Napoleonic Prussian Artillery

As part of the upgrade of my Prussian army I have replaced the old artillery figures converted from Airfix French artillery with the HaT figures. In this case from the Prussian artillery brigade (white shoulder straps) and the Silesian artillery brigade (yellow).
I still need to do further work to provide more guns and limbers for these units, the guns in the picture are a mix of my old Airfix conversions for the foot artillery and the Revell SYW artillery guns for the horse artillery

Napoleonic Prussian Pommeranian Grenadiers

As part of upgrading my Prussian army, here is the first Springwood Prussian unit I have painted from scratch for over 30 years. I've enough of the basic infantry types, so out of respect I painted my remaining first version Springwood figures as grenadiers and given Frederick the Great's high regard for the Pommeranians this was the unit selected. The flag is the retirefahne for the I/Pomm IR Nr.2 from Napflags.



WSS Austrian Dragoons

Another couple of regiments completed for my War of Spanish Succession Imperial army, This time the dragoon regiments Prinz Eugen and Bayreuth.
The figures used were the Strelets Lieb-Drabants Of Charles XII

Prinze Eugen has red coats and Bayreuth light blue, the standards are what I had that looked suitable.



Plastic figure trading

A new Yahoo group has been set up to trade plastic figures. At last the chance to reduce the mountain of unpainted figures by swaping them for ones I need more.

So far, I'm in the midst of organising several trades and it's suprising what others want, I'm sure they are thinking the same.

To date I've only put items where I have fairly large quantities available (one box or more). Once I've finished these I'll probably start offering smaller quantities.

The group can be found at link

Latest purchases arrive from Harfields

Always exciting when the postman delivers you "long" awaited figures. So what have I got this time?

1 x Zvesda Russian infantry of Peter the Great - figures needed to complete my next 3 Austrian regiments
1 x Pegasus German army trucks - just an impulse purchase, I always seem to be short of trucks.
2 x Strelets Norman knights - to boost the cavalry strength of my Norman Army
1 x Strelets Breton knights - ditto
1 x HaT Prussian artillery - to complete the artillery in my Napoleonic Prussian army
1 x Revell US Marines WW2 - again an impulse purchase at £1.00 I thought I might get around to island hopping games sometime, especially having seen the Frontline LVT2s
2 x HaT Macedonian elephants - to allow my Macedonians to become Successor armies. I was also lucky as the two boxes both contained 3 elephants each.

My only regret was missing out on a 2nd hand pack of SYW Prussian Hussars



Problems on the Danube 1690

I've posted the first battle report over on my Frundsberg blog



WSS Austrian Cavalry

Jury service is over so it's back to the painting. I managed to do a bit over the last two weeks as I wasn't always required. So here's the latest units, three Austrian cuirassier units for the WSS. They are all made using the Strelets GNW Swedish Rieiters

For the sharp eyed observer the coats have turnbacks when there should be none

Included is a unit from my imaginary country the Frundsberg Frei Stadt acting on imperial service, their yellow coats are not that dissimilar from the buff coats worn my the Austrians

These units may also be my submission into The Guild painting competition




Mollwitz Refought

Felt like a SYW game on Sunday, but couldn't find a suitable scenario until I remembered Mollwitz. On checking with my copy of "The War Game" I found it was just the right size for my armies so that was it.

Above the Prussian army deploying onto the table, Pamplitz in the foreground, Hemsdorf in the background.

The Austrians deploying and starting their cavalry sweep on their right. In the centre Mollwitz and behind Gruningen

For most of the game the Prussian cavalry successfully fought off the overwhelming numbers of Austrian cavalry, while the Prussian infantry assaulted Gruningen. After much effort they finally evicted the Austrians from Grunningen. But the Prussian centre was collapsing from the pounding received from the Austrian artillery

Above shows the centre jsut before the collapse with the Austrian artillery pounding away. There is another battery off to the right of Mollwitz.

At the same time following a rash advance by the remaining Prussian cavalry beyond the shelter of Pamplitz they were pounced upon my waves of Austrian cavalry and the left wing began to collapse.

At this point I (the Prussians) conceded defeat. A well won victory to Markus (Austrian)

Here's the link to my rules on Freewargamesrules



GNW Russian Artillery

I mentioned previously that I bought the GNW Russian artillery from Strelets. Most of the figures have been used for other purposes, but these were so distinctively Russian that I painted up a Russian battery.
I'm hope this isn't the start of a diversion into the Great Northern War!


WSS Austrian Artillery

As I mentioned earlier I bought the Great Northern Wars Artillery sets from Strelets. These were for the Swedes and Russians, I'd hoped to get enough suitable figures to build my Austrian artillery. Here is the result.

The vast majority of the figures came from the Russian set, they are in a mix of uniforms from full dress, through waistcoat to shirts and less. The guns are quite solid and chunky (but they look OK in this photo) so I plan to use them with my Ottomans, etc. and use some TYW guns instead.



First Frundsbergers completed after 30 years

It's been over 30 years since my Frundsbergers last saw action, so I have included some units in my planned WSS army. First off the paint tray are an infantry regiment and an artillery detachment

As per the other WSS infantry these are based on the Zvesda figures. The artillery are made using a mix of both the Great Northern War artillery figures by Strelets.

More info on the Frundsbergers can be found my other blog.