Muscovite Soldatski

Two units of Soldatski and one of Strelets made with the Strelets bonus figures. With especial thanks to Peter from Benno's Figures Forum for trading figures so I could make consistent units.

The pikemen for the Soldatski as simple replacement of the matchlock musket with a pike, trimming off the apostles and painting on a breast and back plate.

Uniform colours are loosely based on the first and second regiments of selected soldatski but the flags are some suitable generic versions I found on the web.

A generic Streltsi unit i.e. not from Moscow

Typical, after taking the pictures I noticed that I forgot to run some paint around the edges of the flags


Napoleonic Bavarian Limbers

The Bavarians had their own artillery system. The limbers are closer to the Austrian system than the French so I used the Hat Austrian limbers and used some of my last old Airfix limber riders to provide the riders.

I also took the opportunity to upgrde the basing of the artillery guns and crews

Why three limberss for two guns? The answer is simple, as originally I used two guns and crews as "Wurttembergers". At some point I will replace these with the HaT Wurttemberg gunners and repaint the old ones as Bavarian.


Oh the workbench - May 2020

Already May, it seems an age, since the lockdown started and my painting plans were slightly delayed by the good weather, as I had to do gardening and painting the conservatory instead. But I did enjoy the final result with the Karkades so I'm all fired up to continue with the Persians. I should be working on

  • 3 Napoleonic Bavarian limbers - I've started and decided that all three would be Bavarian and to buy another pack for the Wurttembergers
  • 2 units of 28 Russian Soldatski- also started together with another unit of Streltsi
  • 3 units of 16 Persian Takabara
  • 5 units of 6 Persian light cavalry
  • Loads of Persian skirmishers
  • Start work on some terrain


Persian Karkardes

So delayed from March due to the lack of decals (and a lack of faith that I could paint a passable design) here are the Karkardes, the Persian Hoplite equivalent.

Some close ups.

I would have placed the more obviously heavily armoured figures in the front rank, but they didn't fit as well

And a rear view