Napoleonic Spanish Infantry - part 1

The first of my early Peninsula Spanish Infantry. Real Marina in blue coats and Provincia De Siguenza in white. Figures are HaT

These together with the next units were part of Bassecourt's Spanish 5th Division at Talavera

Research was helped greatly by a couple of blogs
JJ's Wargames blog
Prometheus in Aspic
Thanks Gentlemen


Huzza Hussars

I've completed my French Hussars, providing enough for a brigade. Unfortunately I couldn't find my Lasalle model to include in the pictures

The figures are all Italeri and the uniform is quite varied with some with just dolmans, or pelisses or both.

2nd Hussars

3rd Hussars

7th Hussars

9th Hussars


Armate in Miniature (exhibition in Torbole, Lake Garda)

I was quite surprised when on holiday to find a military model exhibition in a nearby town, It was slightly awkward as it only opened in the late afternoon, which only left a small window to fit it in before the ferry back to my hotel.

It was quite a mix of models from a much larger museum in Roverto, built for many different purposes. Hopefully most of the models ae self explanitory as most of the details were in Italian.


Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry

My Spanish Cavalry brigade for the early Peninsular War. Very much a mix and match force

Maria Luisa Hussars (later became Estramandura Hussars) nicknamed the run-away Marys. These are Zvezda SYW hussars on the Esci Polish Lancer Horses.

Cazadores a Caballo - Voluntarios de Espagne. Italeri French hussars on the carabinier horses from the same manufacturer.

Villaviacosa Dragoons, using Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers

Rey Cavalry Regiment, known for its successful charge at Talavera, again Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers


Setting the Scene - Mediterranean

Just landed. Had a quick browse and it's full of goodness!

Further reading and I'm already contemplating a terrain mat


On the Workbench - November 2019

Another partial month, not satisfied with a holiday in September. SWMBO decided that we would have a couple of weeks on the Isle of Man! So I've got a fair bit of catching up to do and start on my Spanish infantry. So I have

  • Two units of Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry (using Esci Prussian Cuirassiers) - the horses are painted
  • One unit of Spanish Hussars - the horses are painted
  • One unit of Spanish Cazadores a Caballo - the horses are painted
  • Four units of Napoleonic French Hussars
  • Five units of Napoleonic Spanish Infantry
  • Two units of Napoleonic Spanish Light Infantry

The two Spanish light cavalry units have been assembled from various suitable bits