WSS Orkney & Ingoldsby

Two more regiments join my British forces for the War of Spanish Succession. Orkney's regiment to the left and Ingoldsby's to the right.
It's nice to add some diversity to the army, despite having the very common blue cuffs, they are from the Sottish and Irish establishments so they have appropriate flags for their origins.


Yet more plastic kits assembled

All assembled during the week I stayed with my daughter in County Durham.
From left to right
  • Steyr heavy cars - I recon I have enough spare bits to make some Morris versions
  • Gaz AA and AAA trucks - I'm going to add some specialised bodies to these
  • sdkfz 250 variants
Stop press - I have discovered that my 1/76 Morris parts do not align at all well with the PSC parts.  I need a "Plan B".


On the workbench - June 2021

More plastic kits this month as I'm visiting my daughter for some of the month and I can work on these while I'm there. Otherwise it is on with the War of Spanish Sucession stuff.
  • 4 units of British line infantry - all underway
  • 2 units of British fusiliers
  • 1 German & 1 Swiss infantry unit in French service
  • 2 British cavalry units
  • 1 French Chevau Leger/Gendarme unit
  • Various WSS commanders
  • 6 PSC Steyr heavy cars
  • 6 PSC sdkfz250 Neu - various marks
  • 6 PSC Gaz trucks
  • 28/05/2021

    Next batch of WSS British Infantry

    Two more units have joined my forces Churchill's (the Buffs, 3rd Foot)) and Seymour's (24th Foot) and appear in the front rank
    The flags came from the warflag site (link)


    WSS - now the British

    Completed my first British units for the War of Spanish Sucession, there does seem to be a lot of contradictory views about the exact uniforms, flags, etc. so it does allow a degree of flexibility in how to depict the units.
    At the front Webb's or the Queen's regiment, behind is Marlborough's or the 1st Guards regiment


    WW2 Guns and vehicles completed

    Here are the finished vehicles that I started for the challenge on the wargamers Forum. The Fujimi M12 GMC self propelled 155mm, a Fujimi Hetzer and three German 75mm Infantry guns
    The Infantry guns comprise two IG18 (Zvezda) and a kit bashed IG37 using various components
    In winter camo there is an Italeri Sherman, a Matchbox 251/10 and another 75mm infantry gun


    Back to WW2 German Infantry

    Very much a side project as I have more then enough WW2 German Infantry, but this fitted in with the group build on the Wargamers Forum. I had been interested in the Valiant figures for some time but they were too large, so when the rescaled version was released I had to get some. They are nice figures, I used an infantry pack plus an extra sprue (from Andy) and a heavy weapons pack to make a platoon plus supports, or for a RF battalion (plus an AT gun)
    my favourite figures are the section MG42 gunner (bipod) and assistant
    The extras I created included a Panzershreck team and an OP team
    All that is left over is an 81mm mortar. I did a certain number of head swaps, but there are certainly possibilities for a lot more conversions with the hard plastic.