Napoleonic British staff upgraded and rebased

I finished these a few days ago but I haven't had chance to take any pictures since. They are a mixture of my old staff figures, the HaT British Infantry Command set and the Waterloo line officer set
Two British and one Portuguese brigadiers under Picton
Three brigadiers under a generic commander Hill perhaps.
Wellington himself, a Newline? metal figure
The Brunswick staff


WW2 Soviet extras

Having earlier 3D printed some Soviet universal limbers I decided a couple more would give me more flexibility, at the same time I also needed some drivers and supply wagons. The drivers were created by extracting a crewman from a STL for a motorcycle combination. The panje wagons are the old Atlantic wagons with 3D printed horses and drivers, I just need to add some suitable loads.


Napoleonic Brunswick infantry rebased

So the last of my British and allied infantry has been rebased with the completion of seven battalions of the Brunswick army in 1815, the Lieb; 1st-3rd Line (with flags) and the 1st to 3rd Light battalions.
The one significant fault with the Springwood figures was that they depicted the 1809 full length coat instead of the later short coatee.


Almoravid Skirmishers

The final batch of Saracens left over from my Crusades project have been completed as Almoravid skirmishers.


Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry rebased

My Protuguese infantry brigade have now been rebased, it comprises the 5th Cacadores and the 11th and 14th line infantry regiments each of 2 battalions.


Almoravid Spearmen

I've added an extra three units to my Saracen army, but as I have more than enough for normal games so I painted them more similar to the Almoravids who fought in Spain.


On the workbench - May 2025

Well April has just flown by and now I have chance to catch up again so I'll be working on
  • Reworking my Napoleonic British commanders - partly using my new acquisitions
  • Rebasing my Napoleonic Portuguese infantry - I've just started these
  • Rebasing my Napoleonic Brunswick infantry
  • Finish more Saracen infantry - these have slowly been painted over the last 6 weeks are are approaching completion
  • Rework my old WW2 Russian winter infantry
  • Maybe start painting some of the 3D models I have printed


Latest Acquisitions

It's has been a while since I bought anything, mainly because Strelets is still unable to produce anything at the moment. But I combined an order with my friend Andy for some bits to fill gaps in my collection.
My plans for these are:-
  • Waterloo line officers - upgrading my British staff
  • Waterloo Prussian staff - ditto for my Prussians at some point in the future
  • Waterloo British Paratroops with pack guns - I realised I was a bit short on gun crews
  • Mars US Paratroops (Part 2) - half pack - some odd additions
  • Mars British Paratroops - half pack - again odd additions but I like the 2" mortar
  • Mars German Winter Artillery Crew - half pack - some nice crews, I not sure I'll use the 105mm RRs
  • Mars German Tropical Paratroops Heavy Weapons - half pack - I will be using these 105mm RRs
  • Mars German Tropical Paratroops -all for Andy


Napoleonic British Line Infantry - Reworked

Like the British Guards there were a few old Airfix figures in the units and these were replaced by figures from the HaT command set. I also replace a few more so that with the left over figures from the Guards and KGL I could create another battalion, the one at the front.


Napoleonic British Highlanders - Rebased

Next after the Guards is the Highland regiments, these just needed rebasing. They are all Springwood except for the Airfix standard bearers and Italeri bagpipers.


Napoleonic British Guards - Reworked

After the big game I took a couple of weeks holiday and also visited family, but once I was back it was on with reworking and rebasing my British Napoleonic infantry. The Guards were in need of some TLC as they still had Airfix drummers and a standard bearer. I replaced these and a few other Springwood figures with some HaT command figures, which are better proportioned compared to my Springwoods.


Easter Big Game - Grave to Nijmegen - Days 3 and 4

Easter Monday past by very quickly and I failed to take enough pictures of the action. At last Guards Armoured had arrived but their progress was slowed by having to clear Grave. In the east, yet more German reinforcements were arriving so there would be a lot of pressure there.

Yet more German artillery
Guards Armoured on the move after having cleared Grave
Assault on Nijmegen, mainly from the east, but Guards Armoured provided a bit of support to the south (the tanks couldn't move off road)
German defenders view
Continuing the assault
End of game pictures - the German defenders of Nijmegen have been counter attacking, strongly supported by their guns and mortars. Over in the east Beek has fallen to them and they are pushing through from there towards Nijmegen. Overall a German victory.
finally, curtesy of Don, a picture of all the participants
The motley crew involved from L to R - Me (Will McNally), Will Morriss, Alan McCoubrey, Colin Rumford, Don McHugh, Rob Beswick and Ian Willer.


Easter Big Game - Grave to Nijmegen - Days 1 and 2

Sunday was split in two with Day 1(17th Sept 1944) played in the morning and day 2 (18th) in the evening

505th Paras with assorted supports and a useless Corps HQ south of Groesbeek preparing to move out
504th Paras heading towards Grave with some covering forces detached in the direction of Nijmegen (this was my command)
German heavy artillery, ex Russian 152mm guns, that over the coming days would cause enormous damage to the 505th and 506th Paras. Lovely models by Alan with the towed versions in the woods
506th Paras heading towards Wyler
Preparing for an assault on Grave bridge, it's a long way and the defenders are dug in
"Boy" Browning poncing around in Mook
Day 1 ended with me clearing the bridge defenders at some cost but not able to cross the bridge in time.

Day 2 505th Paras dug in around Groesbeek
506th still attempting to capture Wyler
German reinforcements arrive from the east and also from the north for the defenders of Nijmegen
Yet more
Across the bridge, the defenders of Grave have concentrated on the side of Grave out of sight of my mortar and artillery observers.
Our reinforements 325th Glider Infantry and our artillery.
Close of Day 2 - US forces gathering to the east of Nijmegen and all the buildings on that side have been ruined by artillery with no better targets available.
But what happened at Grave? The defenders caused enough casualties on my assaulting force to force a morale check, and if anything but a 1 is needed, please fill in the rest...
German defenders settling in in Nijmegen, it's going to be a tough fight
506th have still not taken Wyler, but the German were badly mauled.
505th are dug-in in something of a salient
Glider Infantry and some Paras have worked their way through the Groesbeek heights towards Nijmegen
German artillery north of the Waal, the 105mm's are actually off table and the 88mm has had minimal sucess firing indirect
The German defenders waiting in Nijmegen
Now out for a meal and a good nights sleep!?


Easter Big Game - Grave to Nijmegen - Setup

On Saturday we met at the Games Bunker in Weston Super Mare to set up the terrain for the game to give us a quick start for gaming on Saturday. These are pictures of the table as finally set up.

Eastern end - Wyler, behind is Beek and to the left Groesbeek
Eastern end - Groesbeek
Mook left foreground and Groesbeek to the right
NE view of Nijmegen
NW view of Nijmegen
SW view of Nijmegen (the sun was a problem for taking pictures)
Grave and Grave bridge
A quick check of boats crossing the Waal
Then we moved on to doing the paratroop drops, these are mine near Grave
Except Fox company south of the Grave bridge
One stand rather too close for comfort
Another drop, a bit of a fuzzy picture
A last view of Nijmegen
A final view down the table