HaT Napoleonic French Artillery & Caissons

Here's some pictures of some painting from 2006 showing my latest French Artillery. All of my old artillery is Airfix with various conversions to the equipment. The foot figures, guns and four horse caisson are all from the Zvesda French artillery set. The open caisson and limber are from HaT. In retrospect I should have just bought the Zvesda set as the new gluable rubbery plastic is not nice to work with.
A close up of the open caisson, the ability to show the contents is the only thing that the HaT model is better for.


HaT Napoleonic Ambulance

After various problems with the quality of the plastic on the HaT Napoleonic French baggage wagons and ambulances I have finally finished them. Most were based normally, but I put one of the Ambulances on a CD base together with various Polish wounded from Strelets


Plug-ins (continued)

Just completed the plug-ins for my M3s and Kangaroos, here's a picture



Over a while I've started creating plug-ins for my APCs and trucks and I've just started on some British ones.

From L to R showing plug in and in the vehicle:
  • Frontline 250 with finished German crew
  • Frontline M3 with WIP British crew
  • Kangaroo (ignore the markings) with WIP British crew


painting lull

Well it's been a while since I completed or posted anything. My father has been ill, so I have been down to visit and now we have the plumbers in.

Current work in progress
  • Vietnam helicopters - a LOACH and HUEY
  • A Napoleonic vignette of Polish troops (Strelets) with a HaT ambulance
  • An Odemars Guillotine
Just starting
  • Strelets RCW (WW1) Russian Hussars
  • Red box Afghans
  • Polish Rennaisance Infantry (Haiduks) using Zvesda Strelets (plus a few Strelets figures)
  • 2 x 37mm AT guns for my German Para & DAK
  • Austrian Jagers for the French Revolution period



AWI Rules

For over 20 years I have used a set of rules that I developed from a set for the ACW developed by Charlie Wissencraft and demonstrated at one of the COWs (Conference of Wargamers) run by Wargames Developments.

A copy of the rules can be found on Freewargames rules site



WW2 German Cyclists

Well after a break due to family commitments I got back home just about in time to post my submission to the Showcase 20 Group Build competion with my HaT German cyclists

More pictures and comments can be found at




Grille/Corinth canal/NKVD.

I've been busy with DIY recently so my painting and gaming is a bit behind.

I played the Corinth Canal scenario by Mark Piper from the RF website and the report is on the Showcase 20 site

Also I completed a Grille SDkfz138/1 and posted it as well

Finally, during a recent WW2 game I couldn't find my NKVD officer so I painted a few of the Hat WW1 Russian Heavy Weapons as NKVD