Panzer 35(t)

These four Panzer 35(t)s make a rather nice addition to my early war German forces. These are the First to Fight models and they are very easy to assemble.

I actually bought four of the befehlspanzerwagen version, which contained the parts for the standard tank. I'll keep the spare frame aerials for future conversions.

Decals are the simple white cross used in 1940, the kits also contains the Slovak cross so I was almost tempted to make the Slovak Fast Brigade, which had the old Czech camouflage scheme.


Strelets Lawrence of Arabia

At long last a decent replacement for the old Airfix Bedouins. There is a lot of character in these new figures from Strelets

Hopefully they'll produce some foot figures to go with them.

Thanks to Lawrence for the great Christmas present



An enjoyable day out in Wolverhampton at the WMMS show - nice to meet up with a lot of friends again. Here are some pictures of the games that caught my eye. I just wish some of the gamers would make the effort to proactively engage with the public.

WW2 Action in Greece 1941

War of Austrian Succession (I think) with a really nice fort, but a bit to high!

Another WAS game but Computer moderated

Yet more Lace wars Eye Candy

Classic Rapid Fire with the scenario for the rulebook.

Chain of Command - the Tigers came out to play later.

Big boys toys for WW1

Napoleonic Skirmish Poker

Ramilles 1706 in 10mm

The siege of Antrim I've seen it before, but the lighting was better this time.

Rorkes Drift

Cambrai 1917 in 10mm

My purchases from the day

The big buy was a pair of Russian building sets from Pendraken, which luckily are mostly based on the same size as my modular terrain.


Ottoman Ajinkis

Completed at almost the same time as the Sipahis and they have been on the table just as long.

These are also from Redbox and they share the same oddly posed horses as the Stradiots.

They are based so that they can either be deployed in close order or skirmishing.


Ottoman Armoured Sipahis

Hurrah, finished at last they seemed to have been on the painting table for ages. The figures are a mix of Redbox and Orion.
Ideally I would have mixed up the horse more between the sets as the Redbox set only has two poses compared to the six in the Orion set. These are based according to my transition basing between ancients/medievals and later so there are three figures on a 60mm frontage and nine figures to a unit.

Onto Vienna!


On the workbench - March 2017

Another month has flown by and I don't feel I've achieved much this year. Here's what's already on my painting table

  • In the centre, back and front are the Ottoman Sipahis, I added another box from Orion and they are now at the same stage as the rest.
  • Left back is the Strelets Lawrence of Arabia set
  • Left front are the Ottoman Azkincis
  • Right front French (mounted) Musketeers
  • Right back are the models I assembled while away visiting family, six A9s and four panzer 35(t)s
Part of the problem is my usual slowness with painting irregular figures. I rattled through painting the horses in a few days and then progress slowed.
Once I get all the mounted figures completed I'll get started on the PSC German trucks