Some Civilians

Some Civilians suitable for use in WW2 or more recently. Figures are from an old Dapol set I picked up on a B&B many years ago. Obviously many are Railway staff and various passengers.

The Celtic cross is a scenic item picked up from Sgts Mess at Bovington



Quite a simple paint job for these Caesar SAS basically black drybrushed dark grey. Just what I need for "Black Ops"

back right is the one "special" figure in the pack a 007 look-alike

Perhaps they look better in monochrome?


SYW Austrian Infantry rebased - part 3

A couple of units of Grenadiers one German (red) and one Hungarian (blue) originally painted with no specific units in mind


SYW Austrian Infantry rebased - part 2

Another batch completed

This time there are a German regiment Hoch und Deutchmeister (blue), an Italian Los Rios (Green) and two Hungarian Esterhazy (red) and Paffly (light blue)


Napoleonic Westphalian Cuirassiers

Following along quickly after their French counterparts I have the two Westphalian Cuirasier regiments

The first regiment is in the original white jacket, which changed to blue sometime in 1812. The figures are ACTA mounted on Italeri horses. The slight error is that they should have a helmet crest rather than horsehair.


Napoleonic French Cuirassiers

A matched pair of units for the 4th and 6th Cuirassiers with a commander all produced from one pack of Zvezda figures

Both units have orange facings


Wonderful Wednesday

Two deliveries today replenishing my reading and painting stashes

It's easy to see what I'll be painting next month - Camels maybe?


SYW Austrian Infantry rebased - part 1

The first of my Austrians have now been rebased

These are all "German" regiments - Kaiser (red), Stampach (yellow), Molkte (light blue), and Konigsegg (purple)


SYW British 89th Foot Morris's Highlanders

The last of my Redbox Highlanders. They can be used as either the 89th Foot or the 42nd before it became a Royal Regiment. I have two flags that can be swapped as necessary.


Britcon 2018

A quick trip into Manchester yesterday to join the Lance & Longbow for the show and a look at the Traders.

We replayed Stamford Bridge 1454 from Phalanx. For one of the games I took on the ill-fated Percy's and nearly survived (I have to mention the victor John Roberts as otherwise he wouldn't remember)

The Percys storming down the hill, except the archers who mainly gave up at the beginning!

Adjoining us was a large 1939 game of the invasion of Poland using Rapid Fire by MAWS. Half was German v's Poles the other Russians v's Poles.

Not many purchases, just some paint and a Valiant Infantry Cart.


On the workbench - August 2018

Well July turned out as badly as expected on the painting front. I've just got back from a fortnight in the Dolomites and I have the following in front of me to work on. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Clockwise from the top right
  • Two Arabian/Afghan buildings assembled, needing textured and painted
  • The last SYW Highland regiments
  • ACTA French Napoleonic Cuirassiers - being painted as Westphalians
  • Zvezda French Napoleonic Cuirassiers - actually being painted as the French 4th Regiment
  • Various Dapol civilians for Black Ops games
  • French Kings/Cardinals Musketeers all well underway
In the centre some Caesar SAS, again for Black Ops

I hope to get started on rebasing my SYW Austrians

I'll also try and get to Britcon next weekend


Scapa Flow

To many, just a name in the history books, but it was during WW1 and WW2 the British navy's major anchorage. Now it is fairly empty and the Navy has gone,but there was still plenty to see when I visited the Orkneys last month.

First off was the old Naval base on Hoy, But unfortunately while I was there the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre was closed for refurbishment, although we did have a guided walk around the site.

Important item - the buffalo burger van underneath a gun from the High Seas Fleet. The Orkneys are not renowned for their herds of buffalo, but these were made from local produce.

One remaining crane of four that were used to move the anti-submarine nets a section of which is underneath

A schematic of the site at its height

The extent of the visitor centre

The centre with some external exhibits, the oil tank behind also houses some more

The 150mm deck gun salvaged from the German mine-laying cruiser SMS Bremse that was scuttles along with the rest of the High Seas Fleet.

Naval Cemetary

Ness battery commands the western entrance to the flow and is better preserved and has organised visits (but none convenient for me)

Information board

barracks and emplacements behind the wire

Closer view

Fire Control Tower on Graemsay across Hoy Sound

Hoxa Head batteries

3 remains of the barrack blocks

The view across Hoxa Sound, the major entrance to the flow

On lower promontories are the searchlight positions

The height of the gun positions are quite surprising

Information board

6 inch gun position

Hoxa head from the sound

close up

Fire control position on Flotta across the sound

A final view of Hoxa Head as we left Orkney