A pair of Grants

A couple of M3 Grant tanks to finish off my Rapid Fire Armoured Regiment equipped with Grants. My existing tanks were Airfix plus S&S turrets. These were 3D printed and scaled to match.


Type 97 Te-Ke

The last verison of the japanese tankettes was the Te-Ke, and since they were used in both Burma and Phillipines I had to add some to my collection. I had some problems while printing and although I only wanted three I managed to retrieve four vehicles out of the three failures and two successes. (I subsequently changed the FEP , which was the cause of the problem)
But I did realise afterwards that I do need some MG armed versions to add variety.


A quick update with the gates I created and 3D printed, the support posts are just matchsticks but I think they will fit in nicely with either hedges or fences that I have previously created.


Waller's Dragoons

Yet another batch of 3D printed stuff in this case English Civil War dragoons scaled up from 15mm to 28mm. I have painted them as Waller's Dragoons both mounted and dismounted. Regreatably there were no horse holders for the dismounted dragoons.
I may have to use them as two seperate troops of 6 figures so I kept the two types of hat separate for the cavalry, which also helped as there is very little variation in the mounted figures.
If I were to reprint them I would reduce the thickness of the dismounted figures.
Link to the dragoons on Thingiverse (link)


Not quite Napoleonic odds and sods rebased

- - since the mixture includes Napoleon and a number of his Marshals. These are mainly Strelets figures painted many years ago and rebased while I was working on the limbers


WW2 Russian horse drawn limbers

Following on from the German infantry carts I also 3D printed some Russian multi-purpose limbers (52-R-353M Mod. 1942). For years I have used some old repurposed Airfix ACW limbers, but I finally decided to replace them with something more appropriate.
The limber horses are the same as I used for the IF.5 but they look fine with this limber. Again I need to source some crew.
As for the old Airfix limbers - they will move on (or back?) to support my WW1/RCW Russians.


German Infantry Carts, etc.

German Infantry Carts or more correctly Infanteriefahrzeuge (If.), I 3D printed number of If.5 Maschinengewehrwagen (Bauart 36) (Vorder- und Hinterwagen) Machine gun wagon (model 36) (anterior & rear wagon). These were used thoughout WW2 so I split them into early and late war, I suspect that the limber was used for more than its designated role so I kept the MG carts seperate. I also somehow lost some of my old Airfix 88mm trailers so I also printed some excellent replacements as well.
Early War versions in grey and some Recoiless Weapons for my early war Fallschirmjaeger
Late War versions
Thanks to Dani Dunber for the STL files, I just need to sort out some suitable drivers for them.

Link to kfz der Wehrmacht (link) for more details


DAK sdkfz 10s plus other bits

Three 3D printed sdkfz 10 halftracks to add to my large collection of DAK. I had planned to print the versions I had created with crews and stowage added, but somehow I used the intermediate file with just the crew and had to add stowage from the bits box, etc.
Also painted were more 3D printing stuff, some DAK LMG teams from "Kozak" and some recoiless rifles for my Fallschirmjaeger.


Fairmile MTBs

I've completed the four Fairmile D class MTBs for my Cruel Seas collection. I had some problems with two of the hulls not printing cleanly, but that has mostly been hidden by filling with putty.
The armament was printed seperately, but in retrospect I should have assembled the model in 3D Builder before printing. A couple of the ships have 6pdr quick firing guns to add a little variation.


On the workbench - November 2023

The year seems to be rushing to a close, but at least I finished the 3D printing before the weather deteriorated and also rebasing my Dark Ages stuff. So I will be working on painting the bulk of new newly printed 3D models, to clear some room.
  • 4 x British WW2 Fairmiles - underway, but the tanker "exploded" when I popped it in warm water to straighten it, it seems it also had an unrevealed hollowing problem similar to many of my early prints.
  • A new ECW cavalry regiment in 28mm for Sir William Waller's army - Burghill's
  • 28mm Foot and mounted figures for Waller's Dragoons
  • WW2 German LF.5 limbers and AA wagons
  • WW2 Russian universal limbers
  • A par of WW2 M3 Grants to complete my RF British desert armoured regiment
  • A trio of WW2 Japanese Te-Ke light tanks
  • More WW2 German Volksturm to complete my "Fall of the Reich" forces
  • Gates and other smaller bits to complete my fencing - still not started as I seemed to have misplaced the bases.
  • Plus other bits and pieces