Big game D Day+6 - the other tables

Some pictures of the other tables, I can't give any comments as I wasn't involved on those tables. I've tried to group the pictures by the relevant table

Tables 1&2 North of Caen, 3rd Division v'e 21st panzer and 3rd Canadian v's 12th SS

Tables 5&6 St Lo/Carentan, 29th US Infantry v's 352nd Division and 2nd US Armoured v's 17th SS

Table 7 West of Carentan 101st US Airborne v's 6th FJ

Table 8 West of the Douve 82nd US Airborne v's 91st Airlanding

Overview of the entire game

Big Game - D Day+6 my table

Ready for the off. I commanded 7th armoured battlegroup up against 2nd Panzer. Adjacent was 50th Division v's Panzer Lehr.

The first move, 2 Panzers Reconaissance batalion moving up the flank, the two lorried panzer grenadiers battalions moved up the roads

The German artillery, a real headache as I had limited infantry and these had the potention to cause real problems.

Panzer Lehr with plenty of armour

but the same problem with lack of infantry

The steady advance by 7th armoured, it's the first outing for my new motor battalion.

All s bit tight at the beginning

Despite moving second I managed to establish a defense line along the centre road

But moving any further forward is going to be tricky, especially with the lucking 88mms

Wittman and his Tigers are off.

Panzer Grenadiers making their way more cautiously

50th Divisions impressive gun line.

Cromwells and infantry cautiously moving forward. With the enemy being dominantly an infantry force there was few targets for the Fireflys with their lack of HE/

Tigers in trouble!

An 88mm takes out a Firefly

Revenge, all available guns target the 88mm and the Reconnaissance battalion.

The German gun line with their OPs ahead ready to call down fire on any observed movement

Unfortunately one of my squadrons falls back.

Almost off the table for the Firefly.

Slow attrition on the Panzer Lehr/50th division flank

It seems that any tanks that emerge into the open get eliminated quickly, After the loss of the Tigers the panthers try their luck.

The charge of the stuarts to take out the German OP's.

But sucess comes at a cost...

One manages to survive to retribution from four 105mm guns

The German left flank is crumbling, the Reconnaissance Battalion has been routed, but some extra Panzer Grenadiers arrive to shore up the line

The Panzer Grenadier battalion in the centre is now in trouble as my armour and infantry concentrate on them away from the gun line

The other battalion continues to hide in a stone walled field.

My reinforcement Cromwells are diverted to 50th Division to help stop another Panzer Lehr thrust.

Overall it was a victory for 7th Armoured v's 2nd Panzer and a draw between 50th Division and Panzer Lehr. All forces used in the game were from the Rapid Fire Normandy Battlegroups.