Palm Sunday at Towton

After many years of trying I finally got to the Towton reenactment. The Lance & Longbow society puts on a game in the barn, this year it was Bosworth. Positioning was excellent right next to the bar, however it was cold with quite a breeze blowing through, outside was warmer because it was in the sun!

Initial deployment, using the latest interpretation of the battle. The farm was moved to one side not to hinder play.

The Tudor pike push through, shortly after Richard III managed to impale himself in a vain attempt to turn the tide.

We played the game twice and on the second Richard emerged triumphant as it came down to personal combat between him and Henry.

Throughout both games Stanley and Norhumberland carefully sat on the sidelines avoiding commitment to either side

At the end of the day was the reenactment of battle out on the field.

Spot the arrows!

Painting, of the decorating variety has been progressing steadily, so progress against plan has been slow, now back to the paintbrush and a tin of non-drip white gloss paint!


On the workbench - April 2014

Well I'm feeling quite smug as progress in March was better than expected given the amount of other work that was needed around the house. Unfortunately this distraction continues so I'll be moderate in my plans

  • Firstly finish off the Universal carriers being modified to the mortar version, progress is OK, but I'm struggling to find really suitable crew figures so I'm cutting up the Hat vehicle riders. An in-progress picture
  • The Ace 20mm AA and 75mm Infantry gun have been assembled but put on hold as I may use them for winter games, which I need to sort out properly
Then it's back to attack the stash with
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLD
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLT
  • 3 x German DAK Panzer III plus a Befehlspanzer III (will give me enough armour for the Alam Halfa scenario
  • 3 x German DAK Sdkfz 251/1, a Sdkfz 251/10 and Sdkfz 251/7 so I can represent either a Panzer grenadier company at reduced scale or the 10th Panzer in Tunisia
  • 2 x German Krupp Light truck to tidy up my early war german transport
  • 3 x Italian M13/40
  • A Hessian Fusilier regiment for the AWI
  • and I couldn't forget my Frundsbergers, so they will get a Fusilier Regiment as well