Monday, 15 July 2019

Bovington show

I travelled down to Bovington to the resurrected show on Saturday. It was not as big as in its previous incarnation, but there were some nice games and traders presents. Some pictures of games that caught my eye.

The real guns of Navarone (assault on Elba)

Battle of Statlohn, Thirty Year War in 15mm (I hope to do something similar in 20mm)

Operation Splendour 1942 ( I spent a while chatting to Don, Alan and Ian)

Another desert game from the Pikeys

Sword beach 1944

Another WW2 game

The booty - limited, but the four kit-bashed Russkie Shermans only cost a fiver, so expect to see them in a "Fall of the Reich" game some time soon.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

On the Workbench - July 2019

Life continues to get in the way of painting, but gradually I'm getting though my annual plan, hopefully this month, I'll work on:-

  • Three SYW Hanoverian battalions - I've got started
  • rebasing my AWI American Rebel Commanders plus extras - this is underway, but all the extra individual figures will have a different uniform so not a quick job for the number of figures involved.
  • Various colonial odds & sods, oxen, etc - all underway
  • Various WW2 German tank and vehicle crews that I've missed adding over the years
  • Napoleonic Russian Pavlov Grenadiers - a couple of old Italeri battalions again that I seem to have missed.
  • Tidy up my Napoleonic French Artillery - I should have acquired enough cheap limbers, etc now to work on this.

The high point otherwise is visiting the wargames show at Bovington, the downside is that I miss out local show Gauntlet at Broughton, Chester this weekend. Have a great weekend guys!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Half year progress against plan

Up until my prostate problems I had been making great progress with my annual plan. Since then progress has reduced substantially. The final result was 1,167 only 357 more than the 810 items achieved at the end of Q1. I can't just blame medical problems, I had a month away, mostly on holiday, and then the garden needed serious attention, all eating into valuable painting time!

Year to date progress is made up of
AWI 641
Revolution 230
WSS/9YW 133
WW2 60
Colonial 55
ACW 36
WW1 3

Progress against plan
  • Continue tricorne rebasing (just AWI now) plus extra/replacement cavalry units - almost finished, only the AWI American Command stands to finish
  • Medieval – More WOTR longbow/bill units, mounted archers, cavalry, Scottish cavalry , extra Crusader foot - not started
  • Renaissance – Russian Stoldatski, etc. using up the Strelets bonus figures plus Galleys - not started, although I have managed to swap some to make up suitable units
  • Revolution – doubling up my French and British forces in Egypt. One Additional Austrian line unit plus another in Austrian style uniform (Baden?), Maybe replace Springwood grenadiers?. - French and British complete
  • Napoleonic – work on the Spanish, continue the cavalry, acquire more early infantry, Tidy up French artillery, especially limbers, Pavlov Grenadiers - not yet started, but extra limbers purchased
  • WW2 – bits and pieces (I'll try to avoid buying more), but I will buy and work on some Free French for Bir Hacheim - Free French completed
  • Interwar - Rifs and more French Foreign Legion - not yet started, I'm waiting for Strelets next releases!
  • SYW – Hanoverian Infantry Brigade, more (French?) Cavalry, British guns - not yet started
  • WW1 – increase/rebase British - not yet started
  • WSS – French Infantry (Mars)- completed
  • 28mm – “skirmishing” WSS figures to provide some opposition for my pirates - figures completed alog with some artillery to accompany them
  • Terrain – more buildings, wadis, vines, etc- not yet started

Friday, 28 June 2019

The Navy's here - matelot hauled limbers

After a number of false starts eventually I got a combination of the Hat sailors that looked something like they were hauling a gun and limber. There are a couple of oddments mixed in, but I leave that for those interested to identify. The limber is the old RHA limber from Airfix with "shoes" added to spread the load on sand. At the moment I'm still using the Airfix RHA gun, but an older split trailed version was used in Egypt.

A close up version

and the idea came from the Perry's in 28mm.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Nine Years War - French Infantry

I originally bought a pack of Mars Austrian Infantry Late XVII Century to mix in with my existing forces, but quickly realised they wouldn't look right even organised as separate units. So I decide to try something different and organise them as a stand alone force for Pikemans Lament. There were enough figures to create four units of twelve painted as contingents from different French regiments. I also decided to try the alternative Pikemens Lament basing on 20/30/40mm bases.

Pikemen - Lorraine

Fusiliers do Roi

Grenadiers - La Reine

Fusiliers - Navarre

Uniform details came from the Osprey Armies of Louis XIV

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Phalanx 2019

Had a great day out at the Phalanx show at St Helens last Saturday. However no matter what I try I can't remove the dreadful yellow tint to the photographs that I took of the games that caught my eye.

Italian Wars

American War of Independence

Towton in 54mm

Our own lance & Longbow battle of Lewes 1264 from the 2nd Barons War - one win each for the Royalists and Rebels

Didn't buy much, just some static grass, brushes, a second hand pack of Hat French limbers from the B&B and some more models needing repair from the EWM miscast box.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Shetland Baronial Castles

There are only a couple of castles on Shetland, both built in the C16 in the baronial style. They are not that well fortified, but defensible and more a statement of authority.

Muness Castle Britain's most northerly castle on Unst (link)

Its bleak surroundings

Scalloway Castle (on a rainy day) the old capital of the islands (link)

On a sunny evening