Another diversion - Gangsters and Police/Citizens

As I mentioned in an earlier post I often leave some figures on the side of the workbench that I have no immediate use for and can't be systematically as a variety of colour style is needed. I just add an odd bit of left over paint whenever it seems appropriate

These are half a box each of the Redbox Gangster and Police/Civilians sets. They are not the best of sets with lots of flash, which didn't clean off easily.

From the pictures I've spotted a few bits I need to finish/touch up

The basing is very basic as I could't decide what would be the most suitable style for urban bases.

Not sure how I'm going to use them, odd figures will come in useful for various games, but maybe I should get some 20mm Zombies, LOL


Crusader Army

Having finished all the Crusader figures in the stash I thought it would be worth assembling the army to see how they look.

A total of fourteen units, three small turcopole units, six units of knights, three unit of spearmen and two units of crossbowmen.

A couple of commanders and some monks and stragglers round it off


Agincourt at the Royal Armouries

While at RAGE I attended the interesting talk by David Marshall and the Perry's on building the Agincourt diorama and then spent time looking at their beautiful model before returning to the games. Here are my pictures of it.

Views through the periscopes

Splendid modelling!!


crusader spearmen

Three 16 figure units of spearmen completed one each of Hospitallers, Templars and a generic unit all from one packet of Strelets Military Orders Warriors


RAGE at the Royal Armouries

An assortment of groups and societies attending the Royal Armouries Gaming Event (RAGE) and this weekends event was themed on the Hundred Years War to fit in with the transfer of the Agincourt diorama from the Tower of London to Leeds. I participated as part of the Lance & Longbow display and we ran a participation game using a big battle variant of Lion Rampant of the battle of Bauge 1421.

The Duke of Clarence ready for the fray.

Bauge village the Scots await the onslaught

Clarence has devastated most of the Scots single-handedly before succumbing to a Scottish halberd (vignette borrowed from Simon Chick) This triggered the real battle with Franco/Scottish and English Reinforcements arriving to recover the body.

For some reason after this I didn't take any more pictures in either game we played!

Battle of Sluys

Sluys the fleets engage

Henry V march from Harfleur to Calais as a strategy game

A medieval skirmish

Themed around St George (as it was St George's day)

A dragon would appear in due course!

Another skirmish, I really liked the fields in the foreground, they look good but don't interfer with the movement of figures.

a closer picture

another view

A close up of the Manor House - just what's needed for skirmishes

The nearby barn/farm

Yet more skirmishes

Simon Chick's Agincourt out for another outing after Salute last year (still worth photgraphing again!)

The English awaiting the French, note the new wagons with bags of arrows being unloaded. (yet another good idea from Simon)

A skirmish outside Harfleur 1415 using Lion Rampant

The lovely Hudson and Allen city walls from the inside.

Not quite HYW, but lovely 15mm WOTR figures

The the Society of Ancients "let the dominos decide" game of the breach at Harfleur!

Castillon one of the late HYW battles

An old style 54mm skirmish


Wars of the Roses - Scurrers

or Hobilars. The lighter cavalry used in the period. These are the Redbox version that paint up nicely.

Certainly quite a few scouting poses.


Burgundian light cavalry

Getting back into painting medievals and first off the bench are some Burgundian coustilliers and mounted crossbowmen.

Appropriately the figures are from the Redbox European mercenary light horse