Guild Xmas Buddy Build

I've only a small number of post-WW2 African troops, so The Guild Christmas buddy item I received was quite a change to my normal fare.

The task was a JB Land Rover and the objective was "if you could make it open topped its for an African militia could be civilian or military in colour - battered is the preferred look"

Since I've done lots of military vehicles I went for a civilian version. I've seen quite a few African vehicles where the bonnet (hood) is lashed down so I added some strapping across the front and move the spare wheel to the rear.

One of the rules was that the item couldn't be posted until Christmas day, so here it is.


French Selection

Catching up on the backlog before the Christmas festivities.

First off some various French vehicles. At the front a Laffly AMD 80 armoured car that was obsolete so by 1940 it was operating in North Africa, hence the distinctive camouflage scheme. They did however get involved in Tunisia in 1943. Behind is a Laffly V15T 4x4 truck, a lovely model, which like the armoured car is a Cromwell model. Behind are a couple of Renault R35's made by Milicast.

Next is a couple of really superb models by Alby, both of the Somua S35 under original French ownership and the other as used by the Germans. Both only comprised five parts the hull, two track units, turret (including crewman) and an arial.

Finally not quite French, but they did use them late war a M8 Greyhound armoured car by Milicast. I'm still struggling with the ring mount on the M20s.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Bavarian Carabiniers

Having completed most of my War of Spanish Succession cavalry forces using the Strelets figures I had a quandary over how to use the excellent Zvezda Russian Dragoons. The Prinz Phillip Carabiniers were the obvious answer as they "replaced" the existing Bavarian dragoons after Blenheim. The great thing about the pack, apart from the sculpting is that there are enough parts to provide both mounted and dismounted versions of the unit. There are a couple of figures left over so the officer will become a general. Still got to decide what to do with the other pack/unit.


SYW Hanoverian Artillery

The Hanoverian Artillery in the SYW had an unusual coloured uniform so once I had discovered it I had to add it to my collection, even though I don't have any Hanoverian (yet!). However I do have Hesse Kassel and Brunswick forces to go with my AWI British to make some sort of force and these will provide their support.

The guns shown are Prussian, I need to sort out some appropriate models and paint them in red, the Hanoverian colour.

In the background are my two new long city walls sections


Camel Corps

Here are my last two colonial units from this painting spree. On the left the Egyptians and on the right the British. All are HaT figures except a few from Waterloo 1815 used to make up the numbers.

Each unit consists of six figures and can be deployed mounted or dismounted.


SOGGy day in Clevedon (2)

Looking out the window of the glider I could see our target in the Moonlight, the bridge over the Orne canal. It all looked quiet.

Moments later our three gliders landed and we stormed into the defences on the east side of the bridge only losing a couple of men in the process.

While most of the force dealt with the defenders one glider load charged straight across the bridge to take out the defenders holding an emplacement and the cafe.

Our biggest problem was these marders, whcih kept out of range, until by an oversight they moved in range and bang one was lost and the other rapidly fled the scene for a couple of moves

Here comes the cavalry, Shermans of the 13/18th Hussars supported by a M10. Just slightly further behind were the commandoes

Eliminating the german armour while a typhoon provides overwatch, the commandoes can be seen at the bottom
Sorry about the fuzzy couple of pictures


SOGGy day in Clevedon (1)

Just had a weekend down in Somerset visiting family, and more importantly participating in a Society Of Gentlemen Gamers event in Clevedon. There was a choice of three games, all based in 1944:

Pegasus bridge

Merville Battery

and Operation Hands up, the award winning game from the MADgamers

I would have happily played all three, but lack of time meant I had to choose one and Pegasus bridge it had to be

Unfortunately due to the weather there were a number of no shows so only two out of three games were played, which was a real shame


On the Workbench - December 2010

The end of the year is rapidly approaching so this month will be mainly catching up with various odd and ends and finishing the last of the haul from Crewe (WW2 French vehicles). Also time will be limited as Christmas activities take over.
  • Complete the US vehicles (the M8 Greyhounds and 2 x M20). I got slightly put off by how the MG mounting could be firmly fixed in place, so I haven't started them yet.
  • Complete the British and Egyptian camel units. By contrast these are virtually finished and should appear in the next couple of days.
  • SYW Hanoverian Artillery - something of an impulse paint as I spotted the uniforms while checking for something else.
  • WW2 French Vehicles (AMD80 armoured car, Laffy V15T 4x4 truck, 2 x French Renault R35, Somua S35 and a Renault D2##)
  • War of Spanish Sucession Bavarian Prinz Philip Carabiniers

## The Renault D2 will not be painted by me but will be done as part of a buddy build over on the Guild. I have to work on a Mercenary Landrover in exchange