Saturday, 11 May 2019

28mm Spanish Infantry for New Spain

A selection of Spanish units to defend their colonies against pirates. Figures are Warlord (ex Wargames Factory) and the detail is rather flat for 28mm. I organised the units (companies) in twelves so I could used Pikemans Lament or Rebels and Patriots. All of the metropolitan units did send odd companies out to defend the colonies. The Blue coated unit is Colonial regulars.

I've spotted a few bits in the pictures that need touched up and I've still to add the flag

I will be buying some movement trays at Phalanx and I've also got to finish off the mounted officers.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

On the workbench - May 2019

Well, I may be behind plan in April, but May with unexpected family commitments and holidays will be even worse, so I'll mainly concentrate on completing what I already planned for April. There's an update after the picture of my workbench

  • Matelot drawn limbers! - started cutting up the figures - bottom right
  • 28mm! Wargames Factory War of Spanish Succession figures to fight my Pirates using Rebels & Patriots - the majority of figures are now painted, it's just the finishing touches and basing to be completed - rear left and right trays
  • Three SYW Hanoverian battalions - not even started
  • Some WSS French Infantry - flash removed, pikes added and ready for painting - bottom left
  • Various colonial odds & sods, oxen, etc a follow on from the Colonial wagons that didn't have enough oxen I'm reworking the old Atlantic oxen - on the left
  • NEW - rebasing my AWI American Rebel Commanders - this also requires adding a lot of additional figures to improve their appearance

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Spanish Colonial Artillery

I had forgotten how much longer it takes to paint 28mm figures compared to 20mm, but I managed to complete the artillery before the month end. These are the Warlord ex Wargames Factory figures and the guns were assembled using the smaller barrels.

The limber is a Blotz MDF version that I bought as an experiment for a heavy gun limber. It didn't work for that, but with some left-over Valiant horses it works well here.

Monday, 29 April 2019

AWI rebasing - loads of Militia

I'm behind on plan but my"background task" of working on the rebasing continues. This finished all the rebel militia, I have swapped some figures around to improve the appearance, but generally not bothered.

Just the commanders to work on now, and they will need extra figures added like all my other tricorne stands - something for next month.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

AWI rebasing - additional continentals

I've rebased my additional continentals, in the front rank, plus a couple of units of militia and the remaining cavalry

From left to right the regiments of Samuel Webb, William Lee, Henry Sherburne and Thomas Hartley. The cavalry are the 2nd Dragoons (Sheldons) and 1st Dragoons (Blands)

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Otter light reconnaissance car

Very much an impulse buy when I saw it in the Early War Miniatures damaged remnants bin at York. I've patched up the four wheels and scratch built a turret.

I've given it markings for the 43rd Wessex Division to fit with the rest of my forces, but I don't know if they actually used any.

For those interested the turret was created with a cone of thin plasticard fitted and cut to shape. Then reinforced by a second layer and then the MG aperture cut out. The MG support was part of an old aircraft undercarriage.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

British 15pdr BL guns

Another Strelets set and again this time I've used the crews for three different periods Anglo-Zulu War in blue(ignoring the putees) the Sudan in grey and North West Frontier in khaki (but it will stretch to WWI)

The guns are only used for the Sudan and later as the British Army reverted to muzzle loaders during the Zulu War.

I'm not sure about a few of the poses, especially the limbo dancing characters who should be adjusting the bearing by manoeuvring the wheels.