Napoleonic Prussian Commanders

continuing the command theme here are the Prussians from the Hat Mounted Officer set. They provide both an infantry and a Landwehr officer, but use the same horse pose for both! The litewka and soft cap was widely worn so the Landwehr officers can be used for any unit. Again I had a few other staff figures needing rebasing.


Napoleonic Russian Commanders

So the first of my new commanders are completed, a trio of Russians from the Hat Napoleonic Mounted Officers set. However I realised that my old Hinton commanders were in need of rebasing so I did them too, and then there was the collection of foot figures from the Strelets set and finally a few casualties as well.

The new Hat figures are the mounted ones on the right.


Oh shiney!

Popped into Modelzone, just to check the sale items and came away with a couple of Austin Tilly's in caunter camouflage, really nice.

The markings are for the 11th African Division in the Sudan 1941


More Napoleonic Russians Urrah!!

After a break while visiting family, etc. I've finally finished the Russian Infantry.

On the left two battalions of the Finlandski Guard Jaeger Regiment, they are mainly Zvezda figures, but the front rank of the second battalion has the last of my second version Springwood figures. On the right a battalion of the Odessa Regiment is dominantly composed of the first version Springwoods, plus a few Esci command figures.

Mustn't complain about visiting family as it also fitted in with a trip to Salute,


Salute 2013 - part 2 other games

Onto the other games at the show, I really didn't make an effort as others with more time would capture most of the images of the show. These are just those that caught my eye as I walked around during lulls in the game.

WSS Samurai castle

Oshira Samurai siege

GMG Omaha game using battlegroup Overlord (shame I missed Piers)

The massive Napoleonic Waterloo "game"

More Battlegroup Overlord - "beyond Omaha"

For my own cross reference here's a link to Joe Denver's photos


Salute 21013 part 1- Cravant

With no apologies here's a mass of pictures of the Lance & Longbow game of Cravent 1423 all the figures and terrain from the Collection of Simon Chick (see Harness and Array blog for more details)

A great game on great terrain using Impetus

Simon also created some figures for the river crossing

My French forces managed to hold up the English by the bridge, but our backs were exposed to a potential sally from the defenders of Cravant.


Off to Salute

Progress on the workbench is slow, but I'm looking forward to visiting Salute this Saturday. For those interested in progress here's a picture.

The Russians are almost finished, but because they will be tightly packed I have to base them individually first and then work on the remainder of the base.


On the workbench - April 2013

It's Napoleonic month, having refought Lutzen 1813, I realised that my Napoleonics need some updating, So if I plan to refight Bautzen I need to add a few bits that are lurking in the stash. To raise the month to a peak I'll be travelling to London for Salute. The plan:

  • Two battalions of Russian Guard Jaegers  (these will be a mix of Zvezda Russians plus a few remaining second version Springwood models)
  • A battalion of Russian line infantry, since it's not part of a formation, suggestions for which regiment to depict would be welcomed (these will dominantly be the first version Springwoods)
  • Generals - I you look closely at the Lutzen pictures you will see that various generals are very tired looking conversions.  So it's sort out the various Italeri/Hat/Zvezda command sets to provide some better looking commanders
  • A little bit more DAK stuff, a couple more Sdkfz 10s and a Sdkfz 221, all from Frontline.
Carried over from last month
  • The pair of Sdkfz 251/3s, these are well underway, but I'm taking my time to get them looking correct
  • Roman transport and commander - I just keep adding the odd bit of paint whenever I remember them.


More Paks

Yet more of the Plastic Soldier Pak 38 kit, this time painted up for the eastern front. Pak 97/38 to the left and Pak 38 to the right, both pairs have Plastic Soldier crews. The Caesar 150mm SIG has the crew from the set, you get a lot of these in a box but the poses seem quite clumsy.

In the background are the Zvezda German "medics"


Jacobite Commanders

At last I can get my Jacobites on the table, having completed the command stands. I've also added some casualty markers, since there were suitable figures provided in the Strelets sets.

Now I just need to wait for the Redbox figures to be released so I can add the Lowland regiments.


More DAK Pak

Well the sIG 150mm was on the list, but I decided that I might as well work on the Plastic Soldier Pak 38s at the same time.

Pak 38s to the left and Pak 97/38s to the right (it's the conversion of the French 75mm onto the Pak 38 carriage). I've spread the six crew across a pair of guns, all have hats as I kept the helmet for my European versions. Behind is the Caesar 150mm, but I haven't used the Caesar gun crew, but more of the Plastic Soldier pak crews plus a couple from their heavy weapons set.

After taking the pictures I realised that I'd failed to curve the base edges, which I think looks better on WW2 stuff that isn't used in ranks.

The Caesar kit is fairly standard, and a lot easier after working on some Ace kits, but the Pak 38s were really quick assembly and turned out really well.