WSS yet more French Cavalry

I could easily have painted all the new Strelets Garde do Corps figures as that unit as it comprised eight strong companies, but instead I only painted one "company" from that unit and painted the rest as Gendarmerie de France.
For the Garde du Corps company I selected the 1st Scottish company, this will join the Grenadiers a Cheval and Gendarmes of the Guard in my Maison du Roi Brigade
The Gendarmerie also formed a strong Brigade and I selected the Reine, Dauphin and Bourguinon companies. I much prefer the paper flag I used for Bourguinon rather than my attempts at hand painting the moulded on Strelets flags.


Printer back in action

I've restarted the printer and I'm working on a mix of new stuff and replacements for the recent failures.


Cripes - when 3D printing goes wrong

It looks like a bomb has hit it.
All of these were printed hollow and I thought I had manged to drill and drain all the uncured resin inside. But the recent very hot weather has proved me wrong - there was still uncured resin inside and as it seeped away it blocked up the drain holes. It then expanded and forced its way out through the weakest points giving the impression of an internal explosion.

So back to the drawing board for these and attempt to find a better solution and replace the damage. I also have other models that have suffered collateral damage and have resin sprayed on them. Hopefully I can solve this by painting over with matt varnish.


On the workbench - August 2022

Reasonable progress last month, almost everything completed and Pegasus bridge is now assembled.
So I will be more ambitious and work on
  • A river or suitable base for the bridge that hopefully links to my existing river.
  • A Horsa glider to go with it.
  • An early war Spitfire from the stash
  • WSS British and Hessian dragoons
  • WSS French Garde du Corps and Gendarmerie
  • A pair of Boer War Pom-Poms and crews
  • Cisapline Republic Infantry


Napoleonic miscellany

An interesting selection to fill odd gaps in my collection
A pair of Spanish Ox-drawn limbers, the oxen and limber are 3D printed and the teamster is a repurposed HaT Spanish light infantryman.
Spanish cavalry, the Reina Cavalry and Numancia Dragoons, these are a mash up with Esci Prussian cavalry riders and various left over horses from other projects.
and an unplanned addition French Engineers in siege armour (LW figures donated by Douglas H), these will be used for a seige sortie game using Rebels and Patriots hence the basing.