WSS British Dragoons

After what seems an age I have finished painting some units. These are the Strelets British Dragoons and I have painted the units from Ross's Dragoon Brigade plus one extra.
James Wynne's Regiment of Dragoons lated the Royal Irish Dragoons
John Hay's (Grey) Dragoons later the Scots Greys, some writers think they rode grey horses, but the Grey Dragoons title came from the coat colour immediately prior to the WSS and there is one picture that might show a couple of dragoons from the regiment on grey horses at Schellenburg.
The Erbprinz von Hessen-Kassel Dragoons made up the third regiment of the brigade
There were only two British dragoon regiments that served in Flanders through the WSS, so for a third I added Cunningham's/Killigrew's Dragoons that served in Spain


On the workbench - September 2022

Total loss of momentum last month with lots of accidents and incidents to reduce progress to a crawl. For example Pegasus bridge was undercoated, but the spray paint ran out after 3/4 was completed and Poundland didn't have any more stock and eventually when they did it was a slightly different shade. Bur at least it is now ready for tarting up. The other factor was that I went off for two weeks holiday walking on Exmoor and visiting family. So I will continue to work on
  • A river or suitable base for the bridge that hopefully links to my existing river.
  • A Horsa glider to go with it.
  • An early war Spitfire from the stash
  • WSS British and Hessian dragoons (these have been started)
  • A pair of Boer War Pom-Poms and crews
  • Cisapline Republic Infantry
  • complete the latest batch of 3D printing