DAK Transport and a special

A quick push to complete some vehicles before the year ends. A selection of Opel Blitzs (three Airfix and one Italeri)and a couple of Airfix Sdkfz 7.

In front is one of the Miniaerons Panzer Is converted into a Flammpanzer I, a very easy conversion. A really nice kit, the only minor flaw is the lack of an opening turret hatch.


British Artillery in Egypt 1801

A bit of progress over the Christmas period. I now have the artillery completed. All figures from the relevant Strelets pack, except the Infantry officer. The Mother Shipton hats make the unit quite distinctive.


Zvezda v's Reiver 75mm Infantry Guns

Just finished a couple of 75mm Infantry guns for my DAK and they're quite a difference in size and proportions. The larger one is the new model from Zvezda, which I prefer and the other one from Reiver that I've had for a while.

The gun crews are the old Airfix first edition Afrika Korps, which I picked up a few a while back.

I think I'll have to buy another Zvezda one now.


Thank you Santa

Thanks to my family really as I'm a bit too old to believe in Santa

A nice selection of figures and kits


British Infantry in Egypt 1801

Well I made it despite the the problems with using my thumb. All 96 Infantry are now completed. The exact units were all present, but I've been selective in the ones I've picked, like the Gloucesters (28th Foot) and the 90th Foot had to be included as they were the only unit with Tarletons.

From front to back, left to right
Light coys/90th Foot/light coys
23rd Foot/2nd Foot Guards/54th Foot
De Roll (Swiss)/27th Foot/28th Foot

Figures are mainly Strelets British in Egypt plus some Hat marines I was slowly collecting for this project before the Strelets recently came out.



Unplanned halt on the painting and modelling front as I managed to cut my thumb last night while preparing food,  I tried a bit of painting, but it was very difficult, it's amazing how much you use your left hand just for holding the figures.

Hopefully progress will resume shortly and I still hope to have 96 British Infantry ready by Christmas


Plenty of Crusaders

Rather a mixture of manufacturers this time, but they are fairly compatible. Finishing these means I now have enough Crusaders for a full Rapid Fire regiment.

basic Crusader squadron. S Model on the left and the other two are Airfix. I do have a spare 2pdr turret to replace the 6pdr if needed.

Another 6 pdr Crusader this time by Hasegawa, alongside a Cromwell(?) Valentine

Finally the bad boy of the bunch a Beute-Crusader

The S Models when together quickly and look compatible from all directions except the rear, which is very plain. The rivets are not as prominent as Airfix or Hasegawa.


More British Paras - at last

Well, it's taken a while, with two weeks travelling and the onset of cold weather, but I've started painting again.

First off the bench is a selection of guns to support my British Paratroops, I've acquired the figures from various sources, including the old Airfix set, the newr Water set and some Shell Hole Scenics and what I suspect are SHQ.

Waterloo 1815 75mm Pack Howitzers, the officers (left) are from SHS

matchbox 17 pdrs with assorted crew

SHS version of the Paratroop 6pdr withvarious crews

All I seem to need now to complete the brigade are some tows for the guns and a Polsten.


A few pictures from the Recon show.

An early start and it was across the Pennines to Pudsey for Recon. At least this year there were no problems. The Lance and Longbow Society made a combined effort with the Society of Ancients and we put on my Aztec v's Conquisadore game using DBA in the New World and the "Greyhounds in the Slips" covering the siege of Harfleur.

A couple of pictures of the Aztecs in action, overall it was 4-3 in the Aztecs favour.

The SOTCW Kursk game was getting a fair bit of attention

A nice bit of Sci-Fi scenary, quite simply done but gives a great effect.

Borodino in 15mm

Overall a great day out, but I was exhausted by the time I got home. Purchases were few:
  • Some Solfig/Retrofig French figures bought as part of the SOGG charity sale.
  • A box of Miniaerons Panzer Is - lovely models can't wait to start on these.
  • A complete set of Italeri Operation Overlord - I've wanted to try the rules for a while now, and it was a bargain on the B&B, so the tanks and figures will go on my trades shortly.