Last of the WSS British Infantry

In a final push I managed to complete all four of the British Infantry regiments.
The four units are left to right and front to back: Ferguson's; Lord North & Grey's; Ingoldsby's Fusilers; Rowe's Fusiliers
Luckily there were two units of Fusiliers under Marlborough's command so I could use up all the excess Fusiliers in the Strelets packs The flags on the front pair of units were provided by David from the Not by Appointment blog (link)


Soviet Cavalry - rebased

I've been using my Russians over the last few weeks and the fact that these cavalry have not been rebased unlike almost the rest of the army bothered me.
So I trimmed the bases to my now prefered pill shape whenever I was waiting for the computer to start up or when it decided to go slow. Eventually they were all done and I then applied new basing
All the figures are Revell except the Tschanka which came from Britannia


WSS Orkney & Ingoldsby

Two more regiments join my British forces for the War of Spanish Succession. Orkney's regiment to the left and Ingoldsby's to the right.
It's nice to add some diversity to the army, despite having the very common blue cuffs, they are from the Sottish and Irish establishments so they have appropriate flags for their origins.


Yet more plastic kits assembled

All assembled during the week I stayed with my daughter in County Durham.
From left to right
  • Steyr heavy cars - I recon I have enough spare bits to make some Morris versions
  • Gaz AA and AAA trucks - I'm going to add some specialised bodies to these
  • sdkfz 250 variants
Stop press - I have discovered that my 1/76 Morris parts do not align at all well with the PSC parts.  I need a "Plan B".


On the workbench - June 2021

More plastic kits this month as I'm visiting my daughter for some of the month and I can work on these while I'm there. Otherwise it is on with the War of Spanish Sucession stuff.
  • 4 units of British line infantry - all underway
  • 2 units of British fusiliers
  • 1 German & 1 Swiss infantry unit in French service
  • 2 British cavalry units
  • 1 French Chevau Leger/Gendarme unit
  • Various WSS commanders
  • 6 PSC Steyr heavy cars
  • 6 PSC sdkfz250 Neu - various marks
  • 6 PSC Gaz trucks