Last output for 2019 - Spanish Colonial Cavalry

A final push and I managed to finish these in time for the New Year celebrations. I had acquired some Warlord War of Spanish Succession Cavalry on the Britcon B&B as I already felt my 28mm Spanish needed some Colonial Dragoons.

I was unsure how to use the other 6 figuress, but in the end decided to create a Governors Bodyguard using the cuirassiers bodies.

Happy New Year everyone


WW1 British reorganised for 1917

A 50/50 mix of old and new figures, the majority by Emhar, but also some conversions to make up the numbers.

A basic platoon had 4 sections of 9 men, plus a HQ of 5 making 40 men and an officer. The sections were split by speciality, one rifle, one rifle grenade, one bomber and one Lewis gun (with two LMGs)

I created two platoons, plus supports and hopefully the sections are obvious as they are arranged in order.

Supports are a couple each of light and medium mortars and Vickers machine guns


All I want for Christmas

A pair of winter Pak 40s completed

Still more bits to get finished before new year.

Merry Christmas everyone


Some WW2 bits

I've painted an extra 120mm mortar to reinforce my Germans and added some SHQ crew to the Light Dragoon Carrier.


Burgundian Artillery

Very much a mix of Mars Burgundian Artillery and Zvezda Medieval Field Artillery (thanks David S).

I've certainly now got more than enough guns for my Burgundians.


2nd coalition - Austrian Infantry

Some more "Austrian" Infantry to finish off my Austrian Army for the War of the 2nd Coalition period.
From front to rear: Hungarian light infantry (to complete a unit), Austrian Infantry, Wurttemberg Infantry (allies of the Austrian Empire) and Austrian Grenadiers.


Spanish Cazadores de Aragon

A change of plan following my last post I decided to create my Cazadores in their later uniform, luckily I had enough of these HaT figures left over when assembling my Spanish forces.


French Republican Legions

A couple of light infantry units for my French forces the Legion Allobroges (front) and Legion Germanique (rear) The former fought with the Armee d'Italie and the later in the Guerre de Vendée.

These were originally planned to be Spanish Cazadores, but once I started I decided that they did not fit the part as there were too many cross belts, hence the change.


More "bailed" US tank crews

This time the winter version from Orion. I tried to give them HBT overalls with the tanker jacket, but I think the green is still to dark even though I added white to the recommended colour of Vallejo Russian Green


More Zulus rebased

After my last rebasing I still had 48 rifle figures left. I sold off 24 kneeling rifles at Recon and retouched and rebased the rest to provide two more units.

This gives me six units of skirmishing rifles, which might seem a lot for the Zulus in the Anglo-Zulu War, but I also use the figures for other colonial games. I also need to think about rebasing the rest of the armies!


Italian 100mm guns

I had completed a pair of Obice 100/17 M14 a while ago, but without any crew. So as part of my year end tidy up I added crew left over from an Italeri Cannone da 90/53.

The Obice 100/17 M14 was an Austro-Hungarian Skoda 10cm feldhaubitze received as WW1 reparations


Recon 2019

The last show of the year Recon at Pudsey, Leeds. Always a great day out at a low key event. As always I was there with the Lance & Longbow Society putting on the what-if battle of Clifton, the same game as at Britcon. This time Strickland won 4-0. I didn't take any pictures of our game (not sure why?) but I did see some other games that caught my eye, mainly small scale.

Frost v's Grabner at Arnhem by All Hell Let Loose, a nice reconstruction of Arnhem

Cold War gone hot in 20mm using a variant of Rapid Fire by Legendary Wargames

A gridded version of Culloden

A Naval landing

Viazma 1812 in 2mm

Not a lot of booty, but I did clear an amount of army surplus. I'm still tempted by the Sarissa terrain tile system, and their painting guide had some useful hints.

The find of the show Irongate Scenery, very nice detailed resin models mainly 28mm, but the 9pdr cannon and Mortar are certainly good for 20mm. I bought the 24pdr cannon for my 28mm Pirates.

Other reports on the show
Wargame Amateur
Storm of Steel(Video)


On the workbench - December 2019

Well I've been making good progress, but now I need to catch breath and sort out all the bits that are lying around my work bench before the year end. In addition I'll be working on

  • Spanish Napoleonic light infantry - already started
  • Sorting out my WW1 British
  • At least one battalion of Austrians to face my revolutionary French
  • Burgundian Artillery
  • Maybe start the 28mm WSS cavalry


WW2 Russian reworked artillery

While sorting out my Russian figures for a game last month I realised that I had still not rebased about half of my artillery. So I set to but the task magnified somewhat, as I decided to replace my ageing Airfix crew conversions as well.

I also needed some dedicated patrol figures instead of borrowing figures from existing units

120mm Mortars, one extra added as I occasionally make use of the extra allowance, with a mix of PSC crew conversions along with loader teams.

ZIS-3 76mm field guns, with the same loader teams

with a quick swap to ZIS-2 57mm guns

Or even using a couple of older 76mm guns (metal models supposed to be M1936 divisional guns). The sniper was another upgrade, given some better cover as well.

I spotted I didn't photograph the three 45mm AT guns shown in the front in the first picture and the 100mm AT gun on the right. I ensured I had enough flexibility by painting a pair each of the 45mm and 57mm AT guns.

I quite enjoyed creating the replacement gunners with arm swaps from other sets, especially borrowing the 120mm mortar arms from the PSC German Heavy Weapons, I kept one back as I need to add a third 120mm mortar to my Germans.


Napoleonic Spanish Infantry - part 2

The rest of my Spanish Line Infantry, another three battalions (at the front). Just finished before the month ended.

From front to back there are the Africa, Murcia and Reina Infantry Regiments.


Napoleonic Spanish Infantry - part 1

The first of my early Peninsula Spanish Infantry. Real Marina in blue coats and Provincia De Siguenza in white. Figures are HaT

These together with the next units were part of Bassecourt's Spanish 5th Division at Talavera

Research was helped greatly by a couple of blogs
JJ's Wargames blog
Prometheus in Aspic
Thanks Gentlemen


Huzza Hussars

I've completed my French Hussars, providing enough for a brigade. Unfortunately I couldn't find my Lasalle model to include in the pictures

The figures are all Italeri and the uniform is quite varied with some with just dolmans, or pelisses or both.

2nd Hussars

3rd Hussars

7th Hussars

9th Hussars


Armate in Miniature (exhibition in Torbole, Lake Garda)

I was quite surprised when on holiday to find a military model exhibition in a nearby town, It was slightly awkward as it only opened in the late afternoon, which only left a small window to fit it in before the ferry back to my hotel.

It was quite a mix of models from a much larger museum in Roverto, built for many different purposes. Hopefully most of the models ae self explanitory as most of the details were in Italian.