Last of the Zulu's rebased

The fourth and final batched now reworked and rebased.


Third batch of Zulus

Beginning to get the hang of this. Plenty of odd repairs needed.
I've done the Indunas as well, not sure what make they are but should include RSM or Newline


Second batch of Zulus

I tried a slightly different basing, adding some railway cork balast to the mix.
It gave a much rougher surface but took far too much efort as it didn't stick well.


A small top up for the stash

Yes the new War of Spanish Succession figures are out from Strelets so I immediately bought a selection..
The British/Jacobite artillery are just to add a little fun to 1745 games and half a pack of the Volksturm will top up my Volksturm to a full platoon (the other half are for Andy).


First batch of Zulus reworked

It's a long time since these figures were first painted, 1985 I think. So they are long overdue for rework.

Some of the old basing
The first batch of rebased figures
About a third of the figures had no shiels as Esci did not include enough in the pack, so I 3D printed some and added them where missing and a lot of weapons that had also fallen off over the years.
Old and new side by side.


Back from Jersey

I've had another holiday in Jersey, enjoying the coastal walking and encountering all the various fortifications, especially those from the German occupation.
I found a gun still in its bunker, I think it's a 75mm PAK 97/38

Lots more pictures from my previous visit here (link)


A couple of Japanese self propelled guns

Once I discovered that the Ho-Ni SPG had been used in the Philippines I had to print a couple to join my Japanese forces. I used the same colour scheme as my Shin-Hoto Chi-Ha's.
The Type 1 Ho-Ni I was created by using the existing Type 97 Chi-Ha chassis and replacing the gun turret with a Type 90 75 mm field gun.


Armoured D8 bulldozer

At last a replacement dozer for one of my resin printed ones that exploded! The other one of the pair had adequate vent holes and was OK.


Working on the chain gang

A selection of figures from Linear-A Roman Construction and Strelets Roman Transport 3 and Christians, assembled to give an impression of a Roman constuction site, and onlookers.
Look like they are having problems with motivating the workers!


On the Workbench - May 2023

The months continue to travel by so it is time to start something big - rebasing the Zulus. In addition I need to finish off a lot of the bits that are lying around.
  • Ancient Roman construction, prisoners, etc - these are just needing based
  • Another unit of Renaissance Cossacks - these are partially painted
  • A pair of Japanese Ho-Ni SPelf propelled guns
  • German Kleiner Funk und Beobachtungspanzer auf Infanterie Schlepper UE(f), a sdkfz 10 and a 37mm AA
  • British Armoured D8 Bulldozer
  • repairing and rebasing around 400 Zulus
  • later in the month possibly restarting the 3D printer as I have been working on getting files ready like a Lancio 3RO tanker & trailer