new bridges - old river

Sorry for the washed out image, I wasn't happy with my existing bridges for the Peking 1900 so I created a couple of simple stand alone bridges that could be used.
The road surface is from a sample of textured wallpaper and the basic framework is foamcore.

Looking again at my old river, it's up for sale, I started wondering if I could just upgrade it by anding down the edges and then using sand/grit to texture it. Hmm.... something to ponder.


Bautzen 1813

Following on from Phalanx the Gentlemen Pensioners had their annual game in Manchester. This year it was Bautzen 1813 played using Shako large battle system.
I had the role of Ney and together with Lauriston's corps I had to roll up the Russo-Prussian Army from the north. Of course it didn't go according to Napoleon's plan. Most of the flank was covered by two corps; Barclay and Kleist with loads of artillery

Lauriston made no progress with virtually all his corps destroyed by the end of the game. Ney's own corps managed to wipe out Kleist's corps at heavy cost and was poised to breakthrough at the point I had to leave.

An unbiased report from one of the umpire's should appear shortly on the Wargame Amateur blog


Phalanx - Cerignola 1503

The Lance and Longbow game this time was Cerignola 1503 another action from the Italian wars.

The Spanish were ready and waiting and entrenched in their camp

Meanwhile the French prepared to launch a surprise attack the main thrust of which would be the Swiss commanded my myself

Nearing the high point of the Swiss assault, just before it all went horribly wrong trying to cross the entrenchments

A very nice Indian Hill Fort used in the East Lancs Mutiny game

Keeping to the Indian theme a nice idea for smoke signals

Forts gone but not forgotten

Just left these on the blog as a reminder of a couple of useful terrain items sold at Phalanx 2011

Afghan Hill Fort (it has featured in quite a number of games and periods over the years)

Roman Fort (the Airfix one with ditches added so it can be used as a standalone fort)


Peking 1900 final playtest

The final playtest for the Boxer rebellion game prior to Gauntlet was held at Deeside Defenders last night with a host of willing volunteers.

The briefing
The British show that they learned something in the Zulu War and construct a wagon laager in the Imperial carriage park.
The US and Russians await the onslaught
All seems calm on the other flank, until you see that the Italian legation has been abondoned
The last stand of the Austro-Hungarian legation before they too pulled out.
Just for my records the almost completed Fort Halliday covering the entrance to the British legation.

Over all the game was great fun and only a few minor tweaks need to be made, so roll on Gauntlet (2nd & 3rd of July)


More Legation buildings

The eagle eyed observers may have notice a couple of thatched roofed legations in the play test game. I decided to create a couple of Mediterranean style buildings to replace them as they will fit in well with the existing Italian ones used for the SOTCW game two years ago. (link)

In the background is one of the original set.


I'm ruined

Well not quite, I've knocked up a numbr of extra ruin bits for use in the boxer game from some old thick foamcore I found. All the pieces are 120mm x 60mm.

I also created a couple of temporary tartar wall sections from some timber I had in the garage, so the wall will now extend the lenth of the table.


Boxer Rebellion - test game

The first test game on a full sized layout was held at the Deeside Defenders club on Thursday. Here are a couple of pictures of the action.

The British Legation is in the foreground with the British order cards laid out alongside so we could keep track of them (only three of us were play-testing).

German, French and Japanese legations, all quiet here except the problem of food supplies

One obvious need is for more ruins, we still couldn't fill the table using Pete's, mine and the Clubs terrain, so I have started work on more.

Overall the test went well, just needing tweeks to the orders and event cards.


WIP2 - Boxer game for Gauntlet

Things are progressing I've assembled the sheets of textured paper and painted on the roads and insides of the legations. Further progress has been made with the buildings

Immediately in the foreground are from L to R the British, Russian and US legations

Next are the Japanese (J) German (G) and French (F) Legations with the Italians out on a limb.

Finally the opposite view showing how isolated the Austrian legation is.

A test game will be held tonight down at the club, so I'll see how it all works out then.


WIP - Boxer game for Gauntlet

Given the good weather I thought it was time to lay out the legations to see how well everything fitted together. This is an overview of the entire table 6' x 10' with the edges and roads marked in yellow chalk.

Immediately in the foreground are from L to R the British, Russian and US legations

Next are the Japanese (J) German (G) and French (F) Legations with the Italians out on a limb.

Finally the opposite view showing how isolated the Austrian legation is.

It was just as well I had laid everything out as I found I had failed to count some walls, so more need to be added. The whole areas outside the legations needed to be filled up with burnt out buildings, walls, etc. The final layout will be marked out on some old wallpaper, which has a cobbled effect



On the workbench - June 2011

All the emphasis this month has to be on terrain preparation for the Gauntlet game. Having returned from holiday I got off to a good start on my "great wall" project, lots of part completed legation walls are lying around the conservatory. Besides these I will need to sort out a few more legation/other buildings and the baseboard. Once all this has been done I'll move back to what was left from my May list.

Having missed Triples due to being on holiday (It wasn't the plan!) I'm looking forward to Phalanx at St Helens, which I can attend this year as the SOGG big game doesn't clash with it.