Rebased Norman Cavalry

These are the last of my Norman Conquest rebased. The figures are a mix of Revell and Strelets.
The Bretons are really the Revell mounted Saxons with a few other Strelets
The Norman contingent with their two commanders Duke William and Bishop Odo
In addition to these there are another 18 Norman and 12 Breton cavalry that were based to my current standard when I painted them.


Bundeswehr M113s

A quick diversion to paint three West German M113s. In Battlegroup Centag these are an option instead of using Marders so I included them in the latest print run.


Rebased Norman Infantry

Continuing the Dark Age theme I have rebased all the Norman Foot to my current standard.
There are four units of spearmen, two of archers and one of skirmishers.
This just leaves the Cavalry to do


Napoleonic Prussian limbers replaced and rebased

I have replaced all my old converted Airfix limbers that I used for my Prussians with the new versions I have 3D printed'
At the same time I rebased about half the limbers to my current basing
But it seemed silly to rebase the limbers without doing the gun crews so I did them too.


Rebased Saxons

It's been a while, but I was completing a major task, rebasing all my Saxons. The figures are mainly the old Revell ones, which aren't the best representation and also a number of Strelets.
There are 3 command stands, 6 units of huscarls (16), 8 units of Fyrde (16) and 3 units of skirmishing archers (8)
Of course, now having finished these I have to work on my Normans


Latest batch of 3D printing

I've just finished my latest batch of printing and I've worked through most of my current wishlist.
A quick summary of the output From top to bottom and left to right
  1. German Lf.5 limbers and AA wagons
  2. German sdkfz 10's for my DAK, ready crewed and stowed
  3. 2 x British Grants, scaled to match my existing Grants
  4. 3 x M113 for my Bundeswehr
  5. 12 x Napoleonic Prussian limbers modified from an Austrian STL file I had
  6. Two pairs of 88mm limbers to go with my old Airfix 88mms that have long lost their limbers
  7. German limber horses for the Lf.5 and the Russian ones as well
  8. 3 x Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke light tanks (with a couple of misprinted hulls)
  9. 2 x Lanchester armoured car hulls (to replace exploded versions) and a pair of Model T Fords
  10. 4 x Russian universal limbers plus a heap of home designed gates
  11. "The Fellowship" some fantasy figures looking like the LOTR characters
  12. ECW dragoons both mounted and on foot scaled up to 28mm from 15mm


Pictures from the Other Partizan 2023

A dump of the pictures I took at Partizan yesterday. Unexpectedly I had to spend time on the Lance and Longbow stand, thanks to Andy for his assistance. Zero purchases as there was nothing to tempt me!

Battle of Graus (1063)
Nice fantasy siege in the snow
League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers - RCW
WW1 in the Middle East "On the Road to Aleppo"
The siege of Hennebont (1342) by the Bodkins
Captain Carey's blunder - Zulu War skirmish using "What a Cowboy"
Old Pikeys - Cold War gone Hot
The plains of Lalsot 1787 by the Boondock Saints
ECW - Seige of Stokesay Castle
Defense of Calais 1940


Progress against plan 3Q23

Continuing good progress against plan with 1,753 items completed. So onward to Christmas

Compared against specific targets I set
  1. Rationalise my Terrain, upgrading or replacing any unsuitable items - with the warm weather I have made a good effort on this.
  2. Retouch/Rebase as many figures as possible. - Zulu War completed
  3. Attempt to complete all the figures in the stash that have a clear fit with my current plans - underway
  4. Clear out all unwanted items - have sorted out another batch to go on ebay
Amplifying the above:
1. Rationalise my Terrain, upgrading or replacing any unsuitable items
  • Wooden Fencing needs either upgraded or replaced - all done except some additional gates, which I am currently 3D printing
  • Hills, I have too many of the wrong sizes - have chopped them down to sensible sizes & shapes
  • Rivers need expanded - not done, although I did manage to find the left over painted acylic sheets from my existing rivers
  • Wadi/Depression edges need created - completed
2. Rework/Rebase as many figures as possible.
  • Zulu Wars - delayed from last year - All completed
  • Dark Ages - About to start
  • Russian Civil War - not started
  • possibly Napoleonic British - not started
3. Attempt to complete all the figures in the stash that have a clear fit with my current plans
  • Finish the WSS - completed
  • Scottish schiltron - completed
  • More "Cossack" infantry & cavalry - completed
  • Baggage camels for the Crusades, Sudan, etc. - completed
  • Replace my old Napoleonic French Dragoons - completed
  • Napoleonic Spanish infantry for skirmish games - completed
  • 28mm ECW cavalry - not started, I am also printing some dragoons
4. Clear out all unwanted items, including painted figures
  • Assess each existing period, army, and units to consider if I am really going to use them - underway - have sorted out another batch to go on ebay
  • Reduce the figure stash from 4 crates to 3 - down to three crates, partly by giving away half my plastic bits box (crate) and using some of that space, so I now have slack in all my crates
5. 3D Printing - the bulk of my immediate needs have been printed so I am looking at
  • ways to produce matching 20mm figures & smaller equipment to complete my Napoleonic and other armies - have found a number of useful items becoming available for sale. Some of these I have purchased and am printing
  • components for houses and other terrain - I have have produced some bunker doors earlier in the year and recently somw wooden gates.
  • work on how to make/modify files to meet my specific needs - quite proficient at 3D builder and am using for head swaps, etc. I also modified an Austrian Limber into a close match to a Prussian one.
6. Gaming
  • Play at least one WW2 Sicily game as is is the 80th anniversary this year - unlikely to be done now
  • I would like to try Dresden 1813 as it is the 210th anniversary - unlikely to be done now
  • Attend as many shows as possible - attended Attack in Devizes this quarter, the Other Partizan this weekend.


On the workbench - October 2023

Didn't manage to finish everything last month, but made good progress, but I'm off to "The Other Partizan" this weekend so lots of temptation. Still to do:
  • Complete this 3D printer batch with the new items I have found and also some bits for friends started late last month
  • 4 x British WW2 Fairmiles plus a tanker - not started last month
  • Rebasing my Dark Age Saxons, which I have already stripped off their old bases, this includes painting some additional figures to make up units.
  • Replacing and rebasing 12 Napoleonic Prussian limbers and teams
  • Gates and other smaller bits to complete my fencing.
  • if possible start on the Dark Age Norman rebasing


Ancient triremes and penteconters

These are the WI digital ships for Thalassa, which I printed back in June. Hopefully I now have enough for a reasonable game in an evening. I would like to add some emblems to the sails, but that will have to wait till I can print ome decals the right size.
A Spartan squadron
An Athenian squadron
The triremes have slots intended to be occupied with bases depicting the crew of the ship. Unfortunately all of the figures that would normally fit were presupported and the supports were impossible to remove.