More - Saracens - infantry this time

Finished on the morning after WMMS, These will provide some skirmishers for my Saracen force, plus backup by some Ottoman heavy infantry.

Archers are Strelets Muslim Archers and the Ottomans are Lucky Toys


Pictures from WMMS

Lots of nice eye candy from the WMMS show this weekend. AS I was attending as a paying customer for once I had more chance to scan the traders and games for the things I liked.

Greeks v's Italians 1940

Marlburian action - lots of imspiration here.

Bolt Action WW1

Operation Uranus - Stalingrad 1942

Rapid Fire - I've forgotten which Normandy 1944 scenario was being played


ECW - Edgehill?

Flames of War

Figures from "The Wargame", really nice flats, presented in classic style

Russian v's French napoleonic

Another ECW period game, a skirmish participation game lots of nice touches

Hastings 1066

Some tempting buildings from Games of War shame they're 15mm

Another Marlburian game

Burgundians and Swiss come to blows

Inspiration for when I get around to painting Charles the Bold

View of the hall late in the day as the crowds begin to disperse

My booty, not a lot, but finding a pair of diecast M10s on the B&B was a great success


Ottoman heavy cavalry

The last unit in my "Saracen" cavalry is a unit of Ottoman heavy cavalry using Lucky Toys Medieval Turks. They are strictly too late for the crusades but they can be used at a push and similarly through into the renaissance.

A pair of the horses came from their Vlad Tzepes set to add a bit more variety.


Golden Horde (Mongols)

Not quite Saracens, ut these units will be used as a filler if I need more cavalry, especially horse archers. An alternative might be to use them as a third party spoiler.

Figures are from the Zvezda Golden Horde and HaT Hun sets


Seljuk Turkish Cavalry

The first part of my Saracen cavalry were created from a couple of boxes of Strelets Seljuk Cavalry. I have created a couple of small horse archer units, a pair of cavalry units, and a couple of command bases.

As with the Turcopoles the depth of the base allows the horse archers to be deployed skirmishing.


On the workbench - March 2016

Close but still not finished - my Saracen cavalry has reached the basing stage. This is the problem with doing large batches for figures, nothing seems to get done for ages then there is a mass completed. So here's a picture of the bench at present

So once I've finished these what else Have I got planned?

  • Saracen Archers and Ottoman spearmen (they're already base coated above)
  • Romanian winter infantry battalion (I've acquired and assembled a Bofors 37mm AT gun)
  • Wars of the Roses Scurrers, Mercenary Light Cavalry and mounted Men at Arms