Dead Man's Hand - figures painted

One of the items I bought as part of our old Deeside Defenders member Mike Yates wake sale was a starter set of Dead Man's Hand, which unexpectedly contained two sets of 28mm figures. I've now painted them up and they can now participate in club games.
The outlaws, now known as the Yates gang in memory of Mike
The Lawmen


Vapnartak 2022

An early start to get across to York for the show to help on the Lance & Longbow participation game. I didn't buy much and as I forgot my camera I only took a few pictures of the games.

The League of Extraordinary Kreigspeilers with thier usual "back of beyond" game
The defence of the Osterbeek perimeter 1944
A nice Samurai based game
The only purchases were the new Rapid Fire Scenarios book for 1940 with plenty of inspiring ideas and pictures, some flock and some paint.
It looks like the next show I will hopefully get to is in May, either Carronade in Falkirk or Partisan in Newark.


On the Workbench - February 2022

After a very slow start, progress is beginning to be made, so I'll mainly be working on carry-overs from January
  • More French & British cavalry for the WSS
  • WSS French Dragoons covering a selection of colourful regiments and one Dutch
  • 28mm gunfighters for "Dead Man's Hand"
  • The last of my 3D printed output - French tanks and trucks