TYW rebasing - More Imperial infantry

Hurrah!!! the rebasing project is finished with 1,227 figures rebased. These last three Impperial regiments are about 60% "new" figures and I even changed to coat colours on all the old ones.

The flags are for Bavaria/Catholic League forces and came from an source I found way back in the early days of the internet, luckily I printed out the pages.

The biggest problem throughout the project has been converting musketeers into pikemen, hence some of the strange poses at the back of the pike blocks

Along with the infantry I rebased the light guns (old Airfix French Artillery) at some point I need to find some better replacements


A few pictures from Britcon

I go to Britcon to meet up with friends, rather than to see inspiring games so very few pictures were taken.

Firstly our Lance & Longbow game of Chester 1318. We had a number of participants though the day.

Very much a what if scenario based on a tax-rebellion that threatened Chester, but dispersed once the Royalist forces approashed.

A very large Rapid Fire game using 15mm set in France 1940


TYW rebasing - the commanders

Quite a change from before when all the commanders were individually based, now they are mostly based in pairs with new figures added from various sources.

They are all generic command figures as I didn't model them on any specific individuals

Off to Britcon shortly, so say Hi if you are passing the Lance & Longbow game


TYW Rebasing - Imperial Croats

I was undecided whether to rebase these or not as they are very simplistic conversions of Airfix British Hussars on Italeri horses. in the end I decided to do it, but they still look a bit strange to me.

There now a number of better options available including the Stradiots that I recently painted. I'm sure that sooner or later Mars will produce a set.


TYW Forlorn Hope/Commanded Musketeers

Some completely new units for the Thirty Years War, four units of Commanded Musketeers or Forlorn Hope based up as skirmishers.

Unlike my other units this was deliberately painted in a non-uniform style, so it took a little longer than usual to complete.


On the workbench - August 2017

Again it feels like slow progress... but... I decided to add a larger number of skirmishers/forlorn hope to my TYW forces, They are almost ready for basing.

So My latest targets are
  • TYW Forlorn Hope (4 units of 12 figures)
  • TYW Commanders (well underway)
  • Conversion of Airfix Morris QLB tractors into a CDSW tractors (I've sorted out the basics but the interior dimensons are still a bit vague)
  • Create three new TYW Imperial infantry regiments based upon my left over musketeers
  • Start work on my Renaissance galleys