TYW Imperial Army

Another post covering the second part of my rebasing project, the Imperial/Bavarian/League forces

There is a high proportion of cavalry, which reflects the ratios in the later part of the TYW


TYW Swedish Army

Having completed the rebasing i thought I would lay out the whole Swedish/Allied army for inspection


A day at Colours

I escaped from the family for the day and spent the day at Colours in Newbury. I must admit that I was not impressed, the trader floor was gloomy and there were very few games of interest. The mitigating factor was the opportunity to meet up with quite a few friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Some bits I thought worth photographing

The most impressive was this War of Italian Unification game, the fortified town was lovely

The Mesopotamian front in WW1

A snowy Franco-Prussian War

Battlegroup Kursk - WW2

Marengo using General d'Armee, having read a number of positive comments I bought a copy

A nice idea for a river in a Cold War gone hot game

English Civil War version of "To the Strongest"

I didn't spend much, just some paint, a pack of the Plastic Soldier German armoured cars, a few discounted Ready to Roll vehicles and the General d'Armee rules.


Started on the Streltsy

My first unit of Streltsy, the 3rd Moscow Regiment.

Compared to some pictures I found after starting the coat colour might be too pale.

Of course this is not a new period, as the figures were all included in all the Strelets sets I bought (plus donations from Peter)


Back to the snow - US Infantry

Just finished in time for tonight's game, my first US infantry for the Ardennes.

Figures are mainly Revell plus a few Italeri, I plan to make about two platoons worth all together


On the Workbench - September 2017

Now for a change from doing all that Thirty Years War stuff - I'm keeping the quantity down as I'll be travelling quite a bit this month. Hopefully I'll get to Colors at Newbury.

  • Three Russian Streltsy regiments 24 figures strong - these are made up of all the Strelets bonus figures I have collected over the years (helped by a generous contribution from Peter W)
  • Some US infantry for the Ardennes.
  • Vikings - a small force assembled from a packet of Zvezda Vikings
  • to add to my Normans and Saxons
  • Continuing to plan the Renaissance Galleys - I still can't work our the best way to scratch build them.


Morris CDSW

It's taken a long time to complete these. Although based on the same vehicle as the Morris in the Airfix Bofors kit, it took a lot of investigation to find the exact configuration. After a couple of attempts I came up with fudging two vehicles to tow my BEF 18/25 pdrs.

In the background is another spare Bofors tractor (thanks Dennis) I now need a BEF Bofors to go with it. I'll probably get the Zvezda version that has BEF crew.

For those who like work in progress pictures.