Panzerbefelswagen IV

This is my entry for the Mausman memorial build over on The Wargames Forum. It a command version of the Panzer IV with an extra radio and reduced ammunition stowage to allow it to be fitted.

The basic kit is an Airfix Panzer IV with cutdown turret shurtzen from I think a Hasegawa Panzer IV. There is an extended periscope on the turret and two ariels added.

The star ariel for the long range radio is a brass etched part from Dan Taylor modelworks and I'm not sure how well it will stand up to wargames use.

A couple of pictures from the Braille scale discussion group that I based my vehicle on.


Persian Levy

The last pair of units for my Persian Army, These are those bought along to fill up the numbers.

The right hand unit is made up of two different nations, Sakae to the right and Sogdians to the left. The other is a bit of a mis-mash of remaining figures

The Sakae and Sogdians had head swap to increase the variety


Persian light infantry

a more varied selection of troops, six units in total.

In the fron Cissian archers, then slingers and then more "persian" archars


Persian Chariots and Commanders

It's been a while as I had some problems with paint supplies, I use Humbrol acrylic sand 63 as undercoat/primer and I was running out. I found somewhere on the web who could supply them. But after despatch I had an email saying they weren't included in the order as they were out of stock. A rather panicked search around and I decided to try the Vallejo primer instead as it was available. So here are the scythed chariots followed by the commanders.

One of the chariots was obtained as a swap without any horses or crew so I had to sort out something to replace them.

The colours are very odd as the commanders chariot (at the back) should be purple not blue?


On the right tracks?

Well, not quite. I've completed some more bits of railway track as I found that what I had for the Lentini big game (link) was not flexible enough to cover other wargames uses, especially as I still had plenty of spare track.

I needed more curved and straight track, but I found that the straight track didn't fit the Hornby foam ballast, so I has to use foamcore board instead with one side stripped and textured to try and create something similar to the original used on the curved track

It seemed to turn out OK, after I crushed the track into the foamcore.

Thanks to Don McH for he original idea


On the workbench - June 2020

Well progress has been steady, with a final burst at the end of May. Apparently I'm now allowed out to meet one person outside the house with social distancing, but that still means no gaming for the foreseeable future. So painting will be my main interest and hopefully see the completion of the late Achaemenid Persian Army

  • Persian commanders
  • Persian chariots, not sure about the scythed wheels, but they look fun
  • The Persian light infantry left over from last month
  • Persian levy just a couple of 18 figure units
  • 2 x Sdkfz 8 by 4D they are supposed to be Sdkfz 7 but they scale better as the 12 tonne type
  • Some more railway track, almost finished in May
  • A Panzer IV with commander for the John Dowman memorial build on the Wargames Forum
  • Then maybe I'll start on more Crusades stuff ot Terrain?


Persian Light Cavalry

The last of May's output is a pair of Late Achaemenid javelin armed light cavalry units, a brace of bow armed and another unit of Scythians

Figures are quite a mix of Hat and Zvezda, I prefer the Zvezda horses for light cavalry, so I used them with the HaT riders. then vice-versa with the Scythians so they would better match my old Rospaks

As before I have based them so they can deploy either closed up for melee ( as per the javelin armed cavalry) or sirmishing, like the horse archers

In case you hadn't spotted them, the Scythians are on the extreme left.


Persian Takabara

Catching up with last month's painting here are the Late Achaemenid Persian Takabara which I have based as Peltasts (LMI)

Having created decals for the Kakardes I did the same for these, but it is not perfect as the shield edges are quite rounded, which meant I had to paint all around the edges to match

The figures are mainly HaT with a few Caesar added