M2 and M3 Half Tracks

Although I already had a US Armoured infantry battalion (made with Airfix half tracks) I found a scenario that need two battalions, so I acquired more of the Plastic Soldier Company version when I bought their M5 Stuarts. I wanted to create some variety and perusing my books and plans I realised I could convert the M3 into an M2 especially for use as a gun tow.

A pair of M2s either side of an M2A1, which has a pulpit as the main visible difference. I'll use the later as a 57mm gun tow and the other pair for the 3" AT guns. Most the pictures I could find showed them covered with stowage at the back and note the shortened mine racks.

More M3s personalised with assorted stowage

For those interested in the M2 conversion, here's a work in progress picture showing the main changes.

The hull sides are reduced by 3mm at the rear end carefully leaving the triangle behind the tracks. The interior is similarly reduced but by separating the rear compartment. The rear compartment is then reversed and refitted. At the rear the panel has to be adjusted to align with the new upper hull position, but with the lower third cut to fit the triangles on either sides and the centre stepped in to match the upper hull. I didn't bother removing the rear door as it would be hidden by stowage. The hull sides have the existing central panel line filled and a new one added ahead of the cut down mine racks. Finally two large stowage boxes from plasticard were added to the interior.


US M8 HMCs and more Jeeps

My latest purchases from Derby, all models by Britannia. Hopefully I won'y need any more Jeeps after this. The Howitzer Motor Carriages are basically Britannia, but I've replace the metal tracks with spare from the Plastic Soldier M5 Stuarts to keep the weight down.

Keep watching more US stuff to follow shortly.


Back from Hols - Primasole Bridge

Back to the cold after baking at 30 degrees plus for two weeks in Sicily, didn't manage to get to anything of historical interest except the Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943 in Catania and that was well worth a visit as it's the subject of next years big game. It's situated in an old sulphur works just north of the main railway station so it's quite easy to get to. My main regret is being banned from taking photographs, so I only took a pictures of the Primasole bridge tableaux

Details are also on Tripadvisor (link) and luckily there seem to be quite a number of pictures online (link)

Map of the area to the west of Lentini from the Museum (I've taken on responsibility for the terrain for Lentini for next years SOGG big game) useful annotation of level of vegetation in green


Katy returns

I have had several Airfix Austin K2/Y Ambulances in the past, all were converted into various trucks due to a lack of soft skins on the market. Imagine my surprise when I saw the price for new kits and on ebay for second hand. It must be the aircraft modellers as eventually I picked up a part built model at a reasonable price and I still had the old decals..

Another little gap in my WW2 British forces as Rapid Fire advanced rules need an Ambulance.


Yet more US Jeeps

It seems that one can never have enough. These are the Ready to Roll versions bought on ebay, unfortunately the bases were a lot thicker than I hoped so I had to saw them off first. They came with some extra crew figures, but increse variety I used a couple of old plastic figures as well.

Just spotted I forgot to finish off the windscreens!


M5 Stuarts

25% off the advert said, so rather than wait till Derby I put my order in to Plastic Soldier Company. These were a joy to build, my only regret is the amount of spare parts left over, I'll just have to find a use for them.

At the back three late model version that will be used with my US armoured battalion and in front three early version that will join the reconnaisance squadron


Derby 2014

Another excellent day out at the Derby show, and great company on route with Andy and Phil. The Lance & Longbow game - a Teutonic Knights skirmish game with great winter terrain from Graham.

Nice figures, but the clutter on the table?

SYW, better, but keep the playsheets off the table when not in use

Impressive, and I think the rule book positioning was deliberate

Early WW1 - French v's German

My delight, French & Indian War

At laast some 20mm! - battlegroup Overlord

Cross & Crescent (Saga) - nice, well presented and friendly banter

SOAs battle in a box Nothampton 1460 fought using Chris Engels Matrix game system

The Lance & Longbow game in progress

My booty, not as much as I would have liked

Great day out and a chance to chat to a lot of friends.


More French for Egypt 1801

At last some colour in my painting and these are very colourful. To go with my existing four line infantry units I have added another two, plus four small units of Legere. The flags just need printing and adding to the line units.

Figures are Strelets French Light Infantry in Egypt


On the workbench - October 2014

Painting plans for September were a bit disrupted by some purchases on ebay and The Plastic Soldier sale as you will see below. With these exceptions October will be a roll over of what is remaining as I will be off on holiday for a couple of weeks. So in rough order of priority I have:
  • More French Infantry for Egypt 1801 - nearly completed
  • 4 x US Jeeps - again nearly complete
  • 6 x M5 Stuarts - nearly there
  • An Austin K2 Ambulance
  • 6 x M3 Half tracks (some will be converted to M2s)
  • some US command teams
  • The Bedford QLD and QLTs that I keep intending to start.
  • and maybe start on those Austrian Grenadiers for the War of Spanish Succession

Off to Derby on Saturday, at least I won't be distracted by buying stuff on the B&B. Then it will be Leeds at the end of the month. If you want to stop and have a chat I'll be on the Lance & Longbow stand at both shows.


Tunisian Tiger, not 131

Finished the Fujimi 1/76 Tiger as used by the 501 Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501 in Tunisia

Number 131 is the version that was captured and is now on display at Bovington