Teutonic order - commanders

Some commanders for Tannenberg, from Left to Right Von Wallenrod, Lichtenstein and Schwartzburg

Although I have found the banners for the commanders and their coats-of-arms there is nothing on the caparisons, so I have used a generic version with their coat-of arms paired with a black cross.


Teutonic Foot Sergeants - reorganised

Continuing on my Tannenberg theme I rebased my Teutonic foot sergeants and also increased the numbers.

These are now in units of 24 rather than my usual 16 but in three ranks so the frontage is the same. When I use them in Lion Rampant I will treat them as a large unit in the same way as in Rebels & Patriots, so the only effect is they get is extra strength. I will give them the normal stats for crossbowmen but with the defensive ability of spearmen.

An overhead view, it's difficult to see the joins, I literally sliced of the thin top layer of basing and then reglued it with a little scatter along the join.


WW1 Germans reorganised and rebased

Phew that was quite an effort, what originally started out as just reorganising my Germans into a couple of platoons ended with the rest of the army rebased (except a few bit already done). Thanks to Andy for the extra figures needed.

The complete army (except an infantry gun)

First platoon, the first section is Strelets stormtroops. Each platoon has one Vickers LMG and one MG08/15.

Second platoon, it should have 4 sections of 11 men and 1 Leutnant in command and two sections could be LMG armed. I have used 10 in each section and kept 4 to give the Leutnant a small platoon HQ including a rifle grenadier

The possible supports anti-tanks rifles, flamethrowers and a sniper just creeping out of sight

More supports a few pioneers then four MG08 backed by a couple of minenwerfers and a couple of Grenadewerfer 16s with the cavalry behind

The guns, 77mm in a disruptive camo scheme

and just plain


Persian planning

It's been rather quiet on the painting output recently, not because of holidays but so I can work out how I plan to make my Late Achaemenid army. The broad plan for this year is to paint

  • 4 units of heavy cavalry (6) - all HaT
  • 6 units of medium cavalry (6) - all HaT
  • 5 units of light cavalry (6) (3 with bow and 2 with javelins) - all HaT except one bow armed unit from Zvezda
  • 4 units of Kakardes (16) - all HaT
  • 3 units of Takabara (18) - a mix of HaT and Caesar
  • 2 units of javelin armed skirmishers (8) - HaT
  • 2 units of skirmishing slingers (8)
  • 3 units of heavy infantry archers (16) - all HaT
  • 1 unit of Babylonian Archers in close order (16) - HaT
  • up to 4 units of skirmishing archers (8) - all HaT
  • 4 or 5 four hose chariots - Zvezda
  • plus four or five command stands - Zvezda
  • in due course the remnants will be used to form a couple of units of Levy

The whole lot has now been de-sprued and sorted out, all that seem to be left over is a few Zvezda heavy cavalry.

useful/inspirational links
Wargames Atlantic Persians at Ancient Battles (link)


Romans Artillery & more Scythians

When I found the remaining Scythians I also discovered some partially based Roman Artillery so they got based up properly at the same time.

The Scythians are the same Rospaks as before, whereas the Romans are Italeri with metal bolt shooters. I'm not sure who made the bolt shooters but at least they were 20mm to match the figures.


On the workbench - February 2020

A calmer month after the rather rushed finish to January with preparation for the Vapnartak game but at least I completed everything planned. To continue

  • Increase/Rebase my WW1 Germans (Andy has donated some figures so I can make up two complete platoons)
  • Add some Teutonic Knights command figures (I'm still inspired by the period)
  • Plus various odd medieval figures found while sorting out for Tannenberg.
  • Start on the Persians, probably some Karkades and cavalry


Tannenberg at Vapanartak and other games

Quite a busy day for me running the Lance & Longbow game of Tannenberg 1410. My voice still hasn't quite recovered from all the umpiring. Everyone who participated seemed to enjoy it.

The forces before the start, from the Teutonic side

The Polish/Lithuanians

I was so involved I didn't get chance to take any in progress pictures of the games except one. For those interested the rules were a big battle variant of Lion Rampant.

In the middle of the second game, Andy observing intently

With most of my time taken up with the game I didn't get much chance to view the traders or other games, but this is what caught my eye

Viking raid

Battle of Fiume 1920

Raid on Entebbe

Poland 1939

Grimsby's excellent retreat to the Dnieper in 10mm.

lots of excellent modelling

A lovely assortment of bridges

even a working cinema!

The final booty quite a haul of Persians, hopefully I won't need any more to complete my Persian army. My small Scottish army will get an extra Schiltron. I also decided to get some more Livonian Knights to add some extra command stands to the Teutonic order. The peasants will provide some suitable mobs, especially for smaller games of Lion Rampant.

Some more pictures over on the Wargame Amateur blog (link)
and The Wargaming Erratic (link)


Just in time - Polish commanders for Tannenberg 1410

Back from a well deserved holiday, but luckily I managed to complete the Polish/Lithuanian commanders for Tannenberg/Grunwald 1410 game, which I am running at Vapnartak at York tomorrow.

From Left to right below Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuanian; King Władysław II Jagiełło (Jogaila) of Poland; Duke Janosz Czerski of Mazovia;Mikolaj of Czarnkow with the Greater Poland banner.

Flags and banners were found on Pinterest at link