Triples 2007

Another year and back to Triples at Sheffield again. A welcome revisit after missing last years event with medical problems. I was there with the "lads" from Deeside Defenders/Chester/Wrexham and I'd commited to helping out on the Lance & Longbow stand.

So what did I think?
  • The bring and but was a mess, our room was opposite and I watched the snails pace of the queue waiting to hand in their wares. The usual preditors were on the prowl picking up any bargins before any ordinary punters got a look in. In general this needs a complete rethink, perhaps a flea market approach might work given the space available on the site as a whole.
  • The demo games were nothing special, the Italian wars game was good eye candy, but I bet a lot of people missed the Curtis brothers (Curtleys/Ist Corps) game put on by them as the demo game by the L&L. The figures were stunning.
  • On the trade stands there was very little to inspire me. Even though I'm a hardened plastic figure player, I normally find inspiration from their big metal bretheren. Milicast as usual tempted me with their resin vehicles but they always look too fragile to use in wargames and the price is a bit to much to tempt me. UTB had a very nice 100mm Russian AT gun, just the job for dealing with Tiger IIs, but I'll have a look at how common they were in wartime use before investing in them.
  • I met lots of people I knew and had a great time discussing wargames, wargaming and life in general
  • Downsides - not being able to drink more nice beer due to my medication (perhaps not always a downside) and an noisy overpriced hotel room
What did I buy? (Not a lot as it turned out)
  • Some Tumbling dice ECW lobsters to boost the numbers in my TYW armies. I just bought the riders, the fact that the pack of 11 riders and horses had the same horse was the deciding factor
  • HaT Alexandrian Thracians - for my first outing of my Macedonian army I just used my Thracians from my hoplite greek army armed with just javelins. The 2HCW seems to be available to this army, and needed, hence the purchase
  • HaT WW1 Russians - yet more figures for the RCW, especially for the coloured regiments
  • SHQ Panzerfausts and tellermines - With plastic figures I'm missing a number of panzerfausts in the units and these are an easy way to add them.
  • More Ironclad miniatures foxholes and weapons pits. I bought a nice wooden pillbox, but checking once I returned home my MG bases just don't quite fit inside. They had some nice concrete versions as well, just the job for beach defences.
  • Some Vallejo paints to try as my Humbrol acrylics are running out and I'm not that convinced about GW which are easily available.
  • Revell WW1 French (from the B&B) - I had hunted high and low for these when I needed some MG teams for my WW2 French and eventually bought some metal ones from SHQ. I couldn't remember if I needed any more so I bought them. If not WW2 then I'll use them for RCW.

Finally thanks to Pete for the lift there and back


Some more on Triples here



On the workbench

Current work in progress includes
  • Zvezda strelets being painted up as Polish renaissance infantry (Haiduks) - two units of 24.
  • Two boxes of Strelets WW1 Russian Hussars for the RCW. I will use the two officer figures as colonels/generals.
  • The figures to go with the Odemars Guillotine.
  • Red box Afghans


WW2 Aircraft stands

Several people have asked me about the stands I use for my 1/72 aircraft. The basic stand has a car aerial mounted on a circular base (hardboard but a CD would probably be just as good).

The two shown at the back are for desert type games and the one at the front for temperate zones. The aerial is topped with a 5mm bolt for fixing the aircraft, helicopters, etc. The nut can be clearly seen on the underside of the Me109 positioned at the centre of gravity. The bolt is glued to the aerial with epoxy.

Here are a couple of aircraft in action at different levels showing how the bolt screws into the nut glued to the plane

The one base type I've still to make is for the sea, in this case I'll probably hide the fixing with a large splash made with acylic mastic.

The only downside of this approach is that it interferes with any central bomb load.



Vietnam helicopters

I've complete my choppers at last. What took the time was fixing the Gunners and MGs in place. I had to use superglue to fix them initially, but it was not always sucessful as it was a very fragile join. After several attempts I got all the bits fixed in place, so I then made the joins more permanent by adding some epoxy.

An italerei Huey

An Italerei LOACH

Phew, now I just have to use them in combat

Revolutionary Austrian Jaegers

I've just added a unit of Austrian Jaegers to my slowly growing forces for the Revolutionary/Early Napoleonic Wars. This unit was made using the HaT Brunswick Advance Guard figures