WSS Artillery - British and French

Just scraped in before the end of the month, my artillery for the War of Spanish Succession, The figures are a mix of the new Strelets sets plus some Zvezda Great Northern War figures. The guns are the same, I didn't use the smaller gun included in the Strelets set. Limbers are Revell Thirty Years War

I did notice that I forgot to add the map to the top of the barrel on the command Vignette.


Some useful Soviet bits & pieces

All Resin printed except the figures, from left to right a B4 howitzer limber (for whenever I need to move my 203mm gun), a mine roller for a T34 and a Field Kitchen
The Mine Roller is simply positioned in front of a T34 to make a PT-34. It works so easily that I'll have to print another one!
Every army marches on its stomach so this bit of rear area clutter just needed to be added.


Yet more WSS Cavalry

Another batch of War of Spanish Succession Cavalry. All Strelets and there seems to be plenty more in the pipeline to keep me busy in 2022.
Wyndham's Horse will complete Palme's Brigade for Blenheim
French Grenadiers a Cheval, I didn't need them, but since Strelets produced them and they look unusual I had to get them.
French Gentlemens Regiments La Baume and Tarnau part of Broglie's Brigade at Blenheim. A painting conversion of the Strelets British Cavalry
Alongside the French cavalry are a couple of new French Commanders.


A slight diversion - Gladiators

While back I bought a set of EM4 pre-painted gladiators at Penkridge warboot sale. I have now got around to basing them properly so they can be used for games.


US selection for NW Europe

Continuing on painting my printed resin vehicles this time my yanks gain a number of bits to "complete" my collection.
A trio of M10s, I only printed the turrets, the hull are from Fujimi M36, so I could switch them over as needed.
The middle vehicle has the Fujimi turret
A Dodge "Carryall" and 6x4 truck
An extra M12 to match my Fujimi model. I sold off its original partner a distictly larger Italeri model. Behind is a GMC Pontoon truck complete with pontoon.


More British for NW Europe

Another bach of 3D printed resin vehicles completed, this time to fill some gaps in my Commonwealth force for 1944-45
Some Recce, a couple of Staghounds, an AEC armoured car, with a Canandian Otter, I have left any decals off the Otter until I can sort out some Canadian ones. The others have markings for the Househould Cavalry when they were part of VIII Corps
A couple of Archers and a Valentine XI command tank to support my 43rd Wessex.
A pair of D8 Armoured bulldozers, something I have wanted to add to my forces ever since the RF D-Day supplement. They flank a Ram OP tank for my PSC Sextons.
Looking at the pictures I need to put some more matt varnish on the decals


On the workbench - November 2021

The 3D printed resin mountain is slowly beginning to subside and I plan to be working on
  • British vehicles for North West Europe - well underway
  • US vehicles for ditto - well underway
  • WSS 3 x French and 1 x British cavalry regiment - primed and ready to start painting
  • WSS British & French Artillery
  • Then start work on my WW2 Pacific Japanese.