Still in the desert LRDG & SAS

Now for the combination of the three Strelets sets covering the Long Range Desert Group and the Special Air Service.
Only one figure from each set provides enough for all my needs.
Again has some resting/camp figures, brewing tea of course!
Some poor Germans on the receiving end


Extras for my French Foreign Legion

I am always tempted by add-ons to existing armies, so I had to add some more artillery and resting figures to my FFL
37mm M1916 mountain guns, one wheeled the other on a tripod togeth with gunners from Strelets.
A very nice camp scene again from Strelets
The same scene to go with my earlier FFL.


Colonial Militia

A couple of 28mm units produced from the free sprues that came with Wargames Illustrated units.

Skirmishers mostly wearing hunting shirts
Ordinary Militis with the rear rank produced by adding AWI heads to Russian Crimean bodies
Hopefully they'll see action in the Woebetides at Crisis Point, whenever it happens, hopefully September.


German Anti-resistance Troops

Quite a mouthful for the title of this new set from Orion. It contains a number of unusual items of which my favourites are the "Gestapo" that could be used as any secret agents. The majority are all German military police, but the dog handlers will come in use for stealth operations and I will probably have to make a modification to "Black Ops" sentry rules to cope


US Recoilless Rifles

These are from the Strelets US AT Teams and although I shared a pack I didn't expect to get 4 recoiless rifles.

In retrospect I should have only painted a pair and kept the other two for Vietnam.


Plenty of ARVN

A large batch of ARVN to start of the month from both the Early and Late War sets from Orion.

Early War

Late War


On the workbench - February 2021

January was almost a write off as I wasn't able to paint until the last week so most of January's plan and therefore some of December's has been carried forward
  • A "platoon" each of early and late ARVN for Vietnam
  • Half a pack of Orion German Anti Resistance Troops - started
  • A desert stuka - I started this last month when all I could do was slowly assemble kits 10mins at a time
  • German winter limber - almost finished
  • 28mm Colonial militia - underway
  • LRDG and SAS - about 30 figures
  • French Foreign Lagion at rest and artillery - about 30figures
  • US Recoiless Rifle Teams - half a pack of the Strelets set
  • Then if I am up to it
  • Prussian Napoleonic cavalry - all those lovely new figures from Strelets, an 8 figure unit of each


Local Vietcong

For the last of my Jauary output, some local opposition for the Ruff Puffs the Orion Local Communist Forces, providing a selection of VC and also figures to act as a supply chain on the Ho Chi Min Trail.

I used a mix of black through to dark gray to reflect the local "pyjamas" and like the Ruff Puffs varied the trousers to give a more irregular feel to the unit The snipers will come in useful as well.

Now onto the ARVN

Ruff Puffs

Ruff Puffs or the Regional and Popular Forces of the Republic of Vietnam are the subject of one of the new Vietnam sets from Orion

I kept the colours quite simple using an olive green for most of the uniform, but adding some variety in the trousers to indicate they are irregulars.


Fast build sdkfz 7/2

I acquired couple of armoured sdkfz 7/2 on ebay made by 4D. Despite having one from Britannia already I couldn't resist a bargain and the pair cost me £7.25 including postage. Although I couldn't paint with my broken shoulder I found I could manage short 10 minute bursts of kit assembly, so thats what I did. Overall a nice kit, but like their sdkfz 7 it is oversize. The crew were provided from my bits box.

I think I'll retire my Britannia version now