added yet, There are some details for the Manchester regiment that the mottos "Liberty and Property" were on one side and "Church and King" on the other. One guess was that the flag was a simple English red cross on white. The Edinburgh regiment apparently had the "green flag of Kincardine". So I need to find and/or create something suitable.

Certainly for these figures the dormer house looks large

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Graves for seven brothers

The cheap diecast M3 Lees given a quick drybrush before joining my soviet forces.

I've re-configured the dormer house in a lower configuration

Monday, 14 September 2015

German command team

Another oddment that was lying around that I got round to finishing. The SHQ German command team

Sunday, 13 September 2015

French dormer building

I bought this 20mm MDF building by Charlie Foxtrot at Devizes as it fitted my usual 120mm x 120mm building template. I've yet to see how it fits with my 18th century buildings. but I suspect it might look rather large. Assembly is relatively straight forward and it can be made with the rear extension on either side. The joints were very tight in places and needed filing to fit (probably better this way than loose).

The nicest part is the separate window frames and the very thin MDF shutters

As recommended I used PVA and sand to render the walls to hide the joins. The chimneys and ridge tiles were "everygreen" plastic, but I used card for the ridge tiles.

For scale I've added one of the Fabbri diecasts