Yet more SYW Highlanders

It's been slow painting progress because of the hot weather. But at last I've completed the 77th Foot (Montgomery's Highlanders)

The mix of figures is the same as I used for the 42nd Foot and the flag came from the excellent Project SYW site

Another reason for the slow progress was I slipped away back to the South West for a few days and managed to visit Bovington and the Battlegroup South show, unfortunately I didn't take my camera.


Half year progress report

First the good news, the tests show my problem was normal for my age, so carry on as normal. Now a quick review of how far I got in the first half of the year

The major project is Tricorne rebasing, covering all my Seven Years War and American War of Independence armies, this is ambitious - around 2,000 figures, but hopefully it should just be "cosmetic" as I won't be physically changing the units or bases.- I've just finished the Prussians and about to start the Austrians

Painting/Modelling - moderate sized projects
  • Napoleonics - carried over from 2017. I've got quite a pile of figures (mainly cavalry) available to replace/upgrade some of my oldest units. Plus Spanish infantry, Polish infantry, French artillery and Russian Guard artillery - not started
  • Egypt 1800 - adding more French, British and Ottoman troops to my existing armies, probably by doubling up the existing units. - Not started
Smaller projects
  • WW2 Ardennes - finishing off various bits- completed what I had planned
  • WW2 North Africa - expanding my US forces to cover North Africa by adding Stuarts, Lees and any other new units that the new Battlegroup book might require.- Stuarts and Lees added, now I have the book and all I need is some T19 GMCs , but having used a couple of substitutes I'm not sure whether to bother?
  • WW2 eastern front - extending my winter Russians for late war winter warfare, mainly by adding tanks.- all done
  • Some desert sand-dunes/wadi sides - carried over from 2017- not started
  • Various houses to add to my Eighteenth Century town, including a model of my daughter's house - carried over from 2017- not started
  • Need to create those Renaissance galleys - carried over from 2017 - any useful ideas welcomed- not started but I have an idea
  • Adding some Highland regiments to my SYW British, also for use against the Jacobites!- one completed, the others on the way
  • Plus a number of bits to fill in odd gaps in existing armies- not started

  • Continue to support the Lance & Longbow Society games at various shows- We passed on Vapnartak this year
  • Nothing decided yet for the SOTCW game at Gauntlet- for various reasons including my medical issues this is a miss for this year
  • We plan to hold a big Battlegroup event in May, so I may be a major contributor to the terrain and troops needed - - Completed successfully
  • I need to organise one or two large games, one SYW and another to be decided, hopefully my rebasing will be an incentive.- not started
  • Again try to get to Crisis in Antwerp- not organised yet


Total of 905 items completed so far this year
SYW 430 Mainly rebasing except the Highlanders
WW1 166 Selection of Poles, Serbs, Ottomans & Arabs
Renaissance 123 Ottomans & Russian
WW2 99 Indian Infantry & plenty of tanks
Terrain 87 Mainly for Market Garden


On the workbench - July 2018

June has been a bad month and July is not looking any better. I bailed out of Phalanx slightly early due to medical problems and then missed the Gentlemen Pensioners game on the Sunday. I'm now having to undergo various tests, which will have an effect on my painting output. Also add in a planned holiday, so the limited number of items I will concentrate on are:

  • Two more SYW Highland regiments - one started
  • French Kings/Cardinals Musketeers - also started
  • Ttwo Arabian/Afghan buildings bought at Phalanx
  • Start rebasing my SYW Austrians
  • A new replacement Napoleonic French Cuirassier brigade to replace my old Airfix figures

Our local show Gauntlet is next weekend and, if the tests turn out OK I may try and get down to Battlegroup South at Bovington.


SYW Prussian Commanders

Another batch of rebasing completed and also the last of my Seven Years War Prussians. Additional figures have been added so that each brigade commander now has two figure bases and the more senior three.

The couple of odd foot figures are a commissary officer and a preacher