Horsa Glider

After quite a while I've finally finished the Horsa glider. Although a relatively simple Kit from Italeri, it took a while to sort out how to create a landed version.
I ended up breaking the landing gear on one side and reduced the central skid to a lower position. This did mean the steps fitted firmly to both the ground and the glider.
In the background is Pegasus bridge, whhich is still in progress. My next problem will be where to store it safely.


My latest acquisitions

Once Strelets managed to produce some more War of Spanish Succession figures I had to buy them and a few other bits to make up the order.
There are
  • 4 x Strelets WSS Bavarian Cuirassiers - so I will make each of the four Bavarian cuirassier regiments and replace my existing pair of converted regiments
  • 4 x Strelets WSS Austrian Cuirassiers - again to make four new regiments and replace the two old ones
  • 2 x Italeri Napoleonic Dragoons - to replace my old Airfix conversions
  • 1 x Hat Russian Tank Riders - to provide crews for the bren cariers I printed and painted recently
I'm not sure yet how I will use the surplus cuirassier figures, the old cuirassiers will probably go on ebay.



These have been a long time coming as I needed the contents of two packs of Caesar German Mountain Troops to get enough suitable figures. THe other half of each box were SS Handschar which I sold off.


Back to the Jungle

After the French it's my Japanese, but these are mostly new 3D prints for the late war in the Pacific.
A trio of Shin-hoto Chi-Ha's in the later camouflage pattern used in the Pacific. I had already printed the turrets to go with my existing Chi-Ha's hulls, but they wouldn't fit. I discovered that the turret ring was slightly wider for the Shin-hoto version and for the second variants there were some differences in the hull. So I was not constrained to give them the same camouflage.
A pair of Ho-Ha APC's that were used in the Phillippines
A replacement Nissan 180 truck and the recoverable "exploded" version that I kept as a wreck.


Back to the French

A selection of WW2 French vehicles mainly to replace those that "exploded", of the Somua S35s only one turret survived, the rest are reprints.
I replaced the two Chenillette Lorraine 38Ls with a pair of open topped 38Ls and another pair of 37Ls to go with the fuel trailers
Some very nice Unic P107 artillery tractors, in open and closed versions.
A Peugeot 302/MNB pickup and DK5 Ambulance, nice vehicles but lacking details.


On the workbench - November 2022

October has flashed by and I'm conscious of my distance behind plan so I'll be working on
  • Horsa glider - this is now almosted finished, I need touch up some parts and add a base
  • Pegasus bridge - coming the end of painting, but I still have not sorted the river/basing.
  • Additional French for Egypt 1800, but These will be new units not doubling up as in my original plan, because I have already done that.
  • WW2 Gebirgsjager
  • Crusader baggage
  • Japanese Shin-hoto Chi Ha's & Ho-Ha APCs
  • Replacement French Tanks, etc.