More rebasing - ECW

These are the painted figures I bought at Phalanx. As I mentioned before, I really bought them for the saker, but it came with the foot (left) and dismounted dragoons (right) so they have now all been touched up and rebased ready for an ECW game down the club this week. At the back are a number of left-over figures that I had left over, so I have based them up as skirmishers.


Fiasco 2012

Another good outing across the Pennines (if I ignore the attempts to divert me back due to road works on the M62)

The Marignano 1515 game that was part of the Lance and Longbow display, I was the Swiss.

The high point of the Swiss advance, I knew it couldn't last hence the camera shake, the French had woken up and the counter attack was looming

Other games that took my interest

Pegasus bridge in 28mm (I must admit is looks better in 20mm)

Another excellent Sicily game from the Barnsley lads (lots of good banter)

hastings in 10mm, quite impressive, but the Saxons got chopped to bits by the end of the game

Legendary Wargames had Bull Run using a version of the old Gilder rules

Plus some Sudan vignettes

3rd Afghan war (must get around to doing something similar)

Vimiero 1808 in 6mm, very impressive! and that's is just the terrain, it really gave a better feel of how it might have been on the ground!

Purchases - not a lot

  • Hat 28mm Moorish infantry - since they are hard plastic and larger sized, I'm going to see how they turn out compared to other 28mm armies at the club, shouldn't be to difficult to paint.
  • A Zvezda 75mm German Infantry Gun, really a lovely model for £2.75
  • A  cheap book on Zulu War battlefields - just to fire me up again and not by Ian Knight so maybe I'll get a different perspective.
  • The Biblical/Classical Army Lists for Hail Caesar, to give me a start in creaing some alternate armies rather than starting from my 6th edition lists.
Managed to sell a bit of the stash, but not enough to make any impression!


Fun with basing?? ACW dismounted cavalry

As I had gained some extra dismounted ACW figures to boost my collection I decided to mix them in with the older figures and then distinguish each "unit" by giving them a distinctive base.

The overall collection, only one unit of each side has standard basing.

The wheatfield, using coir matting cut into chunks, the hardest part was thinning down the base.

Fenceline, not full height as the figures are quite low

Cabbage patch, an astroturf sample. I'll use some more to make some fields as it will be easy to move figures across.

Figures are a mix of various plastics with a number of old Jacklex figures bought from the Harrow Model Shop many years ago.

Off to Fiasco tomorrow

I'll be at the Fiasco show in Leeds tomorrow so please pop by the Lance & Longbow stand and say hello.

I'll also have my trading figures available for sale.


Back to the Sudan

After a period of tidying up from the big game it's back to what was still in progress. I had been working on a unit of the 19th Husars for the Sudan, but, now they are done, unfortunately two weeks after they would have been of use.

Figures are the Hat 17th Lancers for the Zulu War, but I already had some Jacklex for this so they were conscripted for the Sudan


Alamein big game - Lightfoot

This was my table where I took command of the lead elements of the 51st Highland Division (153rd Brigade) our plan ws to strike hard on one flank and then roll up the Axis poitions with the infantry while the Armour exploited though the resulting gap.

Allied infantry deploy on table 51st Highland on the left, 9th Australian in the centre, then the Axis positions were revealed. The double row of barbed wire indicates the extent of the Axis minefield.

The Italian battery that caused us a lot of problems during the game, it performed far better than any other Axis battery.

The traditional Ice Cream van appears on the Rahman track having spoted some likely customers serving a German 210mm gun.

View from the north end of the axis positions

and from the south. Despite our intelligence reports there were only dummy positions on point 30 covering the Highland Divisions crossing point. The only opposition would be a dug in AA battalion.

Progress! The Australians making their way across the minefield, while the enemy positions are subject to a rolling barrage.

The barrage reaches the AA battalion and causes casualties.

Icecream break for the hard working Italian gunners

Nearly there, The Australians have almost breached the minefield and the attached Valentines from 50th RTR follow up.

Success!! 153rd Brigade takes point 30. Cue bagpipe music to celebrate, also that the artillery barrage had completed the destruction of the German AA battalion.

The flanking attack commences, unfortunately exposing their own flank to artillery fire, which caused the attack to stall twice.

The Axis armour arrives quicker than our own armour as it had taken longer than expected to clear the minefields.

All that's available to stop them is the Valentines of 50th RTR. Will the cavalry (1st Armoured Division) arrive in time?

The cavalry arrives, but it's too late as time is called shortly afterwards

The adjacent Axis armour, who were still on their rear table. The M13/40s did push though onto the central table in the last move.

More details and pictures on the SOGG forum

Alamein big game - Lightfoot Left Flank

This covered the action of the 21st South African and 2nd New Zealand divisions against Miteiriya ridge

Allied infantry move on and the Axis positions are revealed

A nasty surprise awaits, a Lancia 3RO with 90mm gun hides behind the ridge (one of my toys loaned to the Axis)

A view along the ridge from the southern edge.

Allied armour from 10th Armoured Division waits for the northern minefield gap to be cleared. In all three evenly spaced gaps were created, unlike our table where we concentrated on one flank.

Infantry assaults all along the ridge. The minefields were dominantly anti-armour so the infantry could usually cross with problems, just losing the odd casualty.

Infantry still struggling to break through, the engineers can be seen half way through the minefields.

The armour is on its way through, but the Allied infantry has been virtually eliminated.

But too late, the Axis armour (elements of Littorio and 15th panzer) has arrived

The beginnings of a breakout.

More details and pictures on the SOGG forum

Alamein big game - Naqb Rala

The third game covered the actions of the Free French against Mt Heimemat occupied by the Italian Folgore paratroops. being a long way away from my table I had no idea about how the game there went until it was over. It was fought twice with the Italians winning the first game and the French the second.

The players actually swapped sides for the second game and the French success in the second game was due to learning the lessons from the first.

Unfortunately for the overall game result only the first game counted.

Alamein big game - Barce

For those who might have had time on their hands or for the odd visitor the SAS raid on Barce that had occured the month before was set up in a spare corner of the hall. Those who have the 1st edition of Rapid Fire book will remember it.

It was played once during the weekend.


Alamein big game - photos

While I sort myself out, here is a link to an album on Google+ showing my pictures of the big game


Please let me know if it doesn't work for you

Only one Allied objective was achieved during the game. The taking of point 30 by the 153rd brigade (part of 51st HD)


A slight diversion before the big game

On the way I popped in to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington. Quite an interesting site, obviously mostly aircraft and various related items.

Control tower and some of the museum buildings

Handley Page Victor

Part of the hangar collection

Handley Page Halifax III (note the Tilly truck underneath)

Blackburn Buccaneer S2

Some of the outside collection

More details can be found on the museum's website

At the end the second reason for my visit arrived as we were hiring the museum's tables for the game and I had to help load them onto the van.