ACW Limbers

Whenever possible I paint limbers to go with my artillery and with plastics it's always an economic option, but it does mean that I often end up with plenty of spare gunners. To go with the artillery painted earlier, here are the matching limbers, all using the old Airfix American Civil War figures.
During preparation a couple of horses snapped showing their age, this is something that occasionally happens, but I've never found a definate cause. Since all plastic is UV unstable over time one possible cause is that the figures have been left in daylight for a considerable period, but this doesn't explain many of my own old figures that this happens to as they are stored away in dark boxes in cupboards.



The Bishop

This figure was started along with my Teutonic Order to provide some motivational support in their crusade against the heathens, but was slightly delayed. It's one of the "personality" figures from the Strelets medieval Britain set. I can see it appearing in quite a few games.
Over on my Frundsberg blog I've added a new unit for the Revolutionary wars


I'm back

I took a last minute holiday in Austria and I'm now back attempting to catch up.

I've got around to updating my Frundsberg pages and started a new AWI scenario - Gloucester Point breakout

While away I caught up with some of my backlog of reading including the Ospreys on New York 1776 and Philadelphia 1777, so expect some more scenarios in the next month or so.



Teutonic Order - infantry

My infantry represents the main foot component of the order comprising 1/3 spears and 2/3 crossbowmen. The maximum I'm allowed for 6th is 36 figures, so there are plenty of points left for the cavalry. In front of the foot is two wedges of dismounted knights, useful if I end up with bad terrain.
The majority of the figures are from the excellent Livonian knights pack, plus quite a number of crossbowmen from the Revell/Accurate pack

I still have a few light troops (e.g local native militia) to finish, but I'm waiting to find some suitable figures to make up the numbers.



Teutonic Order - cavalry

Now for my latest army the Teutonic Order all based for WRG 6th. This covers the period from 1201 to 1466AD and the forces of the Order outside Outremer up until their subjugation by Poland.

I started with just a single box of Italeri/Zvezda Knights, but gained a lot more last year by trading. The Italeri figures are all knights and although a cooperation with Zvezda they are typical Italeri sculpts. As part of the trade I gained some of the Zvezda Livonian knights and these are far superior and include foot figures as well.

In the picture above are seven wedges of Teutonic/Livonian/Crusader Knights (EHK), backed up by five units of Brother/Crusader Sargents.

On the left two wedges of Livonians, if I hadn't had so many Teutonic Knight figures I would have got more of these

A wedge of Crusader knights - made up of Strelets mounted sargents on the Teutonic knights horses. This enabled me to mount more of the Sargent looking Teutonic Knights onto the Strelets horses.

The Teutonic Knights themselves in four wedges. My originals had been based with snow patches (made of perlite) but it didn't look right and worse when they were deployed on normal green cloth (or a white one).

The flags came from Dansk Figurspilsforenings a very useful site for flags



On the Workbench - September 2008

Well, there's not much planned at the moment, so I'll update this post as I decide. That said, there a rather large horde of Teutonic knights on the bench that are approaching completion over the next week.. I had thought that I needed more Bitish gunners for the Bemis Heights scenario, but I remembered that I had some old spare SYW Prussian gunners so these will be fine.

The main thing I'm considering is about starting is Hundred Years War English, this would be a combination of new figures plus reworking of some very old poor figures.