Something old, something new.

Some minor progress, firstly a very old bridge that has been hanging around for quite a while needing repair. All it actually needed was a new handrail fitted, but I took the opportunity to upgrade the roadsides to my current basing standards, which has improved it immensely.

Secondly crossing the bridge is a British Western Desert Boyes Anti-tank gunner from Early War Miniatures, bought back in June at Phalanx and needed for my Highland battalion for the Big Game.


Frundsberg Foot Artillery 1793

A slight diversion from the desert. These have been sitting on the side for quite a while and I under-coated them at the same time as the DAK infantry. TYpically I added an extra colour whenever I had any left over and gradually they progressed.

Of course they are more of my Imagi-nation Frundsbergers, this time for the Revolution period using the Hat 1806 Prussian Artillery figures, kindly donated by aaaargh! can't find the name, many apologies Guns are from the Esci French Artillery set, already painted for my SYW Frundsbergers


6pdr portees

Had a bit of a problem with these, firstly my desert wash wouldn't take, I had to add extra diluent (dilute floor polish) to make it work at all and then shade when it dried was too dark and patchy. So from then on it was a battle to get something reasonable. I'll have to find n accceptable commercial wash as I suspect then the mix I originally used was unstable and there is certainly sediment in the jar.

By contrast I'm pleased with the way my British uniforms have turned out. I wanted something similar but different to my DAK.

Vehicles and figures by Britannia.


Dervish commanders

Having seen the two previous posts the origins of the command figures should be obvious.


Dervish cavalry

Quite a mixed bag of figures were needed to create my Dervsh cavalry. The majority are HAT Almoravid Light Cavalry mixed in with the Waterloo Emirs (remounted) some Airfix Bedouins and Strelets Mamelukes. Again like the infantry and camelry I've used different coloured patches to distinguish the units.

Good game using the El Teb scenario down at the club last night and much fun was had with a number of blunder rolls by the British (Martin). Now considering trying the Thud and Blunder campaign rules that are available on the Black Powder Yahoo group.


Dervish Camelry

A Dervish game using Black Powder down at the club tonight. Probably playing the El Teb scenario from the rule book.

Here is the first of my new forces to see action, a trio of camel units, one Haedendowah and the other two Taaishi. The figures are all HaT except a few old Airfix Bedouins I had spare and found sufficient to avoid buying a second packet of the Taaishi.
For the Taaishi I used different coloured patches to distinguish the units.


24K and counting

Having finished the DAK I have checked and my tally of 20mm (and a few 28mm) painted figures now totals 24,108.

Can't stop, the target of 25k beckons, but that'll be sometime next year


DAK Commanders

Now completed the final leg of painting the DAK Infantry.

First off some commanders using the most suitable figures from the Odemars German Commanders set, which includes Rommel of course.

Then my third DAK infantry battalion, as I was short of mortars I used a couple from the PSC German Heavy Weapons set. They are a bit large compared to the rest, but as they are kneeling its no too obvious.

At the back in both pictures is a medic, which are needed for each of the Battalions, a simple conversion, but I forgot to cut off the rifle, or convert it to a stretcher.


DAK 88mm

This model has been lurking around the paint table for a considerable time. It's the Lovely Zvezda model of the 88mm Flak 36. I had originally planned to use the provided base, but I found I couldn't arrange is as I wanted, so I ripped it off and started again, luckily they provided the supports for a stand-alone model as well.

Crew figures, except one are from the kit, but two have been given head swaps.

In the background are the three Sdkfz 10s used to demonstrate how I paint windscreens, and now finished.