AWI/SYW rebasing - French Commanders

The last of the French. As with my Austrian and Prussian commanders I have added extra figures to the command bases.


SYW rebasing - Hessian & Brunswick cavalry

The latest batch completed, all the figures are Revell SYW. In retrospect the Hessian Hussars should be completely different (see Kronoskaf) from the way I painted them over 20 years ago. It would have made them more distinct from the Brunswickers.

On the left front to back: Brunswick Karabiniers, Dragoons (in their AWI uniform) and Husssars. On the right Hesse-Kassel Von Militz Kuirassiers, Lieb Dragoons and Hussars


Battleground Stockton

After a long drive and getting lost in Stockton, eventually I found the show and enjoyed a couple of hours chatting to the traders and gamers. Here's some pictures of items that caught my attention.

Pirates of the Aegean

WW2 Russians v's Germans

Byczyna on 24 January 1588 (War of Polish Sucession)

Battle of the Bulge using Bolt Action. Nice to see someone else using plastic sheets with snow on to convert ordinary buildings to winter use.

A splendid 6mm game of Blenheim (north)

Ditto (south) with the British assaulting Blenheim.

Battle of Zurich 1799

Zyrabulak 1868, one of those wonderfully obscure campaigns during the Russian conquest of Uzbeckistan, etc.

Napoleonic Naval

With a lovely harbour and backdrop

Another innovative game from Andy Callan, WSS using Jenga blocks. It was nice to catch up with Andy again.

Battle of the Standard fought with Lion Rampant

The gentlemen of SOTCW with

Nice mountains

A lovely friendly show and the gamers were happy to chat and discuss their games, if it were nearer I would certainly visit again.

Other pictures from the show


Polish Foot Artillery

Painted at almost the same time as the Russian Guard Artillery, these are simple paint conversions from the Zvezda French Artillery. I didn't have any French guns to hand so these are the Russian ones.

In retrospect I should have tried cutting off the pack straps and not used the packs as they look rediculous for gunners in action as well as being a pain to paint. Must try and remember this the next time I use these figures.


Palm trees and off to Battleground

A family reunion has luckily occurred just at the right time for me to squeeze in a visit to the Battleground show at Stockton tomorrow. Meanwhile I have based up the small palm trees for the club.

The Sugarcraft trees were donated my Pete and I just glued them into insulation foam and then applied my usual desert texturing.


Russian Guard Artillery

I've completed the Zvezda Russian Guard Heavy Artillery and painted them up as Guard, I also found some spare limber horses and a couple of old Hinton outriders to make up the limber.

There are only three guns in the set, but for the photo I've added an extra(on the left) that I was using for colour matching. It is interesting that the limber is completely different from the one in the other Zvezda Artillery set.


Great service from Butlers Printed Models

I was looking though my worklist (a rather large Excel spreadsheet) and thought about 3D printed wheels rather than press moulding them. So I put in an idea to BPM, to my surprise a couple of days later I got a reply that they were now available. So I had to get some along with BEF Bren and Scout Carriers.

I was very impressed with the carriers, yes there are fine printing lines on the models, but they are great wargaming pieces. The 25pdr wheels are super, just what I need to sort out some more limbers for my 25pdrs. I also bought some of the 15mm version as they will provide some Jeep/6pdr wheels.

just need to decide how to cope with the lines, a change in dry-brushing should work?


WW2 French artillery

I already have the famous 75mm's in my French army, but these are the motorised version available from First to Fight. A bit fiddly to assemble, but turn out OK.

The crew are the new HaT WW2 French Artillery crew, supposedly with the wheels to make the motorised version, but I sold off their bendy plastic versions of the 75mm a couple of years back. These figures are adequate, but don't provide any figures that could sit in the gunners position. But at least they are moulded in sensible plastic.


SYW rebasing - French cavalry & artillery

Another batch; six regiments touched up and rebased.

Left to right, front to back the units are Mestre de Camp, Royal Cravattes, La Reine, Orleans, Bercheny Hussars and the Chasseurs de Fischer

Four more artillery pieces plus some pioneers


37mm Portees

After a lot of effort, I've completed the pair of Morris portees with 37mm Bofors anti tank guns. They are marked up for the 106th RHA during the period of Compass/Beda Fomm

The basic vehicles are Morris trucks from Frontline Miniatures that were surplus as I added newer models to my 8th Army. it involved some careful sawing of the rear body to reduce it to a flat bed. The Bofors is the First to Fight model carefully assembled to fit in the available space.

A shelf was added at the rear of the flat bed and various stowage added. Crew was a significant problem and the only "gunners" I could find to fit were HaT British tank riders.


SYW/AWI rebasing - Canadian Militia

Oops, this picture is a bit blurry. I have rebased my four units of Canadian militia and distinguished them by their stocking caps. The regional distinctions of red for Quebec, blue for Montreal and white for Trois Rivieres district appear to have been introduced in 1759. My fourth unit was given a green cap. I also managed to rebase my artillery, two guns from La Fère regiment and a single gun from Lauzun's Legion. Backed up with a unit of cavalry from Lauzun's Legion.


Crisis 2018

It's been about 15 years since I last when to Crisis in Antwerp and all I can say is that it is a lot bigger and better but still is a very friendly show. On to the games that caught my eye

Arriving on a cool morning

Our game, provide by the Alde Garde with participation by the Lance & Longbow society. It was the battle of Arcen 1511. a what-if encounter from the Guelders Wars

The Guelders forces

The Habsburg forces, on the extreme right a group of English mercenaries about to attack the fortified manor house of Huys

battle is joined

A nice idea from Peter of adding Doppelsöldner to the front of the pike bases.

After a hard days fighting the victory was awarded to the Guelders forces.

The rest of the show

Some nice 28mm terrain on sale

The assasin's island

lots of lovely details on the buildings and terrain

Nice middle-eastern terrain representing Benghazi

What a Tanker with Nick

and Chain of Command with Rich of Two Fat Lardies (it was nice to have a chat with them before the show got started)


Rotterdam 1940

Dunkirk , again 1940

great modelling by the Dortmund gang

Late WW1 Czechs v's Germans somewhere in Russia - the Battle of Bakhmach 1918

The old Pikeys - defense of Oosterbeek lots of good modelling this is the third version of the terrain they have produced over the years!

Those nice printed foamcore buildings

Supply drop

Black Powder 2 Napoleonic Austrians v's Bavarians including a pontoon bridge crossing

Anglo-Egyptian scrap unfortunately a bit blurry

Maleme 1941


Jon & Diane Sutherland - battle of Rugen island 1715 seems to be trying to maximise the number of figures on the table.

League of Augsburg - their new Ottomans

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