Babylonian Archers

The first of a series of recent completions. Firstly Babylonian Archers in the service of Persia.

If you are wondering about the Kardakes I had planned they are currently stalled while I try to source some decals for their shields, I started these archers while I tried to sort something out.


Keep on truckin'

A slight diversion from the plan, I was distracted by these M35 trucks made by 4D I found them on ebay and acquired three for less than a tenner including postage.

Nice simple kits, which are good enough for wargames usage and not as useless as the original kits made by another company called 4D. I managed to find some suitable left over decals so they can now be used in Vietnam. Up till now I have raided my WW2 collection for suitable trucks when needed.


WW1 French summer 1917

A nice contrast to my Germans and British for the same era. These are all Strelets figures

The infantry are all in summer uniform, organised in a platoon of 41 men, 2 sections of 9 men (including 2 bombers, but there was no one throwing grenades in the set!!) and 2 sections of 9 men (each with 1 chauchat and 3 VB)

The heavier support a Scheider 105mm

and a 155mm GPF

The artillery lacks detail, but is good enough for wargames purposes, the figures provided enough for the crews some loader teams and a couple of OP teams

I really had to have one of these after I found one at the Batterie Moltke on Jersey


WMMS 2020

Another great day out at WMMS and Andy and I ran a SOTCW game set as a German raid on the Imaginary state of Andrevia in 1943. I was heavily involved in the game and took very few pictures.

Thanks to Richard P, who made the harbour and port buildings some more pictures of the game

Some pictures of the other games at the show.

My booty.


Prussian & Lithuanian skirmishers

I sorted these out at the same time as the Polish commanders for Tannenberg, The Teutonic Prussian skirmishers came in small numbers along with the Zvezda Livonian Knights so I had to add a couple of others to make up the numbers. The Lithuanian archers are generic eastern European skirmishers based on the Zvezda Russian Knights, which also donated a commander.


English Men at Arms and Longbowmen

From the Strelets sets of the same names

The Men at Arms are the less useful set, but I found enough for two units. The rest will be mixed in with Levy, etc.

The Longbowmen are really nice and by adding a few figures from the Men at Arms, there is enough for four units, although I have only painted a couple