On the workbench - August 2020

Crumbs how time flies when you are NOT having fun. The ships are taking a lot more time to rig than I anticipated, but hopefully they'll be done this month. Here's the work in progress

Only one frigate is completely rigged so far, but the others are nearly finished. Then onto the brigs.

My current plans are
  • Complete my Dutch brigs and frigates.
  • 3 x 16 figure units of Fatimid Egyptian Sudanese Infantry for the Crusades
  • One 6 figure units of Fatimid Egyptian Horse Archers
  • More Ancient Greek rebasing
  • and hopefully some more terrain


Upgrading my Ancient Greeks

Well not a good start to the new blogger - couldn't find how to add pictures. So here are my first units of upgraded Ancient Greeks

The changes are new bases, shield decals replaced and half the psiloi had their phyrgian caps sanded down so they were bare headed.

For comparison here are old and new. You can see why I need to change.


Airfield buildings

I have had these a while, I picked them up on ebay to use for the planned Crisis point game, but when that was cancelled due to lockdown I put them to one side.

After assembly I felt disappointed by the appearance especially the Nissan huts and almost gave up, but I persevered

The Nissan huts were a basic frame that looked nothing like the originals and the side windows are appalling so I gave up using them, To give the correct appearance I clad them in corrugated card recycled from wine boxes, thanks to Steve A for that tip.

The Control tower is the best but I had to make all the levels accessible and added the railings around the viewing platform

The hanger is a very monolithic structure, I think a double roof would have looked far better and the entrance is not wide enough to get any 1/72 aircraft inside

One of the original pictures from ebay, I still have the "radar" but I won't be using it.


Wurttemberg Artillery

Some Napoleonics for a change and some recently purchased items. These are the HaT Wurttemberg Artillery with their Austrian Cavalry Artillery Limbers

A nice bit of colour to add to the table, horse artillery on the right and foot to the left

The guns do not have any "yellow" fittings as are often mentioned as I could not find a single example of it in my copy of Faber du Faur, and I have given the foot gunners grey overalls to match his depiction, except for the NCO who wears blue.

Details of the Wurrtemberg Artillery can be found in the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal (link)


Muscovite town cossacks

Some poor quality infantry to add to my Muscovite army. These were raised to defend towns, but occasionally used in battle ideally behind field fortifications or Gulyay-gorod.

Figures are Redbox Ukrainian Cossacks with a few Strelets bonus figures to make up the numbers.

To finish my painted 20mm collection has now passed 31,000 figures


Crusader skirmishers

These represent the range of local skirmishers available to the Crusader states. They were drawn from groups such as Armenians, Druze, Maronites, etc. armed with javelins, bows or slings.

Figures are from the HaT Almoravid Infantry and obviously they could also be used for Southern Spain and Sicily.


On the workbench - July 2020

With the Covid lockdown, life has lost any pattern and as I'm still "shielding" I can't see myself getting out until the end of the month at the earliest. So I'll be working on

  • Five 8 figure units of Crusades era light infantry - they'll be fairly generic so they will work for either side
  • Three 20 figure units of Renaissance Russian Town Cossacks
  • Dutch brigs and frigates for Black Seas
  • Napoleonic Wurttemberg artillery - four guns with crews and three limbers
  • Then maybe some terrain

Oh and please leave some beer for me in the pubs by the time I'm allowed out properly