WSS Orkney & Ingoldsby

Two more regiments join my British forces for the War of Spanish Succession. Orkney's regiment to the left and Ingoldsby's to the right.
It's nice to add some diversity to the army, despite having the very common blue cuffs, they are from the Sottish and Irish establishments so they have appropriate flags for their origins.


Yet more plastic kits assembled

All assembled during the week I stayed with my daughter in County Durham.
From left to right
  • Steyr heavy cars - I recon I have enough spare bits to make some Morris versions
  • Gaz AA and AAA trucks - I'm going to add some specialised bodies to these
  • sdkfz 250 variants
Stop press - I have discovered that my 1/76 Morris parts do not align at all well with the PSC parts.  I need a "Plan B".


On the workbench - June 2021

More plastic kits this month as I'm visiting my daughter for some of the month and I can work on these while I'm there. Otherwise it is on with the War of Spanish Sucession stuff.
  • 4 units of British line infantry - all underway
  • 2 units of British fusiliers
  • 1 German & 1 Swiss infantry unit in French service
  • 2 British cavalry units
  • 1 French Chevau Leger/Gendarme unit
  • Various WSS commanders
  • 6 PSC Steyr heavy cars
  • 6 PSC sdkfz250 Neu - various marks
  • 6 PSC Gaz trucks
  • 28/05/2021

    Next batch of WSS British Infantry

    Two more units have joined my forces Churchill's (the Buffs, 3rd Foot)) and Seymour's (24th Foot) and appear in the front rank
    The flags came from the warflag site (link)


    WSS - now the British

    Completed my first British units for the War of Spanish Sucession, there does seem to be a lot of contradictory views about the exact uniforms, flags, etc. so it does allow a degree of flexibility in how to depict the units.
    At the front Webb's or the Queen's regiment, behind is Marlborough's or the 1st Guards regiment


    WW2 Guns and vehicles completed

    Here are the finished vehicles that I started for the challenge on the wargamers Forum. The Fujimi M12 GMC self propelled 155mm, a Fujimi Hetzer and three German 75mm Infantry guns
    The Infantry guns comprise two IG18 (Zvezda) and a kit bashed IG37 using various components
    In winter camo there is an Italeri Sherman, a Matchbox 251/10 and another 75mm infantry gun


    Back to WW2 German Infantry

    Very much a side project as I have more then enough WW2 German Infantry, but this fitted in with the group build on the Wargamers Forum. I had been interested in the Valiant figures for some time but they were too large, so when the rescaled version was released I had to get some. They are nice figures, I used an infantry pack plus an extra sprue (from Andy) and a heavy weapons pack to make a platoon plus supports, or for a RF battalion (plus an AT gun)
    my favourite figures are the section MG42 gunner (bipod) and assistant
    The extras I created included a Panzershreck team and an OP team
    All that is left over is an 81mm mortar. I did a certain number of head swaps, but there are certainly possibilities for a lot more conversions with the hard plastic.


    The postman knocks thrice

    It's been a busy week for the postman with three seperate deliveries
    First was a ebay win of some TYW artillery, as I need the limbers for my War of Spanish Succession armies. It also came with a set of old Esci WW2 Japanese that will come in useful when I get around to Battlegroup Pacific.
    Next a batch of PSC kits from Models2u, I had tried getting them from PSC in their sale, but they weren't covered by the sale and they charged 10% for delivery. Models2u gave a 10% discount and free delivery for the amount I ordered so a no-brainer.
    Finally and delightfully, an ebay win of some Linear-A figures. To my surprise the seller DH follows this blog and added some extras to amuse me and they certainly did. There are quite a lot of useful bits and pieces and the temptation of some Caesar WW2 Chinese. Quite a lot to keep me busy and thanks again DH.


    The night belongs to Charlie!

    I now have plenty of Victor Charlie with the benefit of the new Orion Viet Cong figures.
    These are a mixture of the new figures and reworked old Esci figures.
    I am pleased that my old jungle scenery doesn't immediately need reworking to match in


    On the workbench - May 2021

    A bit of an odd month as I deliberately didn't complete the kits I assembled to conform with the rules of the challenge on the Wargamers Forum. These need to be completed in May. So a listing with some in progress pictures
  • Sherman and M12 GMC
  • sdkfz 251/10 and Hetzer
  • German 75mm Infantry guns, one a scratch built IG37
  • A Rapid Fire battalion using Valiant Fighting 20s
  • In addition I will be working on
  • The new Orion Viet Cong and some rework of my old Esci VC
  • Starting the WSS British Infantry
  • 01/05/2021

    Last of the WSS French Infantry - for now

    A couple more units and I have varied the shade of grey again. Du Roi in front and Crussol behind.
    and reversed
    The next WSS infantry will be British, but I will still be adding some more French


    Yet more WSS French Infantry

    Next two units are Bourbonnais and Foix, that formed together with Agenois the Nangi brigade at Blenheim.
    Foix is in front with Boubonais behind.
    Strictly Bourbonais should have 2 battalions to match the exact order of battle for Blenheim


    Next WSS French Infantry

    Another two regiments showing a difference in the shade of white/grey used in line with the Gilles Boue illustrations
    Agenois, this has a different flag from that used in later years


    Starting on the WSS French

    Just finished my first two War of Spanish Succession French units Royal Italien and Saintonge. I've a soft spot for Saintainge as I already have it in my French army for the AWI, I just picked the option of a lighter blue
    As for Royal Italien, it is a unusual brown coated unit so it adds a nice contrast to the mass of the French army.
    I'm not working to any particular order of battle but I certainly want a number of units to have participated in the classic 4 battles of the WSS, namely Blenheim, Ramilles, Oudenarde and Malplaquet. Saintonge was at all four and Royal Italien at three.


    Some terrain at last - Vines

    After my failure to make hardly any of the terrain I intended last year I thought I had better start with my long planned extra vines.
    I made three according to my original design copied from a ZTT original (on the left) but changed over to using plant prunings for the rest.
    The difference is more apparent in the work in progress picture, the JTT copies use thin twisted copper wire.
    The originals were made for the Sicily game back in 2015 (link) and these double the amount I have.


    2021Q1 Progress against plan

    A good start to the year, I caught up a lot during March and painted a total of 769 items
    • Ancients 334
    • WW2 140
    • Ancients 132
    • Napoleonic 67
    • Colonial 64
    • AWI 26
    • Terrain 6

    Compared to plan
    I’ve decided to concentrate on five main painting/modelling themes this year, quite a bit is based on new and forthcoming releases:
    • Complete rework of my Vietnam War collection by integrating the new figures from Orion - started with the newly released figures from orion and waiting for more
    • War of Spanish Succession - French infantry and cavalry plus British cavalry, plus more as Strelets release them - just about to start work on these
    • WW2 Japanese for Battlegroup Pacific - not started, nothing purchased yet
    • Rebase my Early Imperial Romans - these are the last ancients that I haven't upgraded - Completed
    • Napoleonics, Prussian cavalry, reworking old artillery limbers, Russian peasants for skirmish scenarios, more Spanish cavalry, potentially upgrade British infantry? - completed the Prussian cavalry and Russian peasants

    Then a host of minor themes in order of preference rather than importance:
    • WW2 SAS & LRDG. - Completed
    • More "Three Musketeers", especially once the new Redbox mounted figures are available. - not started
    • Colonials - Boer Artillery and French Foreign Legion in camp and 37mm. - Completed
    • TYW Imperial Croatians/Polish Pancerni/Cossack horse archers/Russian hussars. - not started
    • More British and Jacobite for the 45, WAS and SYW, when Redbox release more figures. - not started
    • Medievals - Scottish shiltron, Revolting Peasants (Zvezda), other odd units for Montgisard. - not started
    • SYW Austrian infantry (Roth - Wurtzberg) - not started
    • Revolution Cisialpine Infantry - three or four 12 figure units. - not started
    • The terrain I have failed to make for the last two years. - started work on the vines

    Then if time permits:
    • More WW2 German cold weather infantry - 2 platoons. - not started
    • Rework/Rebase Zulu War forces. - not started

    I’m not making any plans for gaming, but once the show circuit starts I’ll try to get to as many as possible. Plus Crisis Point in April and a possible 2021 Big Game. Crisis in Antwerp would be a big attraction if it goes ahead - still waiting to see what will happen - hoping to get to Barrage in July

    Finally, an army review reveals that I have passed the 32,000 20mm figures mark. partly becuse I haven't sold any of my replaced units since lockdown started.


    On the workbench - April 2021

    Well that was a tremendous month's work. I cleared all the backlog so it's a clean start for April. In fact I started already with work on extra vines. Here's a picture of the work in progress. The main task is the War of Spanish Succession French Infantry, I've sorted out 8 units of 24 figures to work on.
    and then I've commited to start some kits through to assembly but not painting for the challence on the Wargames Forum. I'll have to pace myself on this one. The challenge requires them to be completed in May! a longer timespan than I usually work to.


    Roman cataphracts and commanders

    I'm on a bit of the roll at the moment. These complete my Roman army rebasing project.
    The HaT cataphracts didn't really need rebasing, but unfortunately it was a desert colour so it was not consistent with the rest. They are underscale compared to Rospaks, but on the battlefield in seperate units it's not too noticable
    The commanders are old 25mm Minifigs, they are a bit too large/chunky. I wonder if there is anything out there more suitable? 28mm would be too big, maybe 3D printed?


    yet more Romans!!

    A bit harder this time as I had to deal with the broken pilums and replace all the decals so that the units looked consistent.
    The images for the decals were copied off the web and then scaled to fit the shields


    Napoleonic Civilians

    I really liked these new bonus figures that came with the Strelets Prussian cavalry and I hope they will continue producing them as a replacement for the traditional Streltsi.


    Deutsche Volkssturm

    Well Andy beat me to it again, he posted his painted half packet yesterday. These are Mars figures and like many of their newer sets they are quite nice mouldings. I gave them a mix of civilian and military dress all linked by a yellow volkssturm armband.
    They will all end up fighting in "Fall of the Reich" games togeher with whatevery other mixed figures I want to combine them with.
    Link to Andy's blog (link)


    Russian militia skirmishers

    These are a selection of the Strelets bonus streltsi that I have painted and based up to use for skirmish games for anything from the renaissance to the Napoleonic wars
    I still have 85 streltsi in the stash that I have to decide what to do with.


    Veldt Artillerie

    Just what's need to support my Boers
    Theses are two Krupp 75mm field guns and a pair of 1pdr pom-poms from Strelets, surplus crew has been used for command and loader teams
    Maybe I need to add some limbers?

    Addition just found this on the Oranje Vrijstaat Artillerie Corps Facebook page
    Just found this awesome photo of the Krupp Vorrathswagen (supply wagon) from a Krupp catalogue kept in a Portuguese museum. This is the exact model the Boers imported as well and the limber I am restoring:


    Roman Auxilliaries

    Continuing the rebasing, I worked on a couple of units each of bow and javelin armed auxilliaries. Each existing unit of 24 figures bacame a close order unit of 16 and an open order unit of 8.
    All the figures are Rospaks who only produced two poses.
    Luckily with these there was very little rework except a couple of broken javelins needing replaced.
    If I need to use the figures in their old WRG 6th context, then I simply have to alternate the close and open order bases

    Now I'm into the more serious reorganisation and repairs