More 28mm Saxons

At last I've completed another batch of the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors as some Saxon Spearmen a straightforward assembly of the figures. As before the shield designs are painted freehand.

Then some Archers, where I added bows and cut down the spears to looks like arrows. The latter would have worked in 20mm, but in 28mm I am considering whether or not to cut then off and add some made fro wire.

Just one more batch of spearmen and then I'll be finished in 28mm for a while.


Some extra WW2 Russian Winter Heavy Weapons

A small addition to my Soviet forces, the Zvezda mini packs of Russian MMGs and Mortar, plus the Italeri ZIS-3 76mm gun crews, I need to sort out some guns for these, probably a couple of 76mm guns and a couple of 45mm AT guns

I now need to sort out my existing Russian winter infantry to provide some suitable opposition for all the Axis troops I've painted.

Not quite winter, but a matchbox T34/76 repaired and repainted from damaged state

I couldn't paint it in winter camo as its 1/76 and I've used 1/72 vehicles already so it would look out of place


20mm Flak 38 in winter

Here's the Zvezda 20mm Flak 38 re-crewed with the MMS German winter flak crew.

To accompany it I have painted some old Matchbox Hanomags that had seen better days that had be sitting in a box near my painting area for ages since I stripped off the old paintwork. I had to use Dettol to remove the acrylic paint and then oven cleaner for the gloopy undercoat. I have some MMS German winter tank riders that I'll paint up to add as crew.


20mm Flak 30

A model by Ace that I have had sitting around mostly constructed for months A much earlier version than the normal seen Flak 38 as per the model by Zvezda. A rather fiddly build like most Ace kits and I had to hunt for a crewman and in the end converted a jumping figure from the matchbox hanomag. The other figure comes from the Zvezda Flak38.

As I slowly get back into painting following my holidays I also painted the MMG and Mortar needed to finish my D-Day+6 2nd Panzer. I had been using some from another unit as an interim measure until I managed to buy a spare Plastic Soldier heavy Weapons sprue.


Cheap Russian Die-casts

Just back from holiday and thanks to a useful tip on TMP I popped into my local "The Works" and bought as many WW2 "Russian" tanks as were available. At only £2 per model they were a bargain. I left the post war stuff for someone else to buy.

The T35 is my favourite, I could do with finding a few more.


On the Workbench - August 2015

A view of the workbench and surroundings for a thread over on the Guild

As I managed to clear most of the list last month here's my updated plan.

Complete the 20mm MDF dormer house (it can be seen in the picture above)
To accompany the Thegns there are some Gripping Beast dark ages plastic spearmen and archers
Trying the finish the winter stuff there is some Zvezda Russian mortars and MGs to be done.
I acquired some MMS German winter figures at the Big Game charity auction so these will be painted up and used with a Zvezda 20mm flak.
The Zvezda crew will then be used with an Ace model of a 20mm Flak 30
Then back to some Jacobites; a Lowland regiment and the Manchester regiment.


Saxon Thegns

After months of sitting on or close to the workbench they are finished at last.

The figures are all 28mm Gripping Beast plastic Saxon Thegns (bought from Dave at Deeside Defenders) and a Hereward the Wake figure from Wargames Illustrated many years ago.

Just need to work on their supports and then I'll have a 28mm force I can use for Saga or Lion Rampant.