Some rework - Prussian & Austrian Limbers

As part of the tidy up of my French artillery (link) I ended up with a number of "spare" limbers. THese have been repainted and rebased as Prussian and Austrian, which were a few short.

For those wondering, the limber horses are Airfix RHA. the Prussian riders as well with French head swaps, the Austrians riders are HaT. The limber is the old Airfix French Artillery with wheels from the gun.


Fatimid Egyptian - Sudanese Spearmen

Some spare Hat Analusian Infantry repurposed as Fatimid Sudanese Spearmen.


Brigs rigged

Having added the rigging to my Brigs, my small fleet is fully rigged

A close up of the Brigs, you will notice on some the difficulties of getting the tension right for the different standing lines

I now have to fit the ratlines, which on the Frigates means fitting them around the guns and rigging.


More Ancient Greeks upgraded

More of my Rospak Greeks have been rebased

My ships are slowly progressing, I'll post an in progress picture soon.


On the workbench - August 2020

Crumbs how time flies when you are NOT having fun. The ships are taking a lot more time to rig than I anticipated, but hopefully they'll be done this month. Here's the work in progress

Only one frigate is completely rigged so far, but the others are nearly finished. Then onto the brigs.

My current plans are
  • Complete my Dutch brigs and frigates.
  • 3 x 16 figure units of Fatimid Egyptian Sudanese Infantry for the Crusades
  • One 6 figure units of Fatimid Egyptian Horse Archers
  • More Ancient Greek rebasing
  • and hopefully some more terrain